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Special Report on

Advertising and media complaints

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The Department of Energy and Climate Change launched the £6m campaign, in which the government states for the first time that scientific evidence has confirmed that climate change is man-made, earlier this month. The Advertising Standards Authority has received 357 complaints about the campaign. Some of the complaints argued that there is no scientific evidence of climate change. Others claimed there was a division of scientific opinion on the issue and that the ad should therefore not have attributed global warming to human activity. Another complaint was that the ad, which features a father telling his daughter a scary bedtime ...
and deciding whether such advertising complies with its advertising standards codes. These codes stipulate that "before distributing or submitting a marketing communication for publication, marketers must hold documentary evidence to prove all claims, whether direct or implied, that are capable of objective substantiation" and that "no marketing communication should mislead, or be likely to mislead, by inaccuracy, ambiguity, exaggeration, omission or otherwise". Cite error: There are tags on this page, but the references will not show without a {{Reflist}} template or a tag; see the .
How Disney Magic and the Corporate Media Shape Youth Identity in ...
American society in the last 30 years has undergone a sea change in the daily lives of children – one marked by a major transition from a culture of innocence and social protection, however imperfect, to a culture of commodification. Youth are now assaulted by a never-ending proliferation of marketing strategies that colonize their consciousness and daily lives. Under the tutelage of Disney and other megacorporations, children have become an audience captive not only to traditional forms of media such as film, television and print, but even more so to the new digital media made readily accessible through mobile ... market research, surveys and trends
Census Cash Sparks Rush for Minority Agencies, Media - and ...
is about trying to accurately count all the Americans in the U.S. so that electoral boundaries and federal funding can be apportioned accurately. But for minority advertising agencies and ethnic media, it’s more like a lottery payday: The majority of the $145 million media budget is devoted to targeting minorities in the U.S. to encourage them to fill in a census form and be counted. The result is that there has been an undignified rush by minority ad agencies and ethnic media to demand their share of the money. And they are complaining loudly when they don’t get it. DraftFCB is the main agency on the census account. market research, surveys and trends


Survey Says: Why Women May Love Facebook and Twitter More Than ...
Almost half of women ages 18 to 34 consider themselves "Facebook addicts" and 15 percent of moms check Twitter "every waking moment," according to new research. Are you trying to reach women with your marketing efforts? New research confirms that whether you're targeting college students, 20-somethings or moms, you need to be using social media . But reaching out to consumers isn't the only reason to use social media -- more companies are finding social networking sites are also the best place to land new employees. Here's a closer look at some of the latest small-business surveys. Young Women ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Headaches, Colds and Backache --- most common health complaints ...
are the most common ailments of the world’s consumers, and when it comes to their treatment in an industry estimated to be worth over US$70 billion, consumers are loyal and habitual purchasers of over-the-counter (OTC) self-medication products. According to Nielsen, headaches are the most common complaint for consumers around the world – and may explain why analgesics are the largest category in the OTC market.   Nearly half of those polled in the online survey (42%) claimed to have suffered a headache in the last four weeks, while one in three had suffered a cold, back problem or sleeping problem . One in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Thank us for press freedom: ANC
“It's us who can gloat and say the freedom you enjoy, is as a result of what we fought for, led by the ANC... We are not about to reverse our legacy in that area,” African National Congress national spokesman Jackson Mthembu told editors and journalists in Johannesburg. But the media should not deny the ANC the right to “put a view to the public. “Does that not amount to messing up with our freedom of expression as the ANC?” asked Mthembu. “There's a lot of dishonesty... you can't enter an argument by saying stop an argument.” He was briefing the media about the ANC's ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Huge turnout for Colorado primary, Romanoff does Fox
turnout for the Colorado primaries is on pace to exceed the 2008 record. Thirty-six percent of Democrats and 40 percent of Republicans have returned their ballots. (Most ballots were sent by mail.) Democrats in Colorado are, right now, choosing between U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet and his challenger, homeless former state legislator Andrew Romanoff. The White House has campaigned hard for Bennet. Bill Clinton signed his name to a letter of support for Romanoff. Republicans can pick former Lt. Gov. Jane Norton or prosecutor and non-high-heel wearer Ken Buck. Turnout this year could double the 2008 record, which would be amazing for a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Jun 1, 2010 ... music videos, magazines, advertising and marketing, advertising and media complaints processes and sexual health and relationships education ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
United Media Publishing Group, et al.
In three separate recent actions, the Federal Trade Commission has settled charges against companies engaged in the deceptive sale of "equal employment opportunity" advertisements. The defendants market these advertisements to businesses, schools, government agencies, and other entities, and represent that the ads will appear in publications geared to minority or other specific demographic groups. The FTC alleged that the defendants made numerous misrepre-sentations to their victims - primarily that the entity owed the defendants money based on a prior purchase of, or agreement to purchase, advertising in their ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
LSU Office of Student Media
The Office of Student Media, a department of Student Life and Academic Services, includes five media outlets and an advertising/underwriting office that supports all the outlets. This guide explains how media users can best find answers to questions or have their concerns heard. Each medium has an editor or manager who is a student and is chosen by the Media Board. The advertising manager is a student chosen by the Coordinator of Advertising. The Media Board consists of faculty, staff, students and members of the professional media. Each medium also has an adviser who is a member of the Student Media professional staff and who ...
Are Manufacturers and Distributors using social media? If so, How ...
I think the benefit to using social media is the ability to listen to customers and what they are saying about a product. Complaints are usually shared via the grapevine long before people take the time to direct them where they should go. I think constant monitoring of twitter and a blog is an excellent start for manufacturers/distributors. posted 1 month ago Territory Manager at Caterpillar Inc see all my answers Absolutely - it's a good way to discuss products and services with customers for a relatively low cost. Different social media can be used in different ways - Facebook fanpages and Twitter to distribute news on ...
How does the media's role serve to uinite and divide members of ...
The medias role includes: news reporting, advertising, commercials, television programs, radio, etc. How does the role of informing as well as entertaining serve to unite and divide members of our society? I am a communications major.. the media from what i am learning suits its own needs.. sponsors by time between shows so they pay for relevant airing. Ever noticed some media thrive on politics that suit their best interest.. Some stations in texas show nothing but minorities doing the most violent drug crimes. However the department of justice reports that majority of drug crimes are committed by the majority.. but many of the ...