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Question: Google has it, Hoover has it (in the UK anyway), TiVo had it, lost it and has somewhat got it back. Xerox had it, but nobody really cares anymore. So what is it? It's when a brand name becomes the verb associated with its use. So rather than searching, you Google, or TiVo when digital recording a television show. Arguably an even more powerful synonym is when a brand becomes a noun, such as Polaroid, for instant developed photographs, although that didn't end so well. The newest one would seem to Facebook, although it has too meanings. 'I Facebooked you' could mean that you the person ...
The word brand has continued to evolve to encompass identity - it affects the personality of a product, company or service.
Apple: Brand of Profits: Branding Strategy Insider - Rajani's weblog
Last week, Apple overtook Microsoft as the world’s most valuable technology company. How has it managed to be so successful? Pundits love to say “innovation”, but if you go beyond the generic answer and break down the specific steps in Apple’s business model, an intriguing picture emerges. Let’s take the iPhone, and follow the stream of money from its origin of an initial consumer purchase all the way to the ocean that represents Apple’s incredible profits. Our journey begins with a consumer who heads into O2, Vodafone or another network provider to purchase a new iPhone 3GS. If Apple was any normal company it would now ... market research, surveys and trends
Former Executive Director of Columbia University's Technology ...
As a follow-up to their introduction of the TITAN 1080p-3D at ISE Europe, Digital Projection International, an Emmy® Award-winning manufacturer of high-performance projection systems, announced the addition of a complete range of products with active 3D capability to its TITAN, LIGHTNING and iVision product families. DPI is offering two active 3D projectors in its single-chip projector lineup - the iVision sx+ 3D that is equipped with a standard zoom lens, and the iVision sx+W-3D, which is equipped with a short throw ratio fixed lens. Both products are compact and lightweight, feature a durable Magnesium cabinet and weigh in at ... market research, surveys and trends


Yahoo Unveils 'New' Strategy, $100 Million Ad Campaign | Epicenter ...
Yahoo chief marketing officer Elisa Steele unveiled what is certainly a new $100 million, global advertising campaign centered around the phrase “It’s Y!ou,” to emphasize what she described as a new direction: an emphasis on customizing the web experience for each user with a mix of content from “My World,” consisting of a user’s friends and interests, and “The World,” comprised of general-interest information. “The web is embraced wholly by consumers — 73 percent [of consumers] in one of the studies we ran classified being on the internet as a favorite pastime,” said ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Google: the Future of Mobile Advertising? : Sparxoo
What made Google a multi-billion dollar company today will help the search giant pioneer the next revolution in mobile advertising: hyper-relevancy. Google AdWords enabled advertisers to target users with unprecedented precision. Google’s acquisition of mobile advertising platform, AdMob, signals the next evolution in advertising. Google will deliver advertising content consumers actually want — making it lucrative for all parties involved. Mobile adds a new layer of relevancy to target users with even greater accuracy: location. While Google’s mobile ad platform takes a backseat to Apple today, many experts ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
New York, NY (July 1, 2010) Billboard – the world’s premier music brand – announced today the judges for its first-ever Music App Awards, which will recognize the most innovative music-focused apps created for the iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Nokia platforms. The esteemed panel of judges who will choose the winners include: MC Hammer Daniel Klaus, Founder, AppFund Patrick Mork, VP Marketing, GetJar Ian Rogers, CEO, Topspin Ralph Simon, CEO, The Mobilium Advisory Group Eliot Van Buskirk, Staff Writer, Wired “Finding the right judges to select the winners of Billboard’s first Music App Awards program was an important step ... market trends, news research and surveys resources - GNZR creeping up, may break out big
When the domain name has a huge connection to the content of the site, it's even easier for people to come across it. GNZR may soon acquire what could be the next Google! GNZR has an agreement in principle to acquire the domain name "" and the acquisition is planned to close by the end of this month! Due to the increasing number of web addresses created each day, URL's (web addresses) are getting longer and harder to remember. This makes branding and marketing inherently more expensive and time consuming. does not have this obstacle - the name "find" is clear in what it means and what it does. GNZR has ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Read Article - Branding Strategy Insider “Great Brands Can Afford ...
Mar 26, 2008 ... Thanks to the limited supplies at Viti Levu, the growing acclaim of the brand ... Tom joins Branding Strategy Insider as one of 12 'Marketers For Charity'. ... encompassing the disciplines of advertising, branding, sales ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Marketing life after advertising bans
phase in its new strategy to extend the brand's appeal to younger women. ... Insiders have suggested that as many as 40 000 people ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Kellogg Super Bowl Advertising Review - Kellogg School of Management
From the article: The iconic Budweiser Clydesdales have been sidelined from Anheuser-Busch's slate of nine ads appearing during the upcoming Super Bowl. A-B is using humor, not horses, to push leading brands Bud Light and Budweiser, complemented by shorter nods to Michelob Ultra and the new, low-calorie, Select 55. The Super Bowl ads range from scientists turning to Bud Light as they worry about an Earth-bound asteroid, to a small town working to rescue a beer truck, to a spoof of popular TV series "Lost." The brewer remains a big spender on Super Bowl ads, buying up five precious, pricey ad minutes for the Feb. 7 ...
Google Answers: brand strategy, branding theory, brand platform ...
I�m looking for a format or model of brand platform, understanding this as formulation of the essentials contents, elements and traits that define a brand on a long term basis. As a brand platform I understand a working document were companies set the basics and more relevant aspects or the brand. If there is any model I want also the explanation or description of the different items or contents to fill up. please contact me by mail at if there is any question Antonio Monerris Tormo Barcelona - Spain totomigi-ga, There is of course no “miracle branding formula” or model that always works ...
I'm writing my master proof about CBR, Category Brand Relevance. I ...
Do you have the book from Riesenbeck and Perrey (the one you mention in your question) because there are some very relevant thoughts in there... posted 6 months ago Technical writer see all my answers Best Answers in: Organizational Development (5), Personnel Policies (2), Quality Management and Standards (2), Using LinkedIn (2), Advertising (1), Business Development (1), Planning (1), Project Management (1), Product Design (1), Software Development (1) Hi Bert, Let us recognize that is is not sufficient to supply technical solutions to solve customers’ problems or satisfy their needs for they have to feel comfortable ...