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Advertising for Online Gambling

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Globally, online gambling is now at least a $15.5 billion a year market (James 2006). Currently, there are around 2,000 online gambling sites around the world, many of which are operating in small countries such as Antigua and Barbuda (537 sites) and Costa Rica (474 sites) (BBC 2007). Estimates suggest that U.S. residents spend more money on online gambling than any other public, supplying more than half of all revenues while increasing their activity at a rate of more than 20 percent per year (Stewart 2006, 1-2). On the other hand, a relatively small number of Canadians are thought to gamble online. One survey of Ontario adults ...
Great Online Poker Strategy
Online poker strategy is a hot topic across the Internet since the explosion of poker’s popularity in the past decade. Since the inception of televised poker (most notably by ESPN), online gambling websites have invested millions of dollars’ worth of advertising on television networks for the sole purpose of luring poker aficionados to their sites. While advertising for online gambling is not legal in many states, these poker websites easily sidestep the legality by advertising “for fun” sites where customers cannot use their own money, with a near-identical domain name registered for actual monetary ... market research, surveys and trends
Is Advertising For Online Casinos Legal?
The issue of is online gambling legal is a lot more complicated today as compared to previous years. This is so because even five years ago the online gambling industry was a lot smaller, however at present there are between 1800 and 2000 online casinos available. This article will deal with only one aspect of online gambling and that is advertising. Therefore the question would now be is advertising for online gambling legal. Statistics have shown that several websites would not be able to survive without the funding from advertisements which are done for online gambling casinos websites. Since the majority of these websites ... market research, surveys and trends


Online Gambling Laws
One of the fastest growing online businesses is online gambling. The scope of this business is so enormous that some have even claimed it is the single most important factor in the growth of e-commerce. Despite this, there is much controversy and uncertainty surrounding the legality of online gaming in both the U.S. and Canada. Differing Interpretations The U.S. Justice Department's (DOJ) position with regards to Internet gambling, and by extension, advertising of Internet gambling, is that it is an illegal activity. U.S. authorities claim that a recent ruling by the World Trade Organization (WTO) has effectively upheld ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The United States federal government�s attempts to curb Internet gambling are beginning to resemble a game of whack-a-mole. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (the "UIGEA" or "Act") represents its most recent attack on Internet gambling. This iBrief first looks at U.S. attempts to limit Internet gambling and how those efforts have affected gambling law and business. It then discusses how the UIGEA works and highlights some of its major limitations. This iBrief argues that the UIGEA will not only fail to rein in online gambling, but that the U.S. federal government is treading an ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Lottery: Launch of online game is delayed
The state Lottery Commission has pulled back its planned July 1 launch of new games that add an Internet element to scratch ticket gambling. In an announcement late yesterday, the commission said it "will push back the soft launch of, and use the time to educate state leaders about its new interactive game." The commission ran into stiff headwinds among lawmakers last week when it posted advance notice on its website of the PlayNowNH suite of games. The Legislature rejected expansion of gambling this year. On June 9, it passed a bill that closes a $295 million budget deficit that, despite pressure from the Senate, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Australian Productivity Commission Calls for Managed Liberalization of Online ...
the Australian federal government's independent advisory body for microeconomic reform, has released its final report supporting the managed liberalization of online poker in Australia. While the draft report argued for widespread change stating that the "the Australian Government should repeal the Interactive Gambling Act, and in consultation with state and territory governments, should initiate a process for the managed liberalisation of online gaming," the final report called for the gradual liberalization of online gambling starting with a recommendation to amend the Act to permit the supply of online poker card games. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Sep 16, 2009 ... in Ontario has introduced a measure to ban advertising for online gambling. Said Paul de Zara, spokesperson for the Ministry of Government ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Illegal Internet Gambling (GC5-165)
Advertising for Internet gambling is generally illegal. In most instances, advertising would be a gross ... announcements that online gambling is illegal. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
National Gambling Impact Study Commission Final Report: Table of ...
Federal Policy: Failure of the "Trust Responsibility" and the Alternative Revenue Source to Indian Gambling The Move Toward Self-Determination Review of Regulations Class II Tribal/Federal (NIGC) Regulation Class III Tribal/State Regulation Eleventh Amendment Immunity for States State Criticism of IGRA Mechanism for Handling Impasse Between Tribes and States Other Mechanisms LOCAL COMMUNITY IMPACTS ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT EMPLOYMENT LAWS AND INDIAN TRIBAL GOVERNMENTS OTHER ISSUES FOR CONSIDERATION Taxation Exclusivity Payments Off-Reservation Gambling Class II "Megabingos" RECOMMENDATIONS DETERMINING ...
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Hello, onlinegames-ga! I have compiled what information I could readily find outside of market research reports to help answer your questions pertaining to online poker and gambling. The scarcity of information on this subject is the primary reason that expensive market research reports exist! In lieu of those, I have tried my best to come up with some sources which can provide a basis of knowledge to help you formulate an answer to your various questions. While I could not find definitive answers for all of them, I believe I have compiled enough references and excerpts to give you a good overview. ============ ...
PPC Advertising for Gambling Sites?
I am launching a relatively small gambling site (one where you play for free - no bashing please) and I'd like to use PPC advertising to promote it. My problem is, I dont think any of the bigger Search engines like Yahoo, Google, and MSN would let me advertise because of the gambling part. I know for sure that Google doesn't allow it. As I am targeting primarily the UK, how can I advertise with bigger sites? Could I go directly through Yahoo UK? Do you have any suggestions? I'm hesitant about using smaller search engines because it seems most of their traffic is bot generated. Help please? Seconds ago i checked ...