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Advertising on iPhone

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Perfectly timed with the release of Apple’s newest offering, the iPhone 3G, Greystripe announced today that their in-game mobile advertising network will now be available for the hundreds of iPhone game and application developers who opened up shop in the App Store yesterday. As the world’s leader in ad-supported mobile applications, Greystripe now offers iPhone game developers an SDK which integrates advertising and reporting APIs and creates the opportunity to make money off every use of their applications and every play of their addictive iPhone games. Many of Greystripe’s 120 existing publisher partners, including Amplified ...
which launched in mid-2008 and now has well over 200,000 "apps" approved by Apple. These apps have diverse functionalities, including games , reference , GPS navigation , social networking , and advertising for television shows, films, and celebrities . There have been four generations of iPhone hardware, and they have been accompanied by four major releases of iOS (formerly iPhone OS). The original iPhone established design precedents like screen size and button placement that have persisted through all models. The iPhone 3G brought 3G cellular network capabilities and A-GPS location. The iPhone 3GS brought a compass ...
Why Apple banned competing Ad's from its Platform ? | iPhone ...
At WDDC Apple announced the new terms in section 3.3.9 of the iphone OS developer agreement , Apple has tweaked its terms and conditions to explicitly lock out in-app advertising to Ad networks run by companies that make a mobile OS or hardware and gather user data on how people interact with their ads known as tracking . Tracking is an important aspect in any form of digital advertising, which offers various advantages over paper advertisements. The various aspects tracking deals with are – how long someone views an ad , which part of ad they tap on , what were they actually in to while they tapped the ad and many more such ... market research, surveys and trends
Google and Apple prepare for mobile advertising battle - News1st ...
News1st News Updates Political News Entertainment News Sports News World News news,political news,sports funny news bbc news entertainment news israel news science news celebrity news local news news,entertainment news,local news,world news,sri lanka news,cricket,rugby,foot News first worlds leading news portal with rich contents of news include Sports, Entertainment, Political, Weather, Tech and Sri Lanka Local News Updates Business News Google and Apple are gearing up to launch ads on their apps, a strategy which is set to change the advertising landscape for ever British mobile users will soon find themselves embroiled in the ... market research, surveys and trends


Stats: iPhone a Superior Platform for Mobile Ads
The iPhone might already be a superior platform for running mobile applications, but is it also a superior platform for advertisers? A new study from BrightKite and market research firm GfK NOP suggests that it might be. The numbers – published today by eMarketer – show that iPhone users are far more likely to recall mobile ads than users of other types of handsets. For example, on ads running on mobile websites, 28.4 percent of iPhone users were able to recall ads, versus just 10.7 percent for non-iPhone users. The stats were similar across other forms of mobile advertising, with iPhone users being more likely to recall ads ... industry trends, business articles and survey research Cell Phone Apps and Advertising
Google and Apple are gearing up to launch ads on their apps, a strategy which is set to change the advertising landscape for ever. [via The Guardian ] According to The Age , mobile advertising could make up 10% of Apple's revenue by 2012. In its first eight weeks of selling iAds , Apple garnered $US60 million ($73 million) worth of commitments for mobile ads to run in 2010's second half, from 17 blue-chip brands including Unilever, General Electric and Citigroup. ... Just like the iPhone app store, there will be a simple revenue split. Developers will keep 60% of revenues, however, rather than the 70% they are awarded ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Google passes the 200000 Android activations/day mark
at the Techonomy Conference tonight that Android had passed the 200,000 unit/day milestone.  That's incredibly up from 160,000 at last month's earnings call and 100,000 at Google I/O in May.  Google ( GOOG ) has doubled the Android run rate in 4 months. Schmidt attributed the recent surge to the popular Motorola Droid X which is being marketed strongly by Verizon.  He also was excited about the Samsung Galaxy line which is being sold on all networks in the US and in over 100 countries, more than doubling Android's footprint. Taking a quote (The TechCrunch video is embedded below): Our measurements are that ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Why the Verizon iPhone is already too late
Android phones — primarily made by HTC, Motorola and Samsung — are now outselling the iPhone, and will continue to grab market share. Here is the Google Nexus One, made by HTC, next to Apple's iPhone 4. Verizon Wireless might get an iPhone this January? It's about time. Or is it too late? New reports show that Google's Android is eating the iPhone's lunch. And by clinging to AT&T exclusivity and staying clear of Verizon, Apple is effectively serving up that lunch on a shiny silver platter. For a decade, Apple played Ice Man in a calculated dogfight of product design and marketing. It rarely made a misstep, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Greystripe Mobile Advertising Insights Report: The iPhone Mom Q3 2009
again on the “iPhone Mom”. In the past, this has not been a group that ... through in-application mobile advertising. For example, the iPhone Mom is now a ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Statement of the Commission Concerning Google/AdMob
May 21, 2010 ... Quattro Wireless, in December 2009 and then introduced its own mobile advertising network, iAd, as part of its iPhone applications package. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
NearBuy - New iPhone Application a Hit at Apple Global Conference ...
COLUMBIA, Mo. - Four University of Missouri students (Team NearBuy) showcased their innovative mobile phone application recently at Apple's WorldWide Developer Conference in San Francisco. The students demonstrated a new way to deliver classified advertising as Apple, Inc. unveiled a new version of its iPhone. Team NearBuy - Anthony Brown, a senior majoring in convergence journalism; Zhenhua Ma, a doctoral student studying electrical and computer engineering, and Dan Wang and Peng Zhuang, doctoral students studying computer science - earned the trip to Apple's annual conference for software developers after winning the
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Advertising on Mob - iPhone or iPad? - Yahoo! Answers
What is more lucrative, iphone app or advertising revenue on a ...
I was wondering what would make me more money on the computer with posting funny observations- either an iphone app or the advertising on a blog? 1 month ago Member since: October 16, 2009 Total points: 311 (Level 2) Well, I did both. In the end I made about $20 on my iPhone app in 1 year. Try it by the way, it is called "Nuclear Waste" and there is a free version too. They won't pay you money unless you get $150 in sales. On the other hand I wrote a couple of articles on my blog, and one was very successful. I made $250 in total on ads within 2 years. Conclusion: It is a lot about luck. Your apps or blogposts may be ...