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The good news for parents is that there are really amazing toys for all budgets this year. The big trends of the year include dinosaurs, toys with a green agenda, active play, and going back to basics with board games, puzzles and art supplies. Games and puzzles Games are a great present for the whole family. While we are all plugged in most of the year, the holiday season gives us an opportunity to slow things down a bit and take some time to reconnect. It’s through playing games together as a family that you are able to pass down some important lessons about being a good sport — win or lose! Classic board games are one of the ...
is, specifically, one of several toy shows held throughout the United States (and around the world), usually on an annual basis, that is exclusively devoted to the exhibition, for sale, of antique toys, dolls and collectible paraphernalia. Toy shows are generally regional in nature, and cater to a certain geographic area of the country. The larger shows, such as the Miami Antique Toy Show and the Chicago Toy Show encompass a broader clientele. It is not uncommon for both dealers and collectors from across the country and around the world to attend these shows. The Miami Toy Show typically attracts guests from South America, ...
Toys And Accessories, Toys And Add-ons, When Do You Stop Buying ...
After buying toys for my kids I am sometimes overwhelmed by how short a time it takes before the latest toy that they always wanted is discarded. Left for dead under the bed or tossed into the wardrobe to be forgotten about. Or sometimes, and these are the times I like, the imagination takes over and the toy is transformed into something else or combined with other toys. I have spent countless dollars on little Barbie dresses and now Barbie is wrapped up in a handkerchief with a shoelace for a belt. I don’t know where this idea for the latest fashion came from, but then again children see things differently ... market research, surveys and trends
Interview with a Japanese toy collector |
We talk with Kazunori Saito, one of Tokyo’s most renowned toy collectors, as he puts his 2,000 items, collected over the last 25 years, on show for the first time At first glance, Kazunori Saito looks like your average Japanese salaryman. But he’s a man with something in his closet. Toys. Hundreds and hundreds of them. Saito is one of Japan’s top collector of character toys -- playthings based on the heroes of countless Japanese television shows, comic books, and movies. His expansive collection covers monsters from the likes of “Ultraman” and “Godzilla,” giant robots, futuristic spacecraft, you name it. At first glance ... market research, surveys and trends


Toy Collector - Strombecker Lola T160 and the Strombecker Story
New deaclas , some detailing of the driver, BWA wheels and inserts and the same chassis treatement as the Chappy produced another great car! But were Lolas or slot cars too small compared to todays, or are today's too big, or was the real Lola just that tiny? And what ever happened to the Strombecker Corp.? Three online sources provide more information than we may ever want. From Slot Car Academy: "The American Company Strombecker from Chicago, Illinois, started as a toy maker. The production of slot cars started in 1962 and ceased in the seventies. The first model of Strombecker was a modified version of the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Box office report: 'Toy Story' breaks records; 'Jonah Hex' lands ...
has broken records with its Father’s Day weekend debut. The G-rated movie starring everyone’s favorite Pixar characters Buzz Lightyear and Cowboy Woody grossed an estimated $109 million, earning the status of Pixar’s highest-grossing opening weekend ever. It helped that Toy Story 3 bowed in more than 2,000 3-D locations, a number that accounted more than 50 percent of its gross. Its IMAX numbers were also solid: The film earned 8 percent of its total from the 180 large-screen theaters. The movie generated a 99 percent positive rating from review collector site Rotten Tomatoes and an A from exit pollster ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Smart Collector: No one's interested in buying today; selling is the thing
Let's talk money. Doesn't everyone? By our unscientific reckoning, roughly 85 percent of reader mail these days is about selling. Most involve collections or individual items left by a family member. Another 10 percent or so ask about value of something they have, but don't mention selling. The rest is a mixed lot, mainly "What is this?" Others request a source or contact. Truth is, I cannot remember when this column last got an inquiry about buying. It's the times. Collecting has been hit by a double whammy of factors. First, it's the economy. Most readers are so involved in trying to keep ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Deisenroth Santa realizes record $161K
The top seller of the auction was an exceedingly rare and desirable clockwork Santa and sleigh by Althof Bergmann (ex-Barenholtz). This toy is considered the most significant early American toy known to exist. It sold for a phenomenal $161,000 (estimate $100,000 to $200,000). As a result, it is the most expensive American tin toy sold in the last 15 years, according to Julia Auctions. Photos courtesy Julia Auctions FAIRFIELD, Maine – Julia’s recent Toy, Doll & Advertising auction was a success, grossing nearly $2.1 million (nearly a half million dollars over a presale estimate of items sold). The Malcolm Deisenroth ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Early Transportation Toys: On the Move
home in on the products of a particular toy company, like Ives, Marklin or Buddy ... Fans of pop culture and advertising can go for branded toys, like the Metalcraft Baby .... a California-based collector whose reference guide on the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
U.S. Forest Service Smokey Bear Collection : NAL Collections ...
The United States Forest Service was formed by the Transfer Act of February 1, 1905, which transferred the responsibility of our nation's forests from the Department of the Interior to the United States Department of Agriculture. The agency was originally established by Congress in order to protect our nation's water and timber resources. It presently has a much larger focus that of the management and protection of renewable resources, including forage, wildlife, and recreation, as well as water and timber. In pursuit of its mission of "caring for the land and serving the people," the Forest Service offers ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
to sell the toys (104). When I asked one of my subject's in The Collectors, Matt . Grzebien, if he believed that advertising had shaped his desire to collect ...
RC Model Airplanes/Cars/Boats: Nikko Midnight Crusher, batterys ...
I Can answer most RC car and boat based questions, whether they be about engine tuning, electronics, making the right choice of equipment/car, mechanical issues, or how to set up a car or truck for different conditions. I can also answer basic boating questions and beginner to intermediate airplane questions. Experience I have been Driving RC cars since the age of 1. I built my first RC kit at the age of 4 with my father, and the hobby grew from there. I am also an amateur RC plane pilot. I am a seasoned Monster Truck racer, appearing regularly at shows in france and switzerland. I usually compete in 1/8 buggy classes, short ...
When did fast food companies start putting toys with their meals ...
Anyone can be a big collector of fast food toys, but the simple truth is that most avid collectors are grown ups! With every new movie, video game or comic book a new toy shows up in one of the fast food chains. And, each one quickly becomes a much loved collectable for someone. These cute little toys started out as a lure to get children to ask for the restaurants kid meals. But, adults are often seen buying these small portion meals just to get another toy to add to their collection! The small toys quickly became the biggest advertising gimmick in the world. McDonald’s has got to be the king of fast food toys. Their first toys ...