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Special Report on

Advertising, Recruitment, and Announcements

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As the recruitment landscape is a rolling one, and as this industry continually redefines itself in anticipation of hiring needs, you can rely on Shaker for in-depth knowledge regarding some of today's most relevant topics: The use of text messaging, video, and audio on cell phones and PDAs is quickly changing how you can reach and influence prospective candidates. Shaker can help you develop compelling creative concepts and choose the appropriate media method for putting your message in front of the audience you want to engage. People consume information way beyond traditional radio and TV broadcast now. They use the ...
attracted at least 1.575 billion visitors annually by 2008. The global network of Yahoo! websites receives 3.4 billion page views per day on average . Cite error: There are tags on this page, but the references will not show without a {{Reflist}} template or a tag; see the .
Advanced Employee Referral Programs — Best Practices You Need to ...
programs produce a high volume of high-performing hires with longer retention rates, and in most cases, at relatively low cost. Unfortunately, when it comes to managing ERPs, there are a handful of organizations doing it really well and a lot of organizations doing it dreadfully bad. After more than a decade of collecting program performance data, researching program design, and writing a book on ERPs, I can attest that there are many factors that differentiate a great referral program from an average one. Many recruiting managers with woefully under-performing programs think they have great programs and are somewhat shocked ... market research, surveys and trends
Employment UK - Why a Killer Video Game is the U.S. Army's best ...
Since the last rookie to hold office in December 1972, Uncle Sam had to hustle to staff an armed volunteer force. In the case of the U.S. military, which means recruiting 80,000 new soldiers every year – essentially replacing more than the entire workforce of BellSouth every 12 months. Advertising toured first. After “the Army now wants you to join” fizzled, in January 1981, “Be All You Can Be” became the battle cry. For two decades, wrapped around ads that made the industry look like adventure as Outward Bound course, it resounds with 17-24 years (whose army is the largest employer in the country). ... market research, surveys and trends


Hiring and Compensation Trends--CBR July-August 2008
Over the last three years, the war for top talent in China has intensified. Multinational corporations (MNCs) in China have become increasingly concerned about and challenged by the compensation demands of desired candidates. Foreign companies have had to make significant adjustments to their compensation bands to avoid losing staff to firms with more flexible compensation packages. Furthermore, over the last year, new trends began contributing to China's talent market paradox—that companies in a country with more than 1.3 billion people suffer staff shortages. Compensation packages have risen sharply in China over ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Survey Reveals Cautious Optimism--CBR November-December 2009
Each year, the US-China Business Council (USCBC) surveys its members on their views of their priorities when doing business with China. The results provide a useful update on business and investment conditions and form the basis of USCBC's work on behalf of its members. The US-China Business Council's annual survey shows US companies' top issues remain largely the same as in 2008, with approvals, the economic downturn, and human resources topping the list. Few US companies have been boosted by China's stimulus package, though some are benefitting from the general recovery of China's economy. Many ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
WPP Annual General Meeting Trading Update for First Five Months of 2010
The following statement was made by the Chairman at the Company's 38th Annual General Meeting held in Dublin at noon today: "First, a few comments on current trading over the first five months of this year. On a reportable basis, worldwide revenues were up 1.8%. In constant currencies, revenues were up 2.2%, principally reflecting the comparative weakness of the US dollar and Euro against the pound sterling. On a like-for-like basis, excluding the impact of acquisitions and currency fluctuations, revenues were up 2.0%. Year-to-year comparisons continue to improve, with ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
USAID Launches MTV EXIT Campaign in Timor-Leste
/PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The first-ever MTV concert held in Timor-Leste kicked-off the new, USAID-funded MTV EXIT anti-trafficking campaign last Friday night, June 25th. An estimated 20,000 people packed the city-center venue, about 15% of Dili's total population, for what was a lively, fun and trouble-free event.  For the majority of young people, it was the first time they had attended a concert of this scale. (Logo: ) (Logo: ) The concert showcased six of Timor-Leste's best bands and included the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Job Advertising Resources - Minority Faculty Recruitment and Retention
Diversity Websites for Advertising Job Announcements. “The University of Washington may make special recruitment and outreach efforts to increase the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Vacancy Announcement: Recruitment and Selection: Management ...
"An appointing authority shall notify human resource management services of each vacant classified, nontemporary position that the appointing authority intends to fill through external recruitment. The notification must be submitted prior to beginning the recruiting effort and may be in the form of a completed vacancy announcement, letter, or memo and transmitted electronically or by mail. An appointing authority that lists vacancies with job service North Dakota need not provide notification to human resource management services." 4-07-05-05 : "When an appointing authority proceeds to fill a vacant classified, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
ACD 505–04: Recruitment/Appointment - Arizona State University
To accomplish this, all position vacancies will be announced, posted, advertised, and/or filled as indicated in this policy. When a position is dependent on continuation of funding from a specific source and may, therefore, terminate when the funding is no longer available, this must be clearly stated on the Announcement of Vacancy (AV) and any advertisements/announcements about the position. The essential functions of a position must be determined before advertising that position and must appear on the AV. The essential functions are the core or required duties of a position as opposed to the marginal responsibilities of a ...
Affiliate Recruitment - How to go about
It sounds like you are starting things right, but you need to recognize that launching a new affiliate program is a lot more difficult today than it was in "the early days." (When I operated an affiliate web site in 1997-1999, affiliate managers would tell me that within a day after I listed a new program, they'd receive hundreds of affiliate applications, and they'd see significant new sales in a few weeks. That world has changed.) I don't know how appropriate it is to launch multiple programs at the same time across several networks as these may simply fill up your time with lots of poor-quality affiliates. ...
Recruiting and activating publishers - Affiliate Network Help
Publisher recruitment is the ongoing process of attracting, activating, and retaining publishers. Recruiting affiliate publishers into your program involves building a program foundation and running your program. In most affiliate programs, approximately 80% of network sales come from 20% of the affiliates. Affiliates are generally large to mid-size publishers, and include many VIP publishers. Running your program is an ongoing process that involves: Finding previously hidden, but valuable, publishers over time. Researching new affiliates in Google Affiliate Network. Recruiting business classes that are productive or ...