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Special Report on

Advertising Sales Positions

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Advertising careers attract creative people who like to sell products and services. A successful advertising career depends on ambition, talent and creativity. There are a variety of advertising jobs available if you are interested in marketing products or services. Advertising sales positions offer the opportunity to sell advertising in a variety of media. Account executives interact directly with clients by making sales presentations and sending advertising instructions to the creative department. Account managers support account executives by coordinating project and account management. Sales positions require strong ...
The majority of programmes were presented live from a studio in the hold. The ship's metal bulkheads presented problems with acoustics and soundproofing that were originally solved by lining the walls with mattresses from the crew's bunk beds, which meant none of them could sleep during the day.
Jobs in Washington, DC Metro Area: Jobs List 5/30/10
I am an attorney working in DC with over 15 years work experience that can help you get a job (job seekers) or help you fill your available positions (employers). Make sure you look at older posts as there are some great positions there. I PAY REFERRAL FEES! CONTACT ME: Join my jobs list-Email: Territory Manager (Part Time Work from Home) – World Wide Locations I represent a global company that offers local office management services around the world. Specifically these local sites provide services for a leading and ... market research, surveys and trends
All i need is Imagination... Knowledge always tends to ∞: Google ...
Co-founders Larry Page, president of Products, and Sergey Brin, president of Technology, brought Google to life in September 1998. Since then, the company has grown to more than 10,000 employees worldwide, with a management team that represents some of the most experienced technology professionals in the industry. Dr. Eric Schmidt joined Google as chairman and chief executive officer in 2001. Board of Directors Executive Management Group Key executives by function: Engineering Products Sales Legal Finance Business Operations Executive Management Group Dr. Eric Schmidt Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer ... market research, surveys and trends


Justin Auciello: The Scratchpad - old media is dying, so what is ...
both flagship newspapers, announced layoffs as a result of declining ad revenues, competition from online news sources, and, of course, the deepening economic downturn. In addition to layoffs, the Times is slashing non-union salaries by up to 5% for the remainder of 2009 and forcing furloughs, and the Washington Post is offering buyouts. As all news junkies are aware, it’s not just the two flagship newspapers that are suffering. Major newspapers are either ceasing publication completely ( Rocky Mountain News ), publishing online only ( Seattle Post-Intelligencer ), or have filed for bankruptcy ( Chicago Tribune and LA Times, industry trends, business articles and survey research
People and Accounts of Note
specializing in advertising sales positions. Ms. Albee had most recently been New ... a record $223.3 million, a 5.2 percent increase compared with 2005, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Reckitt Benckiser's Bart Becht: a lean, clean sales machine
Bart Becht, the chief executive of Reckitt Benckiser, has proved many times that where there's muck, there's brass. Or more accurately in his case, where there's muck remover, there's brass. In April, the company confirmed Mr Becht took home a whopping £90m last year for running the maker of Dettol disinfectant and Harpic lavatory cleaner. So flush was he feeling after that, he gave close to £110m of Reckitt shares to charity. Despite the charitable donation, in public relations terms, Mr Becht's bumper payday could hardly have come at a worse time – the large bonuses ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Time Warner Cable Media Sales Names Valasek Vice President of Business Development
Time Warner Cable Media Sales continues to attract top industry talent with the announcement that Automotive veteran Tom Valasek has been named Vice President of Business Development. According to a release, Valasek will work across functional areas within the organization to showcase Time Warner Cable's suite of Targeted TV and digital marketing solutions with category insights to key OEM, agency and dealer stakeholders in the auto industry. He will also help drive product strategy, marketing and research initiatives to deliver the consumer insights and business outcomes clients demand. "With 22 years of global, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


advertising sales positions. Connecticut Post 6/20/09. Summer 2009. Protein Sciences Corp. Meriden. Pharmaceutical 50. Company is producing a swine flu ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Advertising Sales Agents
Applicants who have sales experience and a college degree should have the best opportunities, but keen competition for jobs is expected during downturns in spending on advertising. Educational requirements vary; the ability to communicate effectively and persuasively is important for entry-level candidates. Performance-based pay, including bonuses and commissions, can make up a large portion of an advertising sales agent�s earnings. Pressure to meet monthly sales quotas can be stressful. Advertising sales agents —often referred to as account executives or advertising sales representatives —sell or solicit advertising ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Careers in Advertising
ccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 250,000 people work in the advertising industry. This number is expected to grown due to two important trends. First is the megamergers among advertising agencies. This trend has been fueled by agencies' desire to increase market share by offering more services such as sophisticated market research, media buying, and in-house production facilities to clients. The second trend has been spurred by an increase in international businesses and global marketing. Agencies are moving quickly to set-up international subsidiaries to assist clients who have gone global. ...
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At Google, we organize and change around our customers. Google's Advertising Sales team embodies that pursuit: We're devoted to finding relevant solutions that meet our clients' changing advertising needs. In that regard, Advertising Sales does more than simply make money for our company. Our team members work hard to identify our clients' business challenges, collaboratively shape solutions that drive their strategic initiatives, and keep them educated and informed in the ways that current and future Google products can enhance their online and/or offline presence. In addition to being engaging and ...
Do recruiters have a bad reputation? | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn
Just because there are examples out there of less than professional behavior by recruiters that shouldn't be generalized into a statement on the field as a whole. From my perspective as a candidate, I much prefer working with recruiting agencies than applying online through a company web site where you go through HR. These are a few positive things that come to mind: 1. The process is *much* faster 2. The jobs are actually open (some HR departments advertise positions that are actually already filled) 3. The recruiter has more of a common interest with the candidate since their own income is dependant on getting their ...