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Advertising Shock Tactics

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Take a trip down memory lane with video clips of road safety ad campaigns going back to the days of Tufty, Kevin Keegan and David Prowse You may have heard the smooth, dreamy tones of Joseph Fiennes on your radio over the past couple of weeks; he has become the latest part of that suitably soporific government campaign to encourage drivers not to drive when tired . "You start to yawn repeatedly. Your blinks become more frequent then longer. Your heart rate decreases. Your breathing will become deeper. You will have difficulty keeping your eyes open..." In celebration of some variously disturbing, charming and nostalgic ...
generally regarded as one that “deliberately, rather than inadvertently, startles and offends its audience by violating norms for social values and personal ideals.” It is the employment in advertising or public relations of "graphic imagery and blunt slogans to highlight" a public policy issue, goods, or services. Shock advertising is designed principally to break through the advertising “clutter” to capture attention and create buzz , and also to attract an audience to a certain brand or bring awareness to a certain public service issue, health issue, or cause (e.g., urging drivers to use their seatbelts, promoting ...
lemonade to the over paid
I don't know if I am just a sucker for all things Scandinavian, but here is yet another Scandinavian band that I am loving: 120 Days. (Although I cannot say that I love the name of the band. Kind of reminds me of that band from the 90's - 9 Days. What was their big hit??? Whatever it was, I remember it being stuck in my head for days....) 120 Days: C-Musik When I grew up, I lived in a little town called Spruce Grove. Spruce Grove currently has over 20,000 people but when I was a kid, the population was probably half of that. The big predicament they currently face is the takeover of big chain stores. My favorite ... market research, surveys and trends
Creative Advertising: Ideas and Techniques from the World's Best ...
unravels the creative process behind some of the most original and effective campaigns of recent years. Mario Pricken showcases over two hundred examples of international advertising from a wide range of media including magazines, billboards, television, movies, and the Internet. Each chapter highlights different practical methods for creating innovative and unforgettable advertisements, from finding the elusive “big idea” to reworking classic techniques. The selection covers award-winning work from some of the biggest and most influential names in the industry, such as J. Walter Thompson and Saatchi and Saatchi, ... market research, surveys and trends


Drug drive campaign ignores shock tactics | TalkingDrugs is a ...
This week the UK Government began a new advertising campaign in an attempt to reduce the amount of people who drive while under the influence of drugs. The advertising campaign launched by the transport secretary Andrew Adonis and costing £2.3 million will feature on television, radio and at music festivals. It is the aim of the government to make drug driving as socially unaccepted as drink driving. Hard-hitting campaigns about the consequences of drink driving have led to nearly a 75 percent reduction in people killed in drink drive related accidents. The government is keen to address the problem of people who would not ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
EU Deploys Shock Tactics to Curb Smoking | Europe | Deutsche Welle ...
The outgoing European Commission this week resorted to drastic measures to curb smoking which, according to the EU executive, accounts for over 650,000 deaths a year in the 25-nation bloc.   The anti-smoking campaign involves putting graphic images of the health consequences of smoking on cigarette packs. The series of 42 images includes rotten lungs, decayed teeth, a corpse, a baby with an oxygen mask and gory details of a man with a cancerous tumor on his throat.   The collection also includes more subtle allusions to the dangers of smoking - a wrinkled apple accompanies a warning about skin ageing, while a bent ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
How America's Hugo Chavez Fan Club Plans to 'Reform' Our Media Marketplace
In the battle over media and communications freedom, no group poses a more serious threat to a free and independent press than the insultingly misnamed regulatory activist group Free Press . Along with their founders, the prolific neo-Marxist media theorist Robert W. McChesney and Nation correspondent John Nichols , Free Press has engaged in relentless agitation for a truly radical media and communications policy agenda, and their influence is now spreading throughout the Obama Administration. The Free Press-McChesney blueprint for media “reform” reads more like a script for State servitude. On the regulatory side, they call for ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Exclusive Gordon Brown Confession - 50 Ways Labour Conned You
I Gordon Brown, former unelected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, would like to issue a statement on behalf of the Labour Party and formally apologise for almost a decade and a half of Labour rule which I now formally acknowledge has destroyed this once great country. In doing so, I would like to publically acknowledge just some of the overwhelming mistakes, miscalculations and insidious plots that I have been an integral part of. Since time is short and I have memoirs to write, I will limit the list to 50 areas although let's be honest, I could have probably listed hundreds. I hope the nation can forgive me. In ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


York's Rachel McAdams takes Hollywood by storm – on her own terms
Jan 23, 2006 ... on advertising shock tactics:“Shock alone is a vastly overrated strategy and it only works if the shock is directly related to the product.” ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The return of scare tactics
advertising. Report to Federal OYce of Road Safety. Perth,. WA: Donovan Research , 1995. ... Shock tactics and the myth of the inverted U. Br ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Fear Tactics and Graphic Advertising: An Appropriate Approach for ...
effective elements of “shock” advertising can still be delivered well and perhaps even ... tactics and shocking approaches to advertising are warranted. ...
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i am not part of peta or anything like that (except SSVE). i understand that some of the extremists are annoying but not all peta members are like that, alot of them just like to give money to support a good cause, why does peta hae such a negative image? i have heard about the rumors about them killing animals, but i tend not to believe things with out proof. also, no People Eating Tasty Animals jokes, they're getting boring I'm divided about PETA. I appreciate their efforts at bringing awareness of a real problem to the masses. They certainly did that for me. I am very moved by visual materials generally ...
Sneaky / ethical advertising .....?
Don't get wrapped up in how cool the product is, but instead - don't click on anything and wait a couple of minutes and see what happens. :) My first reaction was that it was obtrusive, but then I started thinking that maybe that was pretty effective at closing sales......any thoughts? ethical? I think its ok! They are probably doing it 1/2 minutes after targetting the people that actually bothered to stay. The ad that floats across carries the same message as the pop up when you entered the page, meaning it also blankets the likes of me who shut down pop ups before they even get a chance to open :) does ...