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Advertising Slogans of the 1930s

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However, in my view, legal blogging can be incredibly political; indeed, more political than the endless and usually derivative partisan political blogs. Law in action is, of course, very small ‘p’ political. Choices are made about how to use – and misuse - the coercive power of the state and the courts: for example, whether to issue a libel claim form, or to bring a prosecution. As a result of these choices there can be a real impact on public order or public debate, and adverse real effects on the day-to-day liberty and freedoms of citizens. Politics simply does not end with the high-level policy and rule ...
The company pioneered long-distance power transmission and high-voltage transmission. Westinghouse Electric received the rights for the first patent for alternating-current transmission from Nikola Tesla and unveiled the technology for lighting in Great Barrington, Massachusetts . In addition to George Westinghouse, engineers working for the company included William Stanley , Nikola Tesla , Oliver B. Shallenberger , Benjamin Garver Lamme and his sister Bertha Lamme . It was historically the rival to General Electric which was founded by George Westinghouse's arch-rival, Thomas Edison (see War of the Currents ). The company ...
Motorcycle Flame Speaker | Fastest Motor Sport - Motor Racing
The results of the mobile side use the mobile for long hours. Called the "cubital tunnel syndrome" cell, is also called "your elbow. The problem occurs when the ulnar nerve, which runs through the elbow to the ring and little fingers, is fully exploited and blood supply is restricted, caused by holding a phone to your ear for long periods. Hot steel glows red when hot because the atoms vibrate with a large amount of energy. The amount of energy varies atoms re sulting in a range of colors. The original Roman calendar had 10 months in March call to December and two months, unnamed in the winter. These two months were named in ... market research, surveys and trends
世界著名品牌英文广告语大全 Advertising Slogans 2_summer_新浪博客
"Bring out the Best Foods/Hellmann's, and bring out the best" - Best Foods and Hellmann's Mayonnaise "Bring out the Branston!" - (pickle) "Choosy mothers choose Jif" - Jif Peanut Butter "The cheesiest!" - Kraft Macaroni & Cheese "For mash get Smash" - Smash instant mashed potatoes, 1974, Boase Massimi Pollitt "It's the way it shatters that matters" - Violet Crumble "If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit joing our Club" - Jacob's Club "The man from Del Monte, he say yes" - canned fruits "M'm, M'm Good" ... market research, surveys and trends


PepsiCo, Inc. - Battle of Beverages, Survive and Conquer, Pepsi ...
With strong management and unique vision, PepsiCo, Inc., is not only a leader in the beverage and snack industry, it is one of the most successful companies in the world. Much of the company's success comes from the fact that it consistently stays in touch with changing trends and lifestyles, and gives consumers the tastes and conveniences they desire. Over one hundred years after the first Pepsi was bottled, PepsiCo now offers thirty-two different kinds of carbonated and noncarbonated drinks with Pepsi-Cola beverages sold in 170 countries around the globe. It also ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Tatung Co. -- Company History
3679 Electronic Components, Not Elsewhere Classified; 2731 Book Publishing; 2711 Newspapers; 6512 Nonresidential Building Operators; 6514 Dwelling Operators Not Apartments; 6513 Apartment Building Operators To carry out the program of education-industry partnership with Tatung Institute of Technology and Tatung Senior High School, this company accepts investments from the schools and the general public for its sufficient source of capital fund and is organized and named as Tatung Company according to the Company Law. Company History: With ten domestic plants and nearly 20,000 employees, Tatung Co. is Taiwan's leading ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Sketching plans for Katine's art project
In March, community artist Ben Barbour travelled to Katine to begin work with some of the sub-county's schoolchildren to create an artwork that will be displayed in the Guardian offices. Here he recounts his experiences of his first trip to Uganda Ben Barbour , Thursday 22 July 2010 08.00 BST In class at Katine primary school. Sketch: Ben Barbour I'm about to head off to the airport for my first trip to Uganda to explore how to produce a piece of artwork with young people in Katine. The aim of the trip is to come back with range of possible ideas for the artwork; to try out some initial approaches, eg ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Turkey Takes the Veil
It's not just women in the Islamic East who may be veiled. It can happen to whole countries. See what's happening in Turkey, the West's old ally and new adversary. The danger to freedom there becomes ever more clear and present every day. But the tragedy of it can scarcely be apprehended without an appreciation of the dark past out of which this current Turkey arose, and to which it is about to return. The new, modern, secular Turkey emerged from the shadows of the crumbling old Ottoman Empire when the sultan found himself on the losing side of the Great War. Then a young, much decorated army officer who would be ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


13 Fiction: 1900 to the 1930s
tory of his work, from advertising slogans and minor nonfiction pieces ... During the 1920s and 1930s concepts of statistical personhood ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Montana Episode: From Treasure State to Big Sky
License plates, along with maps, travel brochures, motel signs, and even mud flaps, have etched the nickname "Big Sky Country" into the American consciousness. Credit: MHS Museum, Helena T ourism promotion depends upon evocative imagery and a catchy phrase or nickname. Florida advertises itself as the Sunshine State, California as the Golden State, and New Mexico as the Land of Enchantment. Montana is known the world over as the Big Sky State, a name that the director of the Montana State Advertising Department, Jack Hallowell, borrowed ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Modern Political Propaganda (1930)
This is a translation of G. Stark�s pamphlet on propaganda techniques. It was the first in a series of pamphlets produced by Goebbels’ Reichspropaganda-Abteilung, the propaganda section of the Nazi Party. It aimed at providing information for Nazi propagandists in larger cities. This translation uses the third printing, at which point 55,000 copies were in circulation. The original runs 23 pages of text. It includes some material taken from an earlier Nazi brochure on propaganda , but develops matters in greater depth. The source: G. Stark, Moderne politische Propaganda (Munich: ...
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What is the most successful advertising slogan of all time?
Here is the result of analysis by one of the leading publications in the advertising industry, Advertising Age. The top 100 ad campaigns of the 20th Century. As you scan down the list, you will experience a several generations of American culture.  These are awesome.   "...It is, of course, a challenging and somewhat presumptuous enterprise to reduce a century’s labors to a Top 100 list. It is not difficult, however, to establish criteria. To be included, a campaign could qualify in one of three ways:   1) If it was a watershed, discernibly changing the ...
WikiAnswers - What is the slogan for horlicks
Regular Horlicks contains Wheat Flour, Malted Barley, Dried Skimmed Milk, Dried Whey, Sugar, Calcium Carbonate, Vegetable Fat, Salt, Vitamins, Ferric Pyrophosphate, and Zinc Oxide. What is a slogan ? a slogan is a sentence that represents the company for example- nike- just do it or woolworths- the fresh food people -- ANSWER -- A slogan is a short memorable phrase - usually used in sales and... What are slogans ? A slogan is a catchy phrase usually used to advertise or promote something. It was derived from the word slogom which was a word from the Scottish and Irish Gaelic sluagh-ghairm meaning "army cry". Related ...