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Special Report on

Advertising, Sponsorships and Marketing

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Marketing and Sales Leader with significant experience driving strategic direction and tactical execution in the consumer and business markets. Competencies include large team leadership, strategic marketing & sales planning, product management, field sales/marketing, third party dealer and company owned retail distribution, general finance, operational compliance and new business development. Regarded as an exceptional leader, visionary, self-sufficient, builds strong teams, acts with high integrity, straightforward with a no nonsense approach, deep overall business knowledge across multiple disciplines, and thrives in ...
It is currently the best selling brand of bourbon in the world. Founded in 1795, the Jim Beam distillery has been family-operated for seven generations. The brand was given the name “Jim Beam” in 1933 after Colonel James B. Beam, who rebuilt the business following Prohibition . The company produces several varieties of bourbon and whiskey, as well as food products that include bourbon as an ingredient. Although the Beam / Noe family is still involved, Jim Beam Bourbon is owned by Beam Global Spirits & Wine, which is in turn owned by holding company Fortune Brands (NYSE: FO), both headquartered in the suburbs of Chicago, in ...
Ecommerce Site Design – Top Marketing Techniques to Promote Your ...
Marketing executives of various e-commerce businesses give some interesting insights on what works best in e-commerce development and marketing. The e... Marketing executives of various e-commerce businesses give some interesting insights on what works best in e-commerce development and marketing. The experience of industry leaders is a good source of learning for e-commerce businesses to improve their processes and strategies for website design and development. The best marketing techniques are those that result in maximum conversions and improve the brand image. Besides implementing the tested and tried strategies, e-commerce ... market research, surveys and trends
10 Branding and Marketing Tips For Any Website | David Risley dot com
As a marketing guy, I would like to stress on the actual definition of marketing which a majority of people might not know. Marketing, in plain English, is the backbone of any company where all products, offers, pricing, policies, strategies and business development are done under the huge umbrella of marketing. A lot of people mix between Marketing and Communications, where communication is the advertising activities that any company does in order to deliver a specific message to the targeted segment of customers, including Branding, Above The Line (ATL), Below The Line (BTL), Sponsorships, Exhibitions, Online Marketing and ... market research, surveys and trends


Think Conversation!
Let me start with the unthinkable – What if Facebook were to go away?  What would people do with those hours a day spent posting, updating and sharing of vacation pictures?  Would they all shift to a new platform? If so what platform would it be?  YouTube, MySpace, Plaxo?  Where would they all go?       Don’t worry,  they are clearly the market leader and I don’t believe they will be going away any time soon. But is Facebook providing what the marketplace is looking for? Particularly the younger generation ?  With the recent privacy issues and some negative buzz, are we seeing a potential turning point for ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Forrester Research: Technology research and advice.
Almost half of marketers plan to decrease spending in traditional advertising channels like magazines, direct mail, and newspapers to fund an increase in online ad spending in 2005. Total US online advertising and marketing spending will reach $14.7 billion in 2005, a 23 percent increase over 2004. According to a new five-year forecast from Forrester Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORR), online marketing and advertising will represent 8 percent of total advertising spending in 2010 — rivaling ad spending on cable/satellite TV and radio. "Despite significant changes in consumer behavior, there is a large disparity between the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
PERSONAL FINANCE: Celebrity endorsements
With a population of over 150 million people, Nigeria is a marketers’ dream. Both local and international companies must look for ways to increase their market share by employing innovative marketing strategies. For years, celebrities have thrown their fame and image to support brands and consumer products and there has been a steady increase of celebrity endorsement in Nigeria; this is good. There must be a mutually beneficial relationship for an endorsement and it should offer huge possibilities for both entertainers and the companies with whom they partner. The artist must be able to give the endorsing company the right ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
PGA Tour sponsorships still a work in progress
The PGA Tour isn't officially saying anything, but some of the changes on the 2011 PGA Tour schedule forced by sponsorship issues are starting to leak out. For instance, media reports in San Antonio, Texas, are that the Valero Texas Open, a Fall Series event in 2009 and a FedEx Cup event in May this year, will be moving to the week after the Masters for 2011. That means the Heritage tournament in Hilton Head, S.C., will be losing that date. Heritage is without a sponsor for 2011 because Verizon did not renew its deal with the tournament. Then there is talk that the tournament in Memphis, also without a sponsor, might be ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


338 FAQs ICC Advertising and Marketing Code
Sep 28, 2006 ... consideration; the term “marketing communication” includes advertising as well as other techniques, such as promotions, sponsorships, and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Differences by Sex in Tobacco Use and Awareness of Tobacco ...
To examine differences in tobacco use and awareness of tobacco marketing by sex, CDC and health officials in Bangladesh, Thailand, and Uruguay (among the first countries to report results) analyzed 2009 data from a newly instituted survey, the Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS). This report summarizes the results of that analysis, which indicated wide variation among the three countries in tobacco use, product types used, and marketing awareness among males and females. In Bangladesh and Thailand, use of smoked tobacco products was far greater among males (44.7% and 45.6%, respectively) than females (1.5% and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Web Communications | Advertising and Sponsorship Policy
The World Wide Web Committee on Advertising and Sponsorship was appointed in 2001 to establish basic guidelines for advertising and sponsorships. The committee had eight meetings commencing in March 2001. Premise: With more than 250 World Wide Web Information Providers on the UNLV campus, operating independently, it was imperative that basic guidelines for advertising and sponsorships be imparted as soon as possible. Even though general parameters were recommended, the committee agreed that the guidelines would need to evolve with infrastructure and technological ...
How do I value sponsorships, advertising, and marketing by other ...
I have a facility for year-round sports tournaments, camps, leagues, charities, and community use. I have a lot of people traffic and space for advertising, sponsorships, and businesses. How do I value these mediums to know what to ask for their use? Asked by C J Woodrow Posted: Thursday, January 10, 2008  |  Found in Advertising & PR More answers by Roy Williams Find places in other towns that are selling the types of opportunities you'd like to offer and get a price list from them. If no one else is selling similar opportunities, it's not likely you'll be able to do it, either. My fear is that ...
Did the marketing around World Cup 2010 fail, and why ? | LinkedIn ...
I see there are two points here: 1) marketing around the World Cup; and marketing of the World Cup (in the clarification) To respond to the former note one cannot lose when associating their own business or brand to an event this huge and global. Because there may be many companies who exercised their privilege to conduct some ambush marketing the objectives may be wide and varied although one can safely assume at the bottom of the funnel the bottom line remains the bottom line, having expressed this the company that marketed noise canceling ear plugs for the games made a killing due to the incredible focus on vuvuzelas. On the ...