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Special Report on

Advertising Supported Bike Racks

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Riders utilized the bike racks on Milwaukee County Transit System buses 9,400 times in the first eight months of the new service, according to a release from MCTS. Without a sharp increase, the service use would fall well-short of the 200,000 annual figure touted during earlier debates about the purchase and maintenance of the racks. That number was one of the projections generated by the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin, based on the increased ridership reported in other cities that installed bike racks. To reach that figure, roughly 16,600 riders would have to use the racks each ...
(The 58 Malton and 192 Airport Rocket operate approximately Monday to Saturday from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m.; the 307 and 300A serve the rest of the time)
Images of Centretown: Bank Street Phase III, Part 6: Bike racks
As described in this panel from the March 2008 consultation, there isn't enough room on Bank for separate artworks as part of the Percent for Art program. So the decision was made to combine art with function by having bike racks with artistic designs. A mainstay of bike parking in Ottawa are these blue advertising-supported Velocity racks. There are other designs too, not all of which are successful . Unfortunately, as these little stickers reminded us this week, most of the blue racks are removed for the winter: The most secure year-round place to lock your bike to is parking meters. However, this has two problems for ... market research, surveys and trends
Destination: Wellbeing
Riding a bike is a very freeing experience. But it also contributes greatly to wellbeing of individuals, communities and the earth. For the individual it provides exercise, autonomy and a sense of connection with the outdoors and the community.  For communities it brings people together, improves health, and helps transform modes of transportation. For the earth it reduces the amount of fuel-powered vehicles and promotes a more sustainable way of life at low cost to the planet. In this article CATALYST Managing Editor Kevin Rorick relates his experience with biking, how it has grown in popularity, how to create a biking system ... market research, surveys and trends


Bike Share Program Report 2008
Sufficient space for racks/parking to guarantee the accessibility of bicycles. ... Advertising-supported bike-share programs are the prevailing model in Europe and ... percent were made by bike in 1995 (Transportation Research Board 2001). ..... The company paid start-up costs of about $142 million and employs the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
1999 FHWA Annual Report - Human and Natural Environment
Transportation has major effects on our quality of life--where we choose to live and how we get to jobs, services, shopping, and recreation. FHWA enhances the community and social benefits of transportation by supporting welfare-to-work, mobility for people with low incomes, and accessibility for people with disabilities. FHWA also helps reduce the adverse effects of transportation on the natural environment by supporting efforts such as wetland mitigation, and water and air quality improvements. Community and Social Benefits Enhancement FHWA works to address community concerns about the social impacts of its ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Consumer Reports Recommends Best Bikes for Riders on a Budget
latest tests of bicycles found six Recommended models aimed at casual and fitness riders. And although a higher price means better components and lighter materials, consumers can still get a nice ride at a good price. In a recent Consumer Reports online survey of more than 3,300 readers, bike owners claimed reliability as the top factor when it came to satisfaction. Those with road bikes or fitness bikes were most interested in a bike's shifting and climbing ability. Fitness bikes, with their lightweight frames, narrow tires, and range of gears, have flat to low-rise handlebars allowing for a more upright riding position ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Buy local: Les Enfants Sauvages
wants Montreal to live a little wild. Not that we don't already, but we tend to express our inner savage through music, dance and the occasional all-night bicycle ride. In terms of covering our naked selves, the majority of us turn to brand names or international designers. The result: a local clothes design scene left starving for attention. Marie-Christine Quenneville studied Cultural Anthropology and traveled halfway across the globe before setting up shop in HoMa (yes, it's official ), and applying her knowledge to her current trade. Amazed by the unique liveries of Vietnam and Western Africa, Marie-Christine ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


City of South Lyon Downtown Development Authority Regular Meeting ...
Approval of Agenda to include "Bike Racks" as item "c" under "Maintenance": Motion by Murphy, supported by Childs. To approve agenda as amended for April 9, 2009. .... participants were considering advertising the event in the "Yes! ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Bicycle Racks
Aug 19, 2009 ... Bicycle Racks. Cambridge, Massachusetts. Community Development Department. August 2009 on Public Property. Bike Rack Locations. 2 spaces ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Dec 19, 2009 ... AD. MOUNT AUBURN STREET. SOLDIERS. FIE. LD. ROAD. MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE ..... Bicycle Rack Locations. Bike Rack with Number of Spaces ...
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Is it possible to rent free-standing bike racks for a bicycling ...
Event Marketing and Promotions (5), Conference Planning (2), Conference Venues (1), Compensation and Benefits (1), Business Development (1), Social Enterpreneurship (1), Professional Networking (1) Hi Suzanne, Whenever I need to rent something that chances are my local rental company does NOT have - I always think about who has this item and could I borrow it for a donation. My suggestion is to contact a local school (public or parochial) ask them if you can borrow their bike racks and then make a donation to the school. It is a win win situation. posted 4 months ago Your Travel Specialist at Rubinsohn Travel - Virtuoso; ...
Can I mount a roof bike rack on a two door car (camry solara ...
I have a two door Camry Solara and I would like to install a roof rack to transport my bike.. Is it possible? All pictures ad info I have seen are mounts in four door sedans.. I really would apreciate if you guys can tell me a) if it it possible? b) What system should I use? c) Where to buy thanks I drive an 06 Solara as well. Saris, Thule, and Yakima all make kits that allow roof mounted racks to be installed. They are in the $400 range. That was pretty much out of my budget, so I bought a trunk mounted "bones" rack. It worked great and was designed not to harm your car as some of the "wal ...