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Advertising to Baby Boomers

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You'll find all sorts of information about the current national and international trends in advertising and marketing to this unwieldy, diverse demographic. While writing the first edition of my book way back in 2004, I ripped through it without much of a third eye – meaning, I knew what it was about but I had no idea what it was going to end up being.  When I received copies from my publisher, cracked open one, and finished it, I had a minor epiphany.  “This is really a book about HR.”  Kind of a shock, since I certainly didn’t plan it as such.  I’m one of those creative types, not a Human Resources person.
that chronicles the adventures and lives of an array of characters of various ages, professions, and backgrounds, from the President of the United States to the title character, Michael Doonesbury, now a middle-aged, remarried father. Frequently political in nature, Doonesbury features characters representing a range of affiliations, but the cartoon is noted for a liberal outlook. The name "Doonesbury" is a combination of the word doone ( prep school slang for "someone who is out to lunch") and the surname of Charles Pillsbury , Trudeau's roommate at Yale University . 1 Cite error: There are tags ...
Cleaning Out Those Dusty Etheral Drawers
You'll find all sorts of information about the current national and international trends in advertising and marketing to this unwieldy, diverse demographic. It’s amazing what you find when you’re on a cleaning binge.  I’ve moved. Not this blog, my business site: Bunches of pages were virtually shredded, the (very simple) design tweaked, and now I have a new home. Not much different than my old one. I like it. Should I have left this on the landing page? Tossed. It’s vapid and annoying.  But not long or pointless. There’s an in the news section.  I stumbled down memory lane.  As you might ... market research, surveys and trends
Disruptive Demographics: Global Aging, Technology & Innovation ...
Too many designers, marketers and concerned observers have declared universal design to be the universal answer to meet the new needs of the growing numbers of older baby boomer consumers. While not altogether incorrect, they are woefully incomplete in their hopes and claims. Universal design and ease of use is not the secret sauce for business to deliver value in an aging marketplace. Even if an older consumer can easily use a technology, they must value its functionality before investing the money, time to learn, let alone adopt a new way to do tasks that they may already achieve with 'tried and true' methods. ... market research, surveys and trends


Advertising to Baby Boomers Can Be Tricky Business
We have all seen our fare share of reverse mortgage websites or commercials portraying seniors holding hands on a beach watching the sunset and I’ve always wondered if that is the best way to reach baby boomers. AdWeek writer Mark Dolliver dives into the subject by going over survey data and speaking with industry leaders engaged in understanding and marketing to the 65-plus consumers to get a clearer picture of how older Americans see themselves and the advertising that’s aimed (or, often, misaimed) at them.  Dolliver writes that for starters, people whose chronological age would seem to put them squarely in the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
September 2005 - Advertising to Baby Boomers
You'll find all sorts of information about the current national and international trends in advertising and marketing to this unwieldy, diverse demographic. I always like reading pieces about advertising and Baby Boomers by people who are not in the marketing/advertising industry. They don't pontificate (like yours truly) and simply call'em as they see'em. Here's someone I wrote about a few months ago . This month, Paul Briand's Too Unhip To Understand offering in his Boomer Angst!!! column is a droll, tongue-in-cheek take on commercials. He doesn't 'get' them - and certainly ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
MARK BENNETT: Americans staying on the job longer than previous generations
But in the American workplace, there are lots of Brett Favres. The number of workers staying on the job longer than those of previous generations is growing. This year, an estimated 20 percent of the U.S. labor force is made up of people at least 65 years old, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics cited by the Denver Post. That’s up from 16.8 percent in 2008, and 15.8 percent in 1985. Of course, Favre is just 40. (He’ll turn 41 in October.) “A mere pup,” said Martin DeAgostino, associate state director for Indiana AARP. Still, if his National Football League longevity is calculated like dog years, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Ad campaign re-branding Mormons as regular folks
The ads are catchy. Upbeat music plays as the surfer, the artist or the skateboarder states his or her beliefs about life. They all end with, "And I'm a Mormon." On July 26, Pittsburgh became one of nine test markets for the advertising campaign that cheerfully counters stereotypes of Mormons as straight-laced, white, humorless and sexist. The campaign from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints includes a revamped website at . The ads arrived on the heels of an anti-Mormon backlash by some gay rights activists on the West Coast. But the campaign's designers said it responds only to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Speaking Information - Advertising to Baby Boomers
Advertising to Baby Boomers is an easy, informative read that ... after reading Advertising to Baby Boomers, I now put the blame squarely where it belongs. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Cigar advertising: targeting "baby-boomers" and older adults
advertising to middle-aged baby boomers and older adults, the aura of glamour and prestige surrounding cigar smoking, and the perceived ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Jan 29, 2009 ... Greneration X's attitudes about television advertising compare to Baby Boomer's attitudes toward advertising? ...
who are baby boomers? what age group is this?why are they called ...
When World War II ended, a lot of young men came home, got married, and had children more or less all at the same time.  That caused a spike in the number of births, a Baby Boom.  They continue to have a lot of children until around 1960.  (The spike was exaggerated by low births in the early 40s due to the men being off at war.) That was followed by the Baby Bust; since everybody had finished having children by their late 30s, there was a downswing in births during the sixties and seventies as the Boomers had stopped having children and their children hadn't yet started to have children of their own.  ...
Mentoring and Baby Boomers
Today, in our love affair with what�s new, what�s cutting edge, and what�s technologically cool, it�s easy to forget that knowledge also comes with experience. It may require a few hours of e-training or a semester-long course to learn how an energy pump operates, but it takes years and years of experience to recognize the sounds of a pump that is not operating properly. The only way to shorten that learning cycle is to have someone with more experience help to accelerate learning. Businesses idolize youth and technological savviness. Firms recruit new (and less expensive) talent in the belief that that�s the way ...