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Special Report on

Advertising To Teens

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A recent Harris Interactive poll measured what companies Americans dislike most. Perhaps not surprisingly, nine of the ten most disliked companies were taxpayer bailout recipients. 10. Delta Airlines 9. Bank of America 8. JP Morgan Chase 7. General Motors 6. Chrysler 5. Goldman Sachs 4. Citigroup 3. Fannie Mae 2. American International Group (AIG) 1. Freddie Mac Source: Huffington Post According to a Harris Poll , there are generational differences in how Americans are cutting back during our crappy economy: Gen Xers (those aged 34-45) are more likely to brown bag lunch and cut back on hair styling. Matures (those aged 65 and ...
issue a safety belt citation, without observing another offence. Since then, other states have adopted the campaign. In May 2002, the ten states with the most comprehensive campaigns saw an increase of 8.6 percentage points, from 68.5% to 77.1%, in safety belt usage over a four-week period (Solomon, Ulmer, & Preusser, 2002). Recently, Congress approved $30 million in television and radio advertising at both the national and state levels.
Teens' Spending | How to Help Teens' Spending and Consumerism
Back in the day,an advertiser was given the job of marketing a great product.  The product filled a need and the advertiser was given the job of making as many people as possible know that the need had been filled. But, advertising today is different. Advertising today first seeks to create a need, and then to fill it. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old.  I bet you can think back over the last three months to something you bought that you needed that you didn’t even know existed a year ago.  Unfortunately, teens are often the most targeted group for direct product advertising.  Perhaps this is one of the reasons that the ... market research, surveys and trends
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Advertising? Badvertising – especially when it comes to certain products and ad campaigns from a bygone era. Business ethics often seem to go out the window when the will to sell is the bottom line, but who knew how bad things got? Heck, as this first image makes plain, even Santa Claus chugged away on Luckies, and if Santa did wouldn’t kids want to as well? Then even when lies about the commodities on display weren’t being sold, discrimination reared its ugly head, or simply the ghastly face of a red-and-yellow clown. Choosing the most evil ads from Camel is like picking sweets from a candy store. In the early 1990s the ... market research, surveys and trends


Teen Drinkers Often Intend to Get Drunk, Survey Finds
Most teens are not regular drinkers, but those who do drink on a monthly basis are frequently imbibing in order to get drunk, according to a major finding of the  2009 Teen Survey released today from The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA*) at Columbia University. About one in three U.S. 12- to 17-year-olds taking part in the National Survey of American Attitudes on Substance Abuse XIV said they had previously consumed alcohol, and of these about one in four said they had a drink within the previous 30 days. Among those who had used alcohol in their lifetime, 17 percent said they usually drank to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
How Teens Use Media
May 10, 2009 ... Globally, there are more than 1.2 billion ...... percent of teens globally say they listen to ... Myth: Most advertising to teens is for ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Economic development, image, and youth top priorities for Silver Springs
SILVER SPRINGS--In April, the Rural Nevada Development Council held listening sessions in Silver Springs at the local senior center and at Silver Stage High School which resulted in 1,800 comments concerning challenges facing the community. Those attending the sessions were asked to list the community's assets, challenges and needs; and last Thursday night, members of the RNDC, who included Carl Dahlen, Ron Radil, Michael Guss, Shelley Hartmann, Audrey Allen, and Des Craig, presented their findings to a crowd of about 30-40 people. The RNDC then asked community members to priorities their goals, which resulted in economic ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Residents: Alcohol ads, yearbooks are bad mix
The Edgerton School Board is addressing concerns raised by activists about ads from alcohol-related businesses in the high school yearbook. The school board will receive a list of advertisers for next year's yearbook in September. Kyle Geissler reports. You can read more in Tuesday's Janesville Gazette. RSS    EDGERTON — Edgerton School district could be pulling alcohol-related advertisements from its school yearbook next year. The school board has taken no action, but Superintendent Norm Fjelstad advised Principal Mark Coombs to give the school board a list of advertisers for the school’s 2011 ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Advertising to teens
1. Coca-Cola Great Britain. Responsible Marketing Charter - A Refreshed Approach . The Coca-Cola Company is committed to responsible marketing. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Youth and Alcohol: Summary of Research--Alcohol Advertising's ...
with high exposure to alcohol advertising believe it is okay for teenagers to get druk while only 20 percent of the low exposure group hold this belief. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
06.02.05: The Impact of Advertising on Teenagers
Teenagers do not fully understand the impact that advertising has on them. .... advertising to teens, are now forbidden to be marketed to this group. ...
  1. profile image angryczeck Writing advertising directed to teens. Yo-yo, it's gonna be so boss! Like Air Supply rad only Hall & Oates smooth.
  2. profile image portobella Fausse bonne idée ? dans qq heures, AOL lance son portail musical Cambio, "bringing teens clother to the stars"
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How does the media and fashion lables affect teens? - Yahoo! Answers
The overwhelming imperative to most teens is to "Fit In". So if advertising communicates the message "Everybody's doing it!" then of course a teen will want to do it too. Do clothing manufacturers advertising to teens use mannequins or older people in ads?? No, of course not. They use teen models so that other teens will see that and think "I want to be part of THAT group." The other sad thing I'm seeing is using sex in advertising to children and teens. Young people are already fascinated enough with sex, especially young men. The low-cut, revealing stuff that gets put on the female models is downright ...
Google Answers: Radio and TV stations reaching out to "hyper ...
How are commercial television and radio stations reaching out to "hyper-connected kids" -- i.e. teens and pre-teens who use their cell phones to IM each other all the time... have stopped listening to the radio... and who don't understand a world where they can't skip commercials, etc. I am trying to make a case that there are new emerging groups of media consumers, and that broadcasters need to "think outside the box" (sorry) to reach them more effectively. So -- I need you to find three or four case studies (from anywhere in the world) where radio and TV stations have tried to reach the above group of ...