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Special Report on

Advertising Value Equivalency and PR

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During various client meetings and industry peer interactions, I have come across them saying, "I have to somehow manage to touch this figure (Rs 5 crore, Rs 7 crore…irrespective). I got this target from the marketing team for this year. My PR agency and I will have to manage it somehow." Some refer to it as EAVs (Equivalent Advertising Value); some reorganize it as AEVs. But this three-letter acronym holds a large story, which only signals gloom and the point of no return for the PR industry. It is amazing that every single organization, marketing/media savvy or not, continues to believe that the only metrics to prove ...
in 1997, making it the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle. It was subsequently introduced worldwide in 2001. The Prius is sold in more than 40 countries and regions, with its largest markets being those of Japan and North America. 2 In May 2008, global cumulative Prius sales reached the milestone 1 million vehicle mark, 3 and by early 2010, the Prius reached worldwide cumulative sales of 1.6 million units. 4 5 As the global top seller market, the U.S. made up more than half the Prius sold worldwide, with 814,173 units registered by December 2009. 6 Cite error: There are tags on this page, but the references will not show ...
What Is The Value Of A Facebook Fan? Zero! | Forrester Blogs
It is a question I hear several times a week:  What is the value of a Facebook Fan?  I’ve seen answers ranging from $136.38  to $3.60 .  I can’t blame vendors, agencies and consultants for trying to answer the question -- the hunger from clients is so great that anyone promising a simple answer is likely to get attention.  The problem is that there is no simple answer to such a complex question. In fact, it may be best if marketers approached this question as if the answer is zero -- unless and until the brand does something to create value with Facebook Fans.  There are ... market research, surveys and trends
Public Relations Needs a Metric That Makes Sense. Ad Equivalents ...
This week one of our site editors received an email from a junior PR person asking for the site’s ad rate. The reason for the email dawned on me only after a while: this publicist was determining the ad value equivalent of a recent PR campaign, one component of which was a successfully pitched story on our site. Advertising value equivalency (or AVE) is one of those things I’d read about, and even written about a bit, but had never seen in the wild. I’m sure I’ve been complicit in many a PR scheme, though no publicist has ever asked me for my publication’s ad rate. The fact that it’s happening ... market research, surveys and trends


Chapter 6: Demonstrating and Comparing the Effectiveness of Media ...
The Problems with Advertising Value Equivalency. PR people are often .... Let's now assume that the advertising budget is $1 million a year and ... One rating point represents one percent of the population base you are trying to reach. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
a new passenger-centered experience in all cabins, designed based on behavioral studies and including: the first-ever sleep option in coach class called the "SkyCouch;" a more spacious premium seating option that allows passengers to choose social seating or a more private seating arrangement; and personalized, on-demand entertainment and food and beverage features. Announcement of the new product garnered more than 448 million media impressions in the first month alone, including CNN, USA Today, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times , numerous travel publications and influential blogs, including ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Return? What return?
For many marketing managers and directors, one of public relations' most unappealing features is the fact that it's very difficult to determine its actual return on investment, says Lorrine Araujo, managing director of Letsema Communications. While an Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) report and a file of clippings is helpful from a recording perspective, neither of these actively demonstrates that the PR intervention has met its desired objective - or had a real impact on one's business. This makes the recent Barcelona Declaration of Research Principles exceptionally good news for both PR practitioners and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Barcelona declaration of measurement principles
about its reliability and validity. The majority of businessmen, sales persons, marketers and PR specialists like AVE, because it allows to see the publications' monetary value, and let media relations guys to compare the effectiveness of their campaigns with the advertisers' efforts. At the same time, as all we know, the Institute of Public Relations Measurement Commission (NY) does not recommend AVE, as a PR measuring tool. However agencies, including many in Ukraine, face clients' expectations to calculate AVE. PR colleagues would agree with my thought that in fact, AVE hardly is able to objectively demonstrate ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


multiplier to allegedly take into account the “PR factor. ... called and how it is used. Calling it an “advertising equivalency” strongly ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
22 years on: the impact and relevance of the UK No Smoking Day
To evaluate the impact and relevance of the national awareness day “No Smoking Day” 22 years after it was launched. Triangulation of data from a variety of sources. Retrospective surveys conducted one week and three months after No Smoking Day, media coverage, website activity, and volume of calls to national smokers' helplines. Self reports of awareness and smoking behaviour changes one week and three months after No Smoking Day. Volume of media coverage, visits to No Smoking Day website, and volumes of calls to smokers' helplines. Follow up at one week indicates awareness of No Smoking Day is lower in ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Essential elements of Government PR –
landscape will alter state government public relations. ..... then converted into ad value equivalency, a measure that calculates the dollar value of the ...
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My company is looking to invest in a PR platform in order to build media lists, distribute press releases and effectively report on and analyse the results. We are investing heavily in PR, and want a solution that can not only help us distribute press releases effectively but also provide us with future opportunites etc. I have had demos of both Cision and Vocus, but want to hear from people who have actually experienced one or both of these platforms. posted 4 months ago in Public Relations | Closed Share This We find Cision great - very comprehensive reporting and measurement tools with great analysis put behind it. Working ...
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Fine, ot not how it works but make them pay quite a lot for the articles that DO get put in. You'll need to make a judgement call if they're newsworthy though. posted 4 months ago I work with a PR firm that offers two options: one is a flat fee for all work performed, the other is a lower flat fee with a bonus based on how many actual placements they achieve. I appreciate having the two options and this approach makes the firm look savvy and service oriented. posted 4 months ago Charge by the word and for the placement at least 20% which would be an agents' fee. posted 4 months ago If they are employing SEO on ...