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Advertising with Mid-Utah Radio

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NEW YORK -- VMS, the worldwide leader in integrated media intelligence solutions, today announced the availability of the market's most comprehensive radio monitoring solution. VMS has deployed a new, proprietary digital monitoring network -- incorporating advanced speech-to-text technology - to capture over 10,000 hours per week of FM and AM radio programming from key markets across the country. This will supplement the live radio monitoring coverage VMS currently delivers to its clients. The service will be delivered as part of the company's standard product offerings and is available immediately. This extensive digital ...
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“I didn’t know at the time industry was targeting children as the next growth segment. Boy, they really got after me,” Dr. Gandhi says, after he found that the thinner outer ears and skulls of children allow more energy from their cell phones to short-circuit delicate brain tissue. “The reason industry doesn’t like it,” Gandhi explains – “They don’t want to lose this part of the market.” [IEEE Transactions of Microwave Theory and Techniques Oct/96] RF/MW signals currently under discussion for inflicting on wireless classrooms throughout North America and the overdeveloped world will operate in the 2.4 GHz frequency range. This ... market research, surveys and trends


Story Archive for 09/2009 | Mid-Utah Radio
Utah (AP)—Anders Skagerberg had two touchdown runs and Devin Ovard added a 66-yard scoring run as the North Summit Braves stormed past the Gunnison Bulldogs, 24-8 Wednesday in 2A East football action. KAMAS , Utah (AP)—Levi Thompson had a pair of scoring runs as the South Summit Wildcats hammered the North Sevier Wolves, 39-7 in 2A East football action Wednesday. Jaron Carter hauled in a 45-yard touchdown pass in the loss for North Sevier. BEAVER , Utah (AP)—Orion Wilson tossed two touchdown passes and ran for another score as the South Sevier Rams outlasted the Beaver Beavers, 26-20 Wednesday in 2A West ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Story Archive for 06/2009 | Mid-Utah Radio
)—A regional jet bound for Chicago at Salt Lake City International Airport was evacuated after the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit. United Flight 6184 was slated to take off at about 11:00 a.m. Tuesday when the pilot reported smoke during the taxi to the runway. It was unclear whether the pilot saw smoke or smelled it. Airport spokeswoman Barbara Gann says the plane immediately returned to the gate and all 60 passengers and six crew members left the plane safely. A message left for United on Tuesday was not immediately returned. By Brad James Published on June 30, 2009 at 05:36PM WASHINGTON , D.C. (AP)—The ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Mailbag: Expansion continues to dominate 'offseason'
The advent of the Big Ten Network has changed the factors that the Big Ten or another conference looking to start a network consider in evaluating expansion candidates. Those changes, I believe, incentivize empire-building. Before the BTN, the Big Ten was selling one-off TV content. It had to find a candidate that it felt would guarantee an increase in the sum of bowl-payouts and overall gate and, much more importantly, TV contract dollars. Members were like actors in TV shows only without the residuals. Now they are the producer and the network. Both that equity piece and the dynamic of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
LCG Election Monitor: A midterm super Tuesday
The phrase “angry voters” is redundant in 2010, and we will likely see this on display today in three states. Our sense is that after today there will be a large number of congressional incumbents who will be wishing that they had chosen to retire in 2010. Since every newspaper in America has told us that these races are “bellwether predictors,” we’ll examine several of them. But before we do so, here are some observations on the big picture political environment: As much as anything else, voters are anti-Washington. Yes, voters are “anti-incumbent,” but that’s because incumbents are associated with Washington. You will also see ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


China's First Encounter with Global Brands: Pre-Communist Shanghai
Xin Zhao, University of Utah, USA. China s current experiences with globalism, localism branding, and advertising can be .... imports rose from the mid 1820s to the mid 1840s, China ..... to carry advertising with the express purpose of inciting ... tanci in the teahouses, the radio tanci broadcasts attracted a ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
March/April 2007 -
currently slated to begin in late April and continue through mid-June. PTC is the first regional ... three-week newspaper and radio campaigns in those communities. .... who will present the results of the latest Utah advertising ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Provo, Utah: Deer Creek Publishing. (This is a software program that you must ... The second mid-term exam will be a take-home and will cover course ...
What Is This Creepy Site Advertising? | Ask MetaFilter
What the heck is "the purification dot org" all about? (I'm not linking to it directly because I have a hunch it's just a particularly enigmatic viral marketing ploy.) (This came to me via a friend via IM. I haven't been able to ask him where he got it.) The page is just a single flash movie with a countdown. I didn't work out the math exactly, but I think it's a countdown to November 15, 2006. There's five sub-countdowns that appear if you mouse over them. Going clockwise from the lower left-hand side, they appear to be pointing to Nov.9, Oct.19, Nov.6, Oct.23 and Oct.31. The domain's ...
Collections Law: Capitol One, Suttell & Associates and NCO ...
We are facing a VERY SERIOUS and COMPLEX financial disaster in the United States taking place. I am being overwhelmed by victims of companies such as American Express, Nationwide Credit, Allied Interstate, Unifund, and our company Western Capital. We have also been getting massive exposure from the international media because of the video that we posted on YOUTUBE where we show our live conversation with AMEX and Nationwide Credit. You can see this video at The Bottom line is that if you have been abused, buy an MP3 Recorder and email us your outline of whats going on. If we accept you, you will be ...