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Special Report on

Aerial Advertising in Singapore

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Spring break traditionally is a time when students make for the beaches in the warmer climates for a little R and R (and partying). AirSign will be providing targeted aerial advertising directly above them. Attachment FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRLog (Press Release) – Feb 19, 2010 – Miami Beach, FL - February 19, 2010 -- Spring break is traditionally a time when students make for the beaches in the warmer climates for a little R and R (and partying). This year an estimated 2.5 to 3 million will be basking in the sun. These young people represent $125-$130 billion dollars in spending power during the next year. Where they ...
Mundus Group, Inc. Announces a Strategic Partnership with Airstar ...
Owners Hany Malek and Peter Younan of Basque Restaurant and Nightclub in Hollywood have resurrected the glitz and glamour of “Old Hollywood” with a vibrant burlesque showcase and supper-club. November 23, 2005 - basque reconstructed the interior walls to fit the dance craze clientele. Situated at Hollywood’s most legendary crossroads, Basque adds to the sexy notoriety that characterizes the corner of Hollywood and Vine. The venue boasts a spectrum of environments in perfect balance of luxury, relaxation and indulgence. The Corona based Kelly Bowlin Band will be performing with country star and American Idol finalist Bucky ... market research, surveys and trends
BP cites progress in capping well, but draws Obama fire
Singapore (AFP) June 4, 2010 - The US military has no expertise that could solve the oil spill from a ruptured well in the Gulf of Mexico, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Friday. "I know there's been some commentary about this. The truth of the matter is we don't have any expertise in this area," Gates told reporters during a visit to Singapore. As BP has struggled to stop oil from gushing out of its ruptured well, some lawmakers and commentators have called for the American military to take over the effort. Gates said the military had no magic bullet to address the worst oil spill in US ... market research, surveys and trends


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One way or another, every business, event and even person needs advertising. Because advertising shows others what they are all about, there is a need for careful and extensive planning for a single piece of advertising material to work. Good promotion of services and products is a key aspect of a successful business. Since they have yet to establish their name, the first step to getting a big pool of consumers is promoting what they truly offer. This is why they invest on advertis ... Tags: design , advertising , production , marketing , direct marketing By: WebDotcom LocalSeo | - One way or another, every business, event and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
2002 Highlights
ST Kinetics acquired a 25 percent equity stake in Timoney Holdings Limited of Ireland, a global leader in independent suspension systems for heavy vehicles. This strategic investment enables ST Kinetics to build up its wheeled vehicle capability which will complement its current technology portfolio in vehicle sub-systems. ST Elect's subsidiary, ST Training & Simulation, delivered its first high level architecture-compliant simulation system – the Armour Gunnery & Tactical Simulator – to the Singapore Armed Forces. industry trends, business articles and survey research
AP Enterprise: Sub attack was near US-SKorea drill
WASHINGTON -- On the night a torpedo-armed North Korean submarine allegedly sank a South Korean patrol ship, the U.S. and South Korea were engaged in joint anti-submarine warfare exercises just 75 miles away, military officials told The Associated Press. The sinking of the Cheonan was the worst South Korean military disaster since the 1950-53 Korean War. It showed that even impoverished nations such as North Korea can inflict heavy casualties on far better equipped and trained forces, including those backed by U.S. military might. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said plans for more joint U.S.-South Korea anti-submarine ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Sep 18, 2001 ... c. outdoor advertising and transit advertising. d. aerial advertising. ... Why would Singapore be the first East Asian market to use media ... What are the common criticisms of sexual appeals in advertising and the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
“Coming to Town”: The Impact of Urbanicity, Cigarette Advertising ...
“Coming to Town”: The Impact of Urbanicity, Cigarette Advertising, and Network Norms on the Smoking Attitudes of Black Women in Cape Town, South Africa 1 School of Public Health, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1603 West Taylor Street, MC923, Chicago, IL 60612 USA 2 Kogod School of Business, American University, 4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20016-8044 USA This study was conducted to examine the effect of urban living on smoking attitudes among black African women in South Africa. We examine how urbanicity affects attitudes toward smoking and how it moderates the relationship between both ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Apr 2, 2002 ... of taking an aerial photograph of the plaintiff's country house.” Id. at 479. ..... period to pull in greater advertising revenue.119 ...
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Aerial advertising--how does it work? - Yahoo! Answers
how does the banner not get torn up during takeoff? How is it prepared before landing? How does the drag affect the way the pilot must fly? 1) Banners are designed to be safe and to withstand the stresses flying will impose. These are purpose built to withstand the speeds at which the tug will fly. These are so designed that they do not twirl, snag or unduly flutter in flight. The towing section is so rigged that they remain upright during flights. They are also capable of withstanding certain amount of inclement weather and rain. A high degree of safety factor is built into all banners. 2) In the olden days, the banner was ...
How to rent a blimp with personalized message? - Yahoo! Answers
I wanna do something romantic for my husband... our favorite movie has always been Scarface and of course one of our favorite quotes is "The World Is Yours". How would i go about renting a blimp to display that message [and maybe something else like something personal from me] just like in the movie? im 20yrs old & i live in nyc 2 years ago Why Not Buy one instead?? The Personal Message Remote Controlled Blimp. WAS 99.95 NOW 69.95 This remote controlled blimp's inflatable mylar balloon can be inscribed with personal messages using seven included colored markers and 12 stencils, making it ideal for celebrations. It plays ...