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Special Report on

Alcohol Advertising Issues

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style that originated in London in the early 18th century and is one of the most successful beer brands worldwide. A distinctive feature is the burnt flavour which is derived from the use of roasted unmalted barley (though this is a relatively modern development since it did not become a part of the grist until well into the 20th century). For many years a portion of aged brew was blended with freshly brewed product to give a sharp lactic flavour (which was a characteristic of the original Porter). Although the palate of Guinness still features a characteristic "tang", the company has refused to confirm whether this ...
One in the Eye for Specsavers : ReactS
Last week the Chancery Division dealt a blow to Specsavers when judgment was given in its trade mark infringement claim against Asda. Keen-eyed observers will also see that Specsavers were represented by the aptly named Adrian Speck. Asda ran an in-store advertising campaign for its optician's services which featured a logo containing two ovals along with the straplines "Be a real spec saver at Asda" and "Spec savings at Asda". Specsavers, whose own logo consists of two interlocking ovals framing the word 'Specsavers', brought claims for trade mark infringement on the basis that the use of the logo and the ... market research, surveys and trends
Thailand Cracking Down on Alcohol Advertising
but went largely ignored due to the subsequent coup that happened in 2007. In 2008 the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act came into essence which prohibits the advertising of alcoholic beverages anywhere, including inside of a rail. Even though the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act and various other laws bring forth been in place they haven’t been enforced…till now. This week Pattaya bars found out how serious the Thai command is about this as a joint task force of Pattaya and Bangkok police went in every part the town visiting bars and giving warnings that they must take the first step to comply with the law immediately. ... market research, surveys and trends


Press Conference on Alcohol Advertising Reform -- May 16, 1996
Since 1982, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has waged numerous campaigns to combat the indiscriminate advertising of alcoholic beverages to young people. We applaud Representative Joseph Kennedy today for his courageous and energetic leadership on alcohol advertising issues and for his introduction of an historic, comprehensive, six-pack of bills to help prevent alcohol problems. CSPI pledges its full support for Rep. Kennedy's proposals and looks forward to progress in our mutual efforts to crack down on alcohol advertising abuses. CSPI is only one of dozens of national ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Petition to the FCC on the Advertising of Distilled Spirits and ...
Petition to the FCC on the Advertising of Distilled Spirits and other Alcoholic Beverages in Electronic Broadcast Media Before the FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION Washington, D.C. 20554 In the Matter of: The Advertising of Distilled Spirits and other Alcoholic Beverages in Electronic Broadcast Media   PETITION FOR NOTICE OF INQUIRY The Center for Science in the Public Interest, joined by the undersigned individuals and organizations , submits this Petition requesting the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to issue a Notice of Inquiry concerning the issues raised by the commencement of distilled ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Global Health Regime
Despite medical advances and improvements in sanitation, water supply, nutrition, housing, and education, poor health continues to plague many countries in the world today. Infectious diseases kill approximately fifteen million people each year, and more than four million die from AIDS, malaria, or tuberculosis alone. A disproportionate share of this suffering occurs in developing countries. New threats, such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and recombinant flu strains, continue to arise. Meanwhile, health conditions traditional to wealthier nations�including tobacco consumption, obesity, and diabetes�are increasingly ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Big majority for lower alcohol limit
The Colmar-Brunton poll, commissioned by One News, comes two weeks after the Government decided not to cut the amount of alcohol adults are allowed before they can drive. It also follows a Weekend Herald experiment which showed a male photographer was able to drink nine bottles of beer and a female reporter five 100ml glasses of wine and legally drive home, despite feeling drunk. Alcohol watchdogs, who two weeks ago called the Government "gutless" for not reducing the limit from 0.08g of alcohol per 100ml of blood to 0.05g, last night said the survey reflected public opinion and it was time the Government did something ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Alcohol Marketing and Advertising, A Report to Congress
It has also created an outside advisory board comprised of three persons with extensive expertise in alcohol advertising issues to provide input ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Advertising Alcohol and the First Amendment - Starek
Good afternoon. I'm pleased to have the opportunity to talk with you about alcoholic beverage advertising and the Federal Trade Commission. (1) Since many of you are probably not familiar with the Commission and its law enforcement powers, I'll provide a brief introduction in the context of current concerns about alcohol advertising that, by placement or content, may appear to be directed to minors. Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act ("FTC Act") prohibits both unfair and deceptive acts or practices in or affecting commerce. (2) The FTC's deception standard is set forth in the Commission's ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Alcohol Advertising Facts and Information
Cafiso, J., Goodstadt, M., Garlington, W., and Sheppard, M. Television portrayal of alcohol and other beverages. Journal of Studies on Alcohol , 1982, 43 , 1232-1243. Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth. Out of Control: Alcohol Advertising Taking Aim at America’s Youth . Washington, DC: Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth, 2002. [This and the other CAMY reports have been criticized for their lack of scientific peer review and for their serious logical and methodological inadequacies.] * Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth.
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WikiAnswers - What are the ethical issues in marketing
Introduction: Marketing, in contemporary times, has seen a tumultuous change in the way it's conducted in developing countries. The oft cited dictum that only change is constant in the marketing genre is an apposite one. Just as the media of social communication themselves have enormous influence everywhere, so advertising and marketing, using media as their vehicles, are pervasive, powerful forces shaping attitudes and behavior in today's world. Four reasons are attributed to the fugacious nature of the way marketing practices are being carried out in developing countries 1. The role of Information and Communication ...
Adsense on Political sites discussing Gun control, Alcohol ...
Here are some clips from the adsense policy on politics and alcohol, drugs, etc.  So if I have a political community and the discussion comes up about gambling, marijuana legalization, abortion, gun control, and other political issues, is this going to get me in trouble with adsense?  I mean you are bound to have people for and against each of these topics.  Please help clarify.  This would be a political discussion forum We also received questions about why political ads are able to run on Google and AdSense sites. The Google advertising program is managed by a set of editorial policies that we have developed based on various ...