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Special Report on

Artists in Advertising

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Grizelle De Los Reyes, is President at 2020 Advertising and Professor of Mass Communications and Media at Florida International University. She is an industry professional specializing in cutting edge communication strategies and multicultural, Latino integrated advertising and marketing communications. Her expertise spans from traditional marketing and multimedia advertising to web 2.0 new-media, Mobile marketing platforms and social online marketing strategies and services. Consulting since 2000, she founded 2020 Advertising to provide Fortune 500 corporate experience to work for small to medium companies. Given her ...
Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut Makes the Move to Spot Directing ...
for exclusive US spot representation. Hurlbut's feature credits include Terminator Salvation, We Are Marshall, Into The Blue, and The Rat Pack, for which he received an ASC nomination. On the commercial front, he counts Visa, Coca-Cola, Verizon, American Express, Discovery, Big Love, and Deadwood among his notable credits. Hurlbut has also worked with music legends The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, and Smashing Pumpkins. He recently shot a Bandito-produced Navy SEAL narrative feature helmed by Bandito directors Mouse McCoy and Scott Waugh. This is his first spot roost. As a director, Hurlbut shot webisodes for Terminator ... market research, surveys and trends
8 Creative Jobs that Pay Over 60K - Tonic
Are you looking for a more creatively satisfying career? Good news, there are many lucrative jobs in the field of Art and Design! Check out this handy guide — We've compiled the most recent data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Use this guide to find out what jobs and industries pay you over $60,000 per year, how much experience is needed and what/how much education is necessary. You'll also find helpful information about typical hire stats, job summary and expected duties and responsibilities.   Multimedia Artists and Animators Median Salary : $79,000 Job Summary : Multimedia artists and animators work ... market research, surveys and trends


Freedom Communications Inc., 2000 Online Annual Report
There is little risk of hyperbole in terming the Year 2000 as "momentous" for the Community Newspaper Division. After a decade of modest portfolio growth through the 1990s, the division successfully completed the most ambitious acquisition program in Freedom's history. The first portfolio move was the swap with Scripps-Howard Newspapers in which we obtained its paper in Destin, Fla., for our paper in Fort Pierce, Fla. As it happened, our paper in Fort Pierce was located between two Scripps dailies and Scripps paper in Destin was nestled between our papers in Panama City and Fort Walton Beach. The swap provided a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Web Concepts
BP this week deposited the first $3 billion into what will ultimately be a $20 billion escrow account for claims made by Gulf residents affected by the recent oil disaster. After an additional $2 billion later this year, BP will continue to deposit $1.25 billion each quarter until it reaches the magic $20 billion. This is BP's first baby step into making things right with its record-breaking oil well blowout. But as Associate Attorney General Tom Perrelli noted in a statement , "We have made clear that the company still needs to ensure that the necessary funds will be available if something happens to the subsidiary ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Pig Wrestling for Managers: Advertising's Alex Bogusky Takes on the Media ...
that paints him as a “pathological narcissist” who treats his employees like dirt and is a master manipulator. Bogusky derides the article for taking things “out of context” and being a “lost opportunity” even though it describes him as “one of the greatest interpretive artists in advertising history … a genius.” The overall impression for the outside observer is that this is the management version of pig wrestling: All parties — Bogusky, the magazine and his critics (who were quoted anonymously) — emerge looking dirty, and the pig loves it. Executives might do ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Cartoonist Slim sketches authentic Algerian humour
Slim, whose real name is Menouar Merabtene, is Algeria's best-known cartoonist. His most famous characters – Bouzid, Zina and Gatt M'digouti – are known to every Algerian. The humour in his comic strips expresses itself in the language of all Algerians, a fluent blend of French, spoken Arabic and Amazigh. Slim's humour takes aim at the reader's funny-bone with wry tales of Algerian society and its evolution. Magharebia was able to sit down with him, between strips, for the scoop on the life of an iconic cartoonist. Magharebia: When you started, being a cartoonist wasn't seen as a proper job. What drove ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Artists' Rights: European and International Comparators
Performing artists in advertising. After an 18-month debate the ATO agreed a change in regulations in 2002, concerning performing artists working in ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Artists and Related Workers
Keen competition is expected for both salaried jobs and freelance work because the arts attract many talented people with creative ability. Artists usually develop their skills through a bachelor's degree program or other postsecondary training in art or design. Earnings for self-employed artists vary widely; some well-established artists earn more than salaried artists, while others find it difficult to rely solely on income earned from selling art. Artists create art to communicate ideas, thoughts, or feelings. They use a variety of methods—painting, sculpting, or illustration—and an assortment of materials, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
At about the same time that artists began designing industrial products, advertisers began incorporating prominent art forms into their newspaper and magazine commercials to add prestige to their products. Together, they educated the American public about good taste and, in turn, good (that is, profit-bearing) spending habits. According to Roland Marchand: "When an advertising art director sought to create an aura of style around a product that did not itself convey an adequate prestige image, he was likely to turn to high art for the desired association" (140). An early and popular style was that ...
  1. profile image EmmaBlahh Why do people get so pissed about artists advertising in their videos? What difference does it make if you look at a watch for 2 seconds?
  2. profile image MarcioRiccelli Music Supervisors are taking the role of the A&R in helping artists achieve success #MusicSupervisor Gabe McDonough
  3. profile image ArtMatters2me It takes more than quality craftsmanship and strategic intelligence to make it in today's handmade marketplace #artists
WikiAnswers - What degree do you need to become an artist
Postsecondary training is recommended for all artist specialties. Although formal training is not strictly required, it is very difficult to become skilled enough to make a living without some training. Many colleges and universities offer programs leading to the bachelor's or master's degree in fine arts. Courses usually include core subjects such as English, social science, and natural science, in addition to art history and studio art. Independent schools of art and design also offer postsecondary studio training in the craft, fine, and multi-media arts leading to a certificate in the specialty or to an ...
Do Art Galleries Usually Charge Artists Advertising Fees For ...
I had an East Coast art gallery contact me about doing a one-person show. They said that I would have to pay a portion of the advertising. I've shown in West Coast galleries (in group shows) before and never had to pay anything but my 50% commission an sales. Are these fees customary in NY / East Coast, or is it a scam? I have never been asked to pay for "advertising costs" the gallery of worth showing at should have its own following and pre existing market-if you think its worth showing, how much are they asking for upfront? you should be countering with a request for lower commission rate to the gallery and a request ...