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Special Report on

Attorney TV Advertising

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The ad from Health Care for America Now says insurance CEOs make $24 million a year and that insurers deny 1 in 5 treatments prescribed by doctors. Supporters of health care reform have portrayed insurance companies as insensitive and too quick to deny claims. In a recent television ad, Health Care for America Now, a group supporting the Democrats' health care reform bill, says insurance companies get wealthy by denying those claims. The group's ad mockingly explains "how to get rich" by showing a "book" written "by America's health insurance companies." Chapter 3 reads, "Deny 1 out of 5 treatments ...
Press Release: Yellow pages/Legal directories destroy law firm ...
by Kevin O’keefe’s real lawyers have blogs, a couple of years ago Kevin wrote about his experiences with the yellow and white pages. I am sure that he did not fully realize the force of his message and how right he was then to warn his fellow attorneys about the real impact that yellow pages could have on their law firms. Traditionally lawyer advertising dollars have been spent on the yellow page phone books. The yellow page sales force, arguably one of the most effective sales teams ever, built an empire for most of the telephone companies with yellow page revenues running into the billions. For years attorney ... market research, surveys and trends
Attorney Will Represent Himself in Criminal Trial
Austin, I stand corrected, it's only partially relevant to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. These were organizations that had strict legal guidelines in place for credit checks and ensuring credit worthiness for all the direct loans they made. The exception came when they were duped into buying billions of CDO's from Wall Street, which was their response when they were told by congress they weren't doing enough minority lending. Without the existence of CDO's (securitized sub prime loans) and the presence of Wall Street in our commercial banking sector, the melt down would simply not have occurred, period. ... market research, surveys and trends


Poll shows Gov. Pat Quinn leading Democrats and former Attorney ...
in a Chicago Tribune/WGN-TV poll that shows Democratic voters satisfied with the governor's performance since the disgraced Rod Blagojevich was booted from the job. And as Republicans look at Blagojevich's scandalous downfall as a chance to resurrect their fortunes, an old face is leading the field: former Attorney General Jim Ryan , who is seeking redemption after losing to Blagojevich in 2002. Ryan, whose last name proved problematic back then, has the backing of more than a quarter of Republican voters in the Feb. 2 primary, though even more are undecided. Next year is the first time Illinois voters will pick a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Lawyer Advertising & Attorney Marketing - Lawyer Advertising, 1 ...
1-800-BUSINESS, LLC is being sold at auction together with the valuable toll free vanity phone number 1-800-BUSINESS and related domain names.  The auction was announced earlier this week and will be held on May 27 by Streambank LLC. The company is including the domain name, but unfortunately it appears that and are registered to others. George Jones, President of 1-800-BUSINESS, LLC said that a number of bidders have already registered. To become a registered bidder, a certified check which is refundable to the losers must be submitted by the bid deadline of May 25, 2010. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
DeMorning DeBonis: July 9, 2010
on three credit cards and has been sued in three separate collections cases. "The documents show Brown owes the American Express company more than $8,000 in late payments and fees. Brown owes Visa more than $25,000 in late payments, penalties and fees for his Signature card. A second visa card has an overdue balance of $22,000," the veteran WRC-TV newsman reports. "In an interview with News4 Thursday afternoon -- an interview that he asked to be held outside of the Wilson building -- Brown did not try to explain away the personal debt problems. Brown told News4 that he and his wife had been 'living beyond our ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Super tussle over superheroes
As thousands converge on Comic-Con July 22-25, there's a long gestating question that increasingly is in need of an answer in Hollywood: Just who owns the superheroes? Studios have invested hundreds of millions -- and have reaped billions -- in bringing Superman, Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Incredible Hulk, the Fantastic Four and many more to life. But heirs to some of the characters' creators are exercising a provision of copyright law that may let them win back some of the rights held by Marvel, DC Comics and others. The litigation involves many of the crown jewels of the comicbook world. It has raised the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Attorney Advertising: The Link Between Ad Cues and Consumer Search ...
TV advertising. This study examined a select group of TV advertise- ... ciation now distributes a newsletter to its members about attorney advertising and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Proposed Attorney Advertising Guideline 4 - V060009
Committee on Attorney Advertising. Supreme Court of New Jersey ... Debate about attorney advertising involves important policy concerns, such as preventing ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
When Winter Haven attorney Silvia S. Ibanez advertised her qualifications as a member of The Florida Bar, as a certified public accountant (CPA), and as a certified financial planner (CFP), she knew she was telling the truth about her qualifications. She also thought she was providing information to her clients and potential clients that would help them make informed choices. The Florida Board of Accountancy [1] (the Board), however, saw Ibanez's advertisements quite differently. The Board attempted to reprimand her for using the initials JD, CPA, and CFP in her telephone advertisements, on her business cards, and on her ...
Please help...can my accident attorney drop my case, and no ...
i had a car accident in nov 28th 2006, and my lawyer chose my doctor, who later operated on my knee (arthroscopic part of the accident injury).... today, the other driver insurance called me, and told me that they got a letter from my lawyer telling them that he no longer represent me. last month, i called the lawyer for update, his secretary told me that my case as transferred to heir trial lawyer. i called that trial lawyer, and they never returned my call, and i never got any any formal letter from either lawyer to inform me on the change. Please hepl me what should i do next??? i went for physical therapy 3xweek for more ...
Internet advertising is not trusted
A global study by Nielsen Research released this month, based on research of more than 26,000 online users, showed that Internet advertising is near the bottom of the list in terms of how much it's trusted by consumers. Print newspaper ads did quite well, coming in second place with 63% of people saying they trust them. TV commercials and magazine ads placed a few percentage points behend. Search ads were trusted by 34% of consumers, and banner ads (still the stalwart at most newspaper sites) were trusted by just 26% of respondents. What was No. 1? Word of mouth. (WOM means not only friends telling friends about products ...