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Special Report on

Awesome Billboards and Outdoor Advertising

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Innovation and creativity are not words I usually associate with McDonald’s and its unhealthy food and ‘super size me’ attitude. However, over the past few months of my time as a Trend Hunter, I have come across numerous witty and creative ad campaigns for the yellow arches restaurant chain. From puzzle posters and outdoor billboards made of lettuce, to ad shells that could only be read at night. McDonald’s marketing team must be commended for an excellent job at promoting their brand. Enjoy five clusters of 25 McDonald’s campaigns & advertising trends below. McDonald’s has been on a roll with ...
» Top TV building wrap.
The Chris Hani Baragwaneth hospital in Soweto – the largest hospital in the world – got a new facade this month as Out of Home Communications agency, Posterscope SA, wrapped the facility with a multi-coloured billboard to grab consumer attention in the wake of  the Top TV launch. Click through to see what they had to say. Top TV launched in competition to DSTV during April, offering a more affordable service to the general public, particularly LSMs five to eight. Carni Wilkens, MD of Posterscope, which currently manages the lion’s share of South Africa’s Out of Home spend says, “Some may ask what we were thinking when we ... market research, surveys and trends
20 Coolest Billboards From Around the World | Artatm
The world of contemporary advertising is increasingly dominated by high-production multimedia events, acts of guerrilla marketing and viral Internet campaigns. In this context it could be thought that the billboard is becoming eclipsed as an advertising tool. The reality is that the billboard continues to be a marketing form that produces amazingly inspirational and inventive designs. This post brings together 20 examples of the coolest billboards of recent years. Absolut Vodka’s long-running ad campaign is one of the most successful branding operations in recent history. This Christmas-themed billboard has the iconic bottle ... market research, surveys and trends


Unuque opportunity to learn from Edward de Bono how to aply ...
one of the humanity greatest thinkers of all times – and to learn how his much acclaimed “lateral thinking” concepts can be applied for innovation and business development and growth in the post-crisis era. This will be a full-day seminar under the heading “NEW THINKING, INNOVATIONS, BUSINESS – Post-Crisis Strategies “ which is intended to give a strong positive impulse to the business and the society in their striving to move forward in a hard time. The event will attract Bulgarian and international business and public leaders (1000+ individuals are expected). The seminar will be attended by entrepreneurs, executive ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Greenpeace viral video turns into social media disaster for Nestle ...
The video suggests that the production of a key ingredient of the Nestle’s KitKat – palm oil, helps further the destruction of rainforests, which in turn threatens endangered species such as the Orangutan. Greenpeace says that the Paradise Forests in Sumatra  in particular are suffering a record-breaking deforestation rate. Nestle reacted by requesting that youTube take it down. Viewer comments suggest that it was taken down, but that hasn’t stopped the video from reappearing on multiple video sharing sites, in multiple copies. This sharing of the video is making it go viral. And it got worse. These days, just about every ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


LA OPERA THINKS OUTSIDE THE TANK Media-N-Motion's Tankside ...
“Tankside advertising is the new generation of outdoor advertising – it is ... “ There are undeniable advantages over outdoor billboards and wallscapes. ... “The Southpark truck was awesome. The ad stood out and could be seen for 'miles. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
I want to put my vote for no more digital billboards, They are ...
I am opposed to off-premise outdoor advertising because it blights San Antonio's ..... that our children and grandchildren will be robbed of these awesome ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Digital Collections Blog » Collections
One of the things we enjoy using the Digital Collections Blog for is to highlight notable items from Duke’s digital collections and tell you why we think they’re interesting, or thought-provoking, or important, or funny.  But there are some digital objects where it’s obvious why we love them, so no explanation seems necessary.  This image, from the Sidney D. Gamble Photographs , is one of those. This is Tiger Baby, who we love BECAUSE HE IS AWESOME.  Seriously, come on.  You can’t not love this. What are your favorite things you’ve found in our digital collections?  Leave a comment about it and ...
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Help me cope with the depression that's creeping up on me while I spend the summer in a foreign city, without access to therapy or self-help books. Depression was a recurring theme for me through high school and college. For the past five years, however, I've been free of what i'd call "clinical depression," and it's been wonderful (though at times I've felt like I was only just escaping the clutches of the Sad Monster). I just spent a difficult, but busy and content, six months away from my fiance (Mr.F) while he did a creative project halfway across the world. I trudged along through grad school and ...