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Bazooka Joe and Mort

bazooka joe and mort special research report Photo by
This was the kind of place where you could buy comic books and sit at the counter and have a hamburger or grilled cheese with an egg cream. An egg cream ! And then you would leave with a pocket full of Bazooka Bubble Gum, which probably cost a penny each. Now it’s more like a nickel each, but hey, inflation. I unwrapped a piece and popped it into my mouth. It was surprisingly supple and fresh. Then it was time to carefully open the comic. There they are, Bazooka Joe and Mort. Oh, Mort. You were always so hilarious with your turtleneck — what have you been up to all these years? But what the hell? The type on the ...
Astoria Oregon Rust: Old Fashioned is Often Better
Casting light on subjects and events in Astoria, Oregon and Clatsop County (Dried Salmon County) and Beyond. Half Baked Fresh Daily! Check out the Day-Old section. Canadians Welcome! I remember growing up thinking that the phrase “Old Fashioned” sounded so bad. When I heard the phrase the first thing that came to mind was the Winter Sisters. They were two old spinsters that my father bought who our house from. They dressed in Victorian garb, long black dresses, laced boots and black head bonnets. To me that was old fashioned. Somehow the term, “Old Fashioned” has gone from a term to describe that which is archaic to that ... market research, surveys and trends
Bazooka Joe, Jay Lynch & Me
Here I am, circa about '64. Just the age for Bazooka Joe. In fact, is that an eyepatch strap wrapped around my crewcut head? I’d actually known one of these legendary figures since I was a boy, riding my bike recklessly down to the corner store for a comic book, pop and some chewing gum. The gum of choice was Bazooka, a sugary square of latent tooth decay, swathed in a waxy wrapper. But I didn’t buy Bazooka for the taste of the gum – just as I didn’t buy baseball cards to get that stale, petrified pink stick that came along with all the photos, stats, and trivia. No, as my teeth worked their way through the first ... market research, surveys and trends


Stump Lane
co-sponsors, that would constitute a majority of the House, and would force a vote on this resolution. (Hint, hint.) It’s past time to wake your “Representative” the fuck up if they’re not already on board with this measure. Click here to go to a previous Stump Lane post about HR-550. Sixteen artists* whose work— [when they/if they were to] put out an album of new material —Your Montag [would purchase/at one time would have purchased] sound unheard. Listed alphabetically. A Perfect Circle Alice in Chains Aphex Twin Bad Religion Cure, The Jane’s Addiction Led Zeppelin Morphine Nine Inch ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Elite-Strauss | ISRAELITY
If we are to learn anything from Mad Men, it’s that advertisements are most fun and best viewed in retrospect. We look back in “What were they thinking?” wonderment at the positioning of certain products. For example, here’s a slideshow of Israeli advertisements from yesteryear – including one for Osem’s Bamba as a crispy late-night party snack – a far cry from it’s primary role today as the ultimate teething toy. Or this one, for Elite powdered instant coffee. Although it employs a completely archaic production method, “Cafe Ness” is still being consumed happily by ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


YAD L' YAD CCJDS Receives Prestigious CAIS and WASC Accreditations ...
Bamba, bissli, bazooka. Ask any CCJDS student to name their favorite treats and these Israeli .... Amy and Mort Friedkin. Emily and Frank Galdes. Eli and Ernie Glaser .... Trader Joe's Lafayette. Marcy & Steve Unger. Whippersnappers ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Chapter 8
bazooka and the British Gammon grenade invaluable in ambushing enemy tanks and ...... correspondent Joe Morton, who had joined to report the story of the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Questions!
In John Landis' segment of the movie "Twilight Zone," Vic Morrow finds himself in Vietnam. What links this scene with Landis' earlier film, "Animal House"? Answer: An American unit is wandering in the swamp after having shot their commander, Lt. Neidermeyer, who according to the end of "Animal House," was shot by his own troops in Vietnam. Song: Incense and Peppermints--Strawberry Alarm Clock #3 Realm: T.V., Misc. Question: What do these names have in common? Tallulah Bankhead, Art Carney, Joan Collins, Van Johnson, Carolyn Jones, Liberace, Ethel Merman, Jill St. John? Answer: They all ...
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