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Special Report on

Behavioral Targeting and Retargeting

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Despite the buzz around the advantages of behavioral targeting and retargeting, fewer online advertisers use behavioral data to target ads in the U.K. and Europe compared with the U.S. In January, behavioral targeting network and technology provider Audience Science released a report, conducted by Forrester, suggesting 56 percent of U.S. online marketers use behavioral data to inform display ad buys. Despite the fact the technologies have been available in Europe for a number of years, it appears marketers there are more reluctant to use it. Of course that figure does not indicate what portion of actual spend is being assigned ...
MediaPost Publications Census 2010: I Feel Violated 04/09/2010
Have you filled out your United States Census 2010 form to tell the U.S. government how many people sleep in your bed at night -- and exactly how old they are? I feel violated. I don't want to complete it and send it in, but my friends tell me a census taker will come knocking on my door asking me questions. I could get fined. I'm not sure what's worse. And doesn't the government feel ridiculous that it can't even get its act together and gather the information from databases that already exist rather than spend billions of dollars? Privacy groups don't seem worried that the U.S. government is ... market research, surveys and trends
eXelate Raises $4M for Delayed-Ad Exchange
The Israeli company offers a marketplace called the “eXelate Targeting eXchange” which is focused on what they are calling “Delayed-Ads.” Here’s how it works: An ad network participating in eXelate’s exchange purchases from publishers the right to place Delayed-Ad cookies on users with vertical-specific interests (travel, automotive, etc.). When such users later visit publisher sites that fall under the realm of the ad network, they are shown targeted ads relevant to the interest-specific site they received their Delayed-Ad cookie on. Hence, “Delayed-Ad.” Is this basically a twist ... market research, surveys and trends


Acxiom Blends Behavioral and Retargeting for Network Ads - ClickZ
A new Acxiom offering blends behavioral targeting and re-targeting to replicate offline direct marketing practices on the Web. Through the service, relevant online advertising is delivered across the Relevance-X network with the same targeting abilities as direct mail to households and individuals. On the behavioral side, the service draws on Acxiom's household-level segmentation system featuring data on consumer behavior, interests, demographic and psychographic information for relevant ad placement. The characteristics are applied across Acxiom's data on over 350 million people in the U.S, which are segmented ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Economic Impact of Eliminating Preemption
Mar 20, 2010 ... types of ad segments (run of network advertising, behavioral targeting, and retargeting). ... 2009 and reached an average of 78 percent of the total U.S. ... Study participants had total ad revenues of over $3 billion in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
ClearSight Launches Targeting Platform Tying IP Addresses To Offline Data
The start-up ClearSight Interactive on Monday launched a new behavioral targeting platform that is already raising eyebrows of privacy advocates. The company, which has collected 40 million "sticky" IP addresses, says its new platform, dubbed ClearProfile, will allow marketers to target Web users based on the profiles associated with their specific neighborhoods. For its platform, ClearSight obtains users' IP addresses from publishers, who themselves gather it from users when they register. Some of those IP addresses change regularly, or are from work addresses or public places, but others persist and can be tied ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Writing Off Behavioral Targeting?
Theoretically, any type of action a consumer does online can be defined as their "online behavior." From their previous actions (i.e., clicking on a banner) to taking those actions and building a predisposition model based on their "likelihood to." Standard targeting tactics can increase the value of advertising for publishers, networks, agencies, and brands; however, by optimizing the way we target users online, there is the opportunity to increase consumer relevancy and subsequently, conversion rates. It's the more advanced targeting tactics (those that are beyond standard content and geography) that ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Introduction What is behavioral targeting? So how can marketers ...
A Dallas-area Mitsubishi car dealer used behavioral targeting and retargeting and saw a 7.7. • percent response rate, compared to the national response rate ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Behavioral Advertising - Comment from Center for Digital Democracy ...
Behavioral Targeting and retargeting: a system of personalized, one-to-one marketing designed to deliver, through investigation and inference, "relevant" ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Behavioral Targeting based on recent search and query behavior appears effective , quantitative aspects still TBD.  Re-targeting is becoming very popular, ...
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Yahoo Launches Ad Products For Better Targeting
Yahoo! Inc. today announced the launch of three new targeting products for brand and performance marketers that are designed to help them reach the audiences that matter most when advertising online. "As the economy continues to put pressure on advertising budgets, marketers are looking for increased accountability for every dollar they spend. Yahoo!'s new targeting products significantly improve the ability for search and display advertisers to reach their target audience, providing increased efficiency and accountability," said Michael Walrath, senior vice president, Advertising Marketplaces Group, Yahoo!. "Yahoo! remains ...
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