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Special Report on

Bespoke Music and Sound Design

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As well all know only too well, the relationship between musicians, engineers and producers and their technology is crucial. The progress of those who develop the music often spurs on those who develop the software and visa versa. Technology has benefited those involved in making and selling content in a variety of ways. Its led to a reduction in the cost of recording and editing sound (the often referred to ‘democratization of the production process’). Its also facilitated the development of new genres and techniques previously only dreamt of by content creators. Lastly, in recent years, the effect digital audio and software ...
Diey ( "day") first came to prominence as a musician on the Skam Records Manchester, offshoot label MASK 300, under his Foreign Terrain moniker, and later afterwards he moved onto using the more known Black Faction name for various labels. His career as a sound designer is also note worthy, his works have appeared on many high profile Computer Games, UK TV broadcasts within television and also on BBC Radio. Diey is the senior creative director at Radium Audio. He has designed the interior sounds of a Bentley Continental GT car. Designed the audio for Ferrari California launch site, and has worked on many high profile ...
Mandarin Oriental, Miami Completes Extensive Refurbishment | The ...
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Online Music Licensing Follow-Up: YouLicense vs CuePop — heather ...
Welcome 2009! In this new year, one of my main areas of focus will be on online music licensing, and using online resources to earn money from my pre-composed music. I have an enormous back catalogue of music, in all sorts of styles: classical, orchestral, epic, intimate, pop, contemporary, avant-garde, ethnic, pastiche, sound-a-likes and sound design. Most of it was written for media – film, television, animation – and I retain copyright for most of that having licensed out the music for use in a particular project. So, this music has the potential to be re-licensed and used by any filmmaker, animator, director or ... market research, surveys and trends


8 important consumer trends for 2008
trends like (STILL) MADE HERE, FEMALE FEVER, TRANSPARENCY TYRANNY, TRYSUMERS and more. No doubt 2008 will be as trend-heavy; to get you going, here are eight trends to watch and capitalize on in the new year . Oh, and may we be among the first to wish you an innovative, prosperous, trendy 2008! Let's start this December Trend Briefing by looking back. At the beginning of 2007, as part of our STATUS LIFESTYLES trend , we wrote: "Here's something trend watchers, CMOs and other business professionals should be able to agree on: in the end, when dealing with (and selling to) people, everything always comes back to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
FullScale Productions - News
The Jonas Brothers, Wyclef Jean, Harry Connick Jr., Sugarland, Justin Bieber, "Best Singer in the World" Celine Dion and a ton of other performers were seen recording the song yesterday afternoon. The final video will air during during the opening ceremony for the Olympics February 12. posted jan 27, 2010 10hr battery Life Up to 1 month standby time Keyboard dock accessory Starting at $499 for 16GB WIFI model posted jan 22, 2010 Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie are planning a massive 25th anniversary re-recording of "We Are the World." The timing couldn't be better, sadly enough. The duo is summoning lots ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon LAPV 6.X Concept
Following on from the recent announcement that Hublot has been chosen as the "Official Watchmaker" of Formula 1TM, the brand presented the Official Watch of Formula 1TM, the F1 TM King Power in Shanghai today. Hublot was appointed the "Official Watchmaker" by the Formula 1TM umbrella organisation in March. This agreement provides access behind the scenes at F1TM. The prestigious world of motor racing is a source of fascination. It represents both cutting-edge technology, the ultimate in precision, control and top-level sport. For the Hublot brand, which is based on luxury, a tradition of quality, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Mumford & Wood Strike A Chord At The University of Sheffield
Mumford & Wood, the specialist manufacturer of bespoke Conservation™ timber windows and doorsets, has supplied replacement windows in the massive renovation of the Jessops Hospital, now the music school facility of the University of Sheffield. In 1875, a small six-bed, inadequate hospital known as the Sheffield Hospital for Women was moved to a purpose-built facility in the city centre with improved accommodation for 57 patients.  The new Jessops Hospital for Women – named after the benefactor Thomas Jessop - continued to undergo numerous expansions and by the outbreak of the Second World War no less than 151 patients could be ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Music, Movies and Meaning: Communication in Film-makers' Search ...
well as style topics, tonal design, leitmotiv, timbre and musical and filmic form [21]. Using pre-existing music ... Musical code links the sound and its context, and ..... rather than relying on a bespoke search engine and the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Seeking Proposals: Bike Culture
Jun 25, 2010 ... Music, concerts, sound: • Colin Matthews, Alphabicycle Order, ... Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle, Museum of Arts and Design, New York, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Parsons Journal for Information Mapping > Issues > Volume 2, Issue 2
One powerful facet of information visualization is its ability to provide a novel and often innovative view of the ordinary. Visualization has the power to unearth hidden aspects of the everyday while sparking interest in its viewer. PJIM is focused on finding and presenting some of my most unique visualization works (commercial, research, academic, etc.) and this issue continues that tradition. Our four pieces showcase everything from a new concept for information modelling, to transforming information into a video feed, to displaying data in a hertzian landscape, to a revolutionary use of advanced iconography to depict ...
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Can I use short clips of copyrighted music for multimedia ...
I have a question about the use of music in sales and marketing pieces. I'm developing a multimedia tour of our service, and want to use clips of music, similar to the ways radio show hosts use bumper music at the beginnings of segments. The presentation would be recorded as a DVD and given to a small number of prospects, fewer than 50 people. What needs to be done to be sure I'm using bumper music appropriately? Does it make a difference if the clips are used for a very small number of DVDs? Any tips are appreciated. posted June 12, 2008 in Business Development | Closed Share This CEO at see all my ...
Freelance web design/development for a newbie - is this feasible ...
I am planning to leave my current job in about a year, and hope to be able to make some money (I don't need a lot) by doing freelance web development/programming. While I have a bit of experience with programming and very basic web design ((X)HTML/CSS), this would pretty much be a new field for me. I guess I'm wondering - is this a realistic goal? And if so, what steps should I take to help me get there? I have a couple of advantages: I have access to a number of different tools through my current job, including the Adobe suite (photoshop, illustrator, flash), and I've been working on teaching myself how to use ...