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Special Report on

Bespoke Music Production

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For the month of October 2009 – we are offering a very special price on Bespoke Music resings. For a stagering £99 each you can choose from many of the cuts created by The Bespoke Music Company over the years. And – for the first time ever – we can now offer resings of the Real Radio 2008 package. Spread the word, tell your friends, grab yourself or your station one cut, two cuts, or more. Pre-payment is required and this offer is only valid for low-power radio stations. This includes community radio , hospital radio , student radio , RSL and online stations. Now is the perfect time to order a Full Station ID ...
Sonic Academy « Drop-d – Music Magazine | Gigs | Reviews | News ...
one of Northern Ireland’s leading producers of electronic music. The academy offers music production training courses to aspiring musicians, producers and DJs applying the founders’ real world knowledge of the music industry. In 2006 Sonic Academy won a contract through the DETI Broadband Initiative to develop an online version of their Belfast based training centre. After securing £220k of funding to develop the website with supporting training material was launched in April 2008. Graham Ginty , Head of Accredited Training for Sonic Academy spoke to Drop-d about Sonic Academy , the dangers of auto tuning and ... market research, surveys and trends
I specialise in creating innovative bespoke music and sound design ...
I specialise in creating innovative bespoke music and sound design for TV, Film, Radio, Corporate, Computer Games & the Internet. My experience and high production standards ensure I deliver the best in sonic quality and creativity possible. My music has been broadcast/distributed both nationally and internationally, including by ITV, Channel 4, BBC World, Sky Sports, MTV, Cannes Film Festival, WHSmith, Sky One, Channel 5, Discovery, ABC, History Channel and many others. Background: Classically trained on trumpet and piano, plus band and touring experience. Recording studio work, DJ experience, Avid editing, production/edit ... market research, surveys and trends


free, valuable stuff that's available to consumers online and offline. From AirAsia tickets to Wikipedia, and from diapers to music. FREE LOVE thrives on an all-out war for consumers' ever-scarcer attention and the resulting new business models and marketing techniques, but also benefits from the ever-decreasing costs of producing physical goods, the post-scarcity dynamics of the online world (and the related avalanche of free content created by attention-hungry members of GENERATION C), the many C2C marketplaces enabling consumers to swap instead of spend, and an emerging recycling culture. Expect FREE LOVE to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Mass Customization & Open Innovation News: Customization Trends
i.e. business strategies that also build on the fact that people are different, but follow a different model than customizing an item for an individual consumer and fulfilling it with on-demand manufacturing. I recently got notice of two good MC alternatives: MC Alternative I: Hipstery's match-to-order system Long-time readers of my blog will remember Adam Fletcher (and everyone interested in t-shirts will know him anyway). We had a wonderful cooperation when he was still working for Spreadshirt and directed the OpenLogo contest (and before, when he was writing his master's thesis on a very educated comparison of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
TOM ESTES – “Sewing Performance” at Tate Modern
The work of artist Tom Estes has been described as “darkly disturbing & hauntingly beautiful”. Photographer, videographer, curator and creator of multi-media performance & installation, artist Tom Estes has been hung, played and performed in a few of the world’s right places and a couple of deliciously wrong ones. Often site specific, interactive or suggestive of a latent performative quality, Estes’ interventions, stealth art and strange attractions seem to infer a surreal wit drawn from early sci-fi and horror films. In May 2010, Tom Estes staged ‘Sewing Performance’ as a participant in The ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
526-horsepower Mercedes-Benz SLS E-Cell
Following on from the recent announcement that Hublot has been chosen as the "Official Watchmaker" of Formula 1TM, the brand presented the Official Watch of Formula 1TM, the F1 TM King Power in Shanghai today. Hublot was appointed the "Official Watchmaker" by the Formula 1TM umbrella organisation in March. This agreement provides access behind the scenes at F1TM. The prestigious world of motor racing is a source of fascination. It represents both cutting-edge technology, the ultimate in precision, control and top-level sport. For the Hublot brand, which is based on luxury, a tradition of quality, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Production Guide 2010
This production guide is intended to clarify what we do and how you can ..... 4) Bespoke composed music for your project (dependent on amount and the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
After Adorno Rethinking Music Sociology
fit reason's pre-designed containers rather than reason bespoke to accom- ...... lations of production, that generated music's increasingly administrative ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Guide to Internship Areas in London
bespoke design, but has responded successfully to the needs of a mass consumer market to ..... Independent Record Labels, Music Venues, and Music Production ...
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Can I use short clips of copyrighted music for multimedia ...
I have a question about the use of music in sales and marketing pieces. I'm developing a multimedia tour of our service, and want to use clips of music, similar to the ways radio show hosts use bumper music at the beginnings of segments. The presentation would be recorded as a DVD and given to a small number of prospects, fewer than 50 people. What needs to be done to be sure I'm using bumper music appropriately? Does it make a difference if the clips are used for a very small number of DVDs? Any tips are appreciated. posted June 12, 2008 in Business Development | Closed Share This CEO at see all my ...
What kind of high pressure metric fuel fitting is this? | Ask ...
I am working on a prototype gasoline direct injection (GDI) engine. This fitting connects a high pressure fuel supply line from the fuel pump to the fuel rail that supplies the injectors. The thread is metric (M14x1.5) and the tube is 8mm OD. It is pretty thick wall stainless steel. I expected it to be metric since the engine is of European origin. I'm pretty sure the other components in this system are Bosch, but I have not had much luck getting technical information from them for other stuff so I am trying AskMe first. This fitting sort of looks like DIN 3852, maybe some kind of JIS 30° flare fitting variant that I ...