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Blogger-centric contextual advertising

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TrendsSpotting Market Research is now running its third annual prediction reports following major trends in six categories. We will be featuring the predictions of digital and marketing experts on the big changes awaiting us in the coming year. ...
The 16th and 17th century criminal statutes protecting nobility from criticism in England eventually evolved into various categories of political libel (see slander and libel for the modern incarnation of this law). Cases of political libel and eventually damages actions were handled by the infamous Star Chamber until its abolition in 1641. By the end of that century, many elements of the common law of libel had been established. Modern slander and libel law evolved since then to mostly eradicate the use of libel laws to intimidate active political participants during a public debate. Accordingly this is now a matter of ...
Google Is An Advertising Company | [free article submission]
company. But do people think it? The difference between Google’s public picture (engineers providing free services) & its true business focus (marketing) represents a significant challenge for SEO professionals. It sets up the perception that we’re trying to “game” a noncommercial service when the truth is that we’re trying to put our clients’ best foot forward in a relationship that’s business-driven on both sides – but where one side (site owners & content providers) generate the worth that gives the other (Google) a viable business model at all. So how can a white-hat SEO professional make this clear? Finding ... market research, surveys and trends
Why I'm Rooting for Google in Social Media — Global Neighbourhoods
The thing about Google in social media is that they just keep swinging the bat no matter how many times they strike out. Yesterday, they killed Wave , which turned out to be merely a ripple and today they came back to announce acquisition of the prolific and talented Slide social media apps group. Google keeps trying in social media, keeps failing and then comes back again. Jokes about them in social media have become both more prolific and funnier.  Silicon Valley Watcher editor Tom Foremski recently speculated that Google is a one trick pony . Of course, Foremski overstated the case as Android watchers will tell you. And if it ... market research, surveys and trends


VS Consulting Group - Following Aussie Startups and Tech Trends ...
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Adverblog - interactive marketing and other great advertising ideas
Premium rate SMS (PSMS) is the term that describes the charging of a premium to consumers, for a text message that is either sent or received by their mobile phone. On Flytext website , Thomas Schuster answers a lot of questions concerning Premium Rate SMS. It's a very interesting contribute that helps understanding how to run a wireless campaign. Recently the Flytext mobile campaign Movie Rewind has been featured in a case study presented on Revolution Magazine. Movie Rewind targeted an audience aged 16-35 with competitions linked to films such as Lethal Weapon, Dirty Harry, The Rock, City of Angels and Erin Brockovich. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Blogger-Centric Contextual Advertising
Blogger-Centric Contextual Advertising. Teng-Kai Fan. Chia-Hui Chang .... We can regard the blogger-centric contextual advertising issue ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
FTC Tech-ade Blog Home
FTC Blogger @ 5:06 pm. 1 Comment. FTC Reports from the Web 2.0 Conference, Day 3 ...... envisions growth in search-centric and shareable platforms such as g-mail as ... Leading ad agencies and major brands have embraced the Internet. ..... Nissenbaum laid down the theory of contextual integrity, which is based upon ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Peter Suber, Open Access News
It's beginning to look like there could be movement on orphan works in 2008 after a coalition of three professional publishing associations released the broad strokes of an understanding on their use. Separately, the Open Content Alliance said it would begin scanning some for distribution through a groundbreaking digital interlibrary loan system. In a release last week during the Open Content Alliance's annual meeting, OCA officials said the Boston Public Library , the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole , and Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala City , in conjunction with the Internet Archive , would ...
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Any word on when free GV calls will end? - Google Voice Help
I know it is currently free. I doubt it will remain that way for long. When I first signed onto Skype all US calls were free for a year also. Just wondering if there is any word on of or when Google Voice will start charging for outgoing calls. I'm guessing it will be shortly after they open the service up for registration again. My understanding is that they were going to charge for all outgoing calls but changed their mind and decided to make outgoing calls free within the continental united states.  I have read in published articles that they intend to support the service with international calls and advertising ...
WebmasterWorld Content Library
"A Dutch court on Tuesday sentenced two hackers to prison for breaking into millions of computers worldwide and using the hijacked systems in online crimes."   Google AdSense - Googles Billion Dollar Ad Baby Googles quarterly report puts AdSense revenue just shy of one billion dollars: "...revenues shared with Google's partners, increased to $976 million in the fourth quarter of 2006."   Google Setback for "Gmail" Name In Germany "Google's Gmail trademark just suffered a severe blow in Europe as the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market has ruled against the search ...