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Some book trailers are sponsored and developed by the publisher; others are done entirely by the author. Witness this glorious book trailer by Dan Armstrong and Dustin Black about The Book of Spam: A Most Glorious and Definitive Compendium of the World’s Favorite Canned Meat . (Atria Books, 2007) Description: “What luncheon meat is found in over forty-five countries, available in ninety-nine percent of supemarkets and corner shops, and sells nearly eighty million pounds every year? It’s SPAM. From the 20,000-member SPAM Fan Club to Monty Python’s Broadway sensation SPAMalot, after seventy years of canned-meat ...
Regardless of how closely their actual figure resembles their perception, teenagers’ body image can affect their self-esteem, eating and exercise habits, relationships with others and ultimately their health. Using the series’ signature student-shot style, TEEN TRUTH: BODY IMAGE presents real youths, parents, physicians, physiologists, and an entertainment professional discussing how celebrity, media, sports and peer influences can shape one’s body image and ultimately lead to dangerous habits. Teasing and exclusion led Emily to develop an eating disorder and Kayla to binge eat her way to obesity; while ... market research, surveys and trends
Lulu Blog » How to create the BEST book trailer, EVER. (seriously.)
Book trailers. You’ve seen ‘em and thought to yourself, “I could do that.” Perhaps you thought “I could do that better!” I’m here to tell you how! First, write a book. This is the most difficult part of creating a book trailer. Once you’ve got that down, you are almost finished. Publish your book on This is imperative and will ensure that your book trailer will better than everyone else’s. Be creative. Some book trailers have narrators explaining what the book is about, some book trailers are just words on the screen describing the book. I say make it interesting. You are obviously a creative person, you wrote a book! ... market research, surveys and trends


Cultural Studies - Missed the Author's Tour? See the Video ...
and smoking Indonesian toddler, are thousands of videos of authors talking — often skittishly, often against a black backdrop, often to no discernible audience — about their most recent work. Kelly Corrigan and her father from the video for “The Middle Place.” For those who were movie stars, motivational speakers or mayors of small Alaskan towns before marshaling their ghostwritten tomes onto the best-seller list, appearing in the de rigueur trailer is just another gig. “But people who spend their whole lives writing and people who are good on video turn out to be two very different sets of people,” said industry trends, business articles and survey research
Essay - See the Web Site, Buy the Book -
approached Jefferson Rabb about creating a promotional Web site for a promising new historical thriller. Rabb, known for his elaborate Web sites for clients like MTV , Sephora and Elie Tahari, had built only one site for a book before. The finished product , with its eerie original music, crisp graphics, and intricate quizzes and ciphers, looked more like an up-market video game than an ad for a novel. The book in question was “The Da Vinci Code,” and whether or not the Web site had anything to do with its success is beside the point: Rabb’s name soon became synonymous with both originality and sales. Today, 70 ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
A Q&A with author Ivan Doig, whose latest novel is 'Work Song'
A Q&A with Seattle-area based author Ivan Doig, a Montana native whose latest novel, "Work Song," is a sequel to his popular 2006 "The Whistling Season," featuring Morrie Morgan, the schoolteacher with a mysterious past. By Mary Ann Gwinn Seattle Times staff reporter KEN LAMBERT / THE SEATTLE TIMES Author Ivan Doig at his home in Innis Arden. He's at his keyboard by 6:30 a.m. and tries to write at least a couple of hundred words a day. Author appearances Ivan Doig The author of "Work Song" will read from his book at these area locations: • At 7 p.m. Tuesday at Village Books in Bellingham ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Don't judge a book by its trailer
GONE are the days of judging a book by its cover, its polished prose or even its gripping narrative. When it comes to book sales the question is: does it have a good video? Book trailers, in the same style as those for blockbuster movies, are becoming a crucial marketing tool for publishers, with videos of varying quality and budgets popping up on YouTube. The rise of video-sharing sites has meant literary trailers can reach big audiences, at a fraction of the cost of newspaper or magazine ads, airtime on television or the flights and expenses of author tours. Australian publishing houses are now devoting a sizeable proportion ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Yes you can make your own book trailer video. It's easier than you ...
The Down And Dirty Guide to Making Your Own Book Trailer ... The contest-driven book trailer: Julianne Maclean posted two trailers and asked people to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
July 2009 Issue: sdsl e-newsletter
How do you decide which movies to see? If you’re like most people, you see the trailers released by the film studios, a short commercial that lets you decide if that particular movie would interest you. Publishers and authors are trying similar marketing campaigns by creating book trailers. Book trailers are similar to booktalks in that they are short, usually less than five minutes long, and provide enough information about the book without giving away the ending. The differences between a book trailer and a booktalk come down to production values. When performing a booktalk, you are limited to simply talking about the book. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Book Trailer--Keith Knight - WolfWikis
This fiction book is a mathematical adventure to help students overcome the terror & horror that mathematical theories and principles embody. This fiction book brings together the surreal logic of Alice in Wonderland and the geometric wit of Flatland, and spicing it up with magical properties of numbers. The author, Hans Enzensberger, explains the basic concepts of math through dreams. In twelve dreams, Robert, a boy who hates math, encounters a sly, clever number devil who introduces him to the wonder of numbers: infinite numbers, prime numbers, Fibonacci numbers, numbers that mysteriously appear in triangles, and numbers that ...
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  3. profile image raquelita Need NYC bar I could shoot a short book trailer scene of 2 ppl flirting for free. Bar can be credited. rachelkb at – tx!
Why has my book trailer video no description, tags etc? - YouTube Help
A day ago I uploaded my book Trailer - Blackthorn's Betrayal - trouble is there is only the trailer - no description, except the title.  Neither are the ratings or views working.  I have gone in and edited and saved the description, but it still makes no difference.  When I click on the title or video I see the information posted and the number of views.  How can this be fixed?  My video looks very naked!  Thanks As in point us to your video so we can look at it. One thing that could be causing a problem is that if any of the fields, title, description, tags or category are left blank any changes you make won't ...
WikiAnswers - Is there a trailer for The Sisters Grimm movie
No. There are a couple of videos on YouTube that have to do with the Sisters Grimm, and one of them is commonly believed to be the official movie trailer, but it's just someone's book report. There is a book trailer, but no movie. They haven't finished writing the movie's script, they haven't started filming, and I don't think they've even held auditions for the cast yet. So it'll definitely be a while before official trailers start appearing. First answer by ID1094513787 . Last edit by EstrangeloEdessa . Contributor trust : 3 [ recommend contributor ]. ...