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Bumvertising on the Daily Show

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When I look for someone to offer a bumvertising contract to, the most important thing to me is where they are already working. I ask how long they plan to stay, and then I ask them if they would like to work with me on an advertising project. -The relationship is mutually beneficial and optional for both parties. I have asked people in the past who have refused to participate. I have also been solicited by individuals who I felt wouldn't provide a worthwhile service. -I do not ask my contractors what they are going to spend their money on, and why they don't get a job like the rest of us. I try to be as non-judgmental ...
was produced by Ryan McPherson, with friends Zachary Bubeck, Daniel J. Tanner, and Michael Slyman, as Indecline Films. Shortly after sales began to escalate, Indecline Films allegedly sold the rights to two investors, 1 who went on to produce three sequels. The videos immediately gained criticism from mainstream organizations. The US-based National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) has stated that the Bumfights videos disseminate hate against the homeless and dehumanize them. In April 2006, the four original filmmakers agreed not to produce any more "Bumfights" videos or distribute videos already made, and to pay three ...
bumvertising - a concept that beggars belief. see ...
A note here: I am required to migrate this blog from my server to blogger's servers because they are no longer supporting FTP. I am trying to get the process finished now, and there will be some rough spots along the way, at least for this weekend, perhaps a bit longer as I figure out which things are not going to be compatible with other things. You may even experience connection problems as the domain switches over. I'm working on it. In the meantime, the new posts are here, in a temporary location: Avert Your Eyes! Dakota Fanning is Trying to be a Sex Symbol "People who shouldn't sing "Cherry ... market research, surveys and trends
Fake News Gets More Fake
What the hell's bumvertising you ask? Developed by Benjamin Rogovy, bumvertising involves renting the space below the signs homeless people hold on street corners. Just under the "Will work for food" on cardboard, you'd see a glossy, green poster with " : Meet players, find games, get connected." The ads work--PokerFaceBook's sign ups noticably increased with bumvertising--and since it's not much more work for the homeless, they gladly accept the three-dollars-a-shift pay. Rogovy even thinks there may be spillover benefits. "Bums will incur higher revenues from ... market research, surveys and trends


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(the former J.C. Penney structure) at Lincoln and Main downtown have come down, revealing large windows into a retail space. The building is owned by CPC Development, a subsidiary of the Cowles Co. (which owns The Spokesman-Review). Owners do not have a tenant lined up for the roughly 10,000-square-foot space, located adjacent to men's clothing retailer JoS A. Bank, said Bob Smith, of Centennial Properties, another company owned by Cowles. �We had so much going on building up condominiums, the residential, that we didn�t get a chance to finish up with the few show windows down on that end,� he said. (3) Readers have pointed ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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There are times when I wonder whether or not the DEA is serious, or if they're laughing at themselves as much as I'm laughing at them. DEA Seizes Heroin-Laced Artwork Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Administrator Karen P. Tandy today announced the results of DEA-led Operation High Step, a multi-jurisdictional, multi-national investigation targeting a major drug trafficking organization (DTO) that brought heroin from labs in Colombia to the streets of Boston, MA, New York, NY, Chicago, IL, and Orlando FL. This year-long investigation has so far resulted in the arrest of 78 individuals, and the seizure of 78 ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Among the new words - here is a hodgepodge of forms prepared by a ...
was born “bumvertising,” a name rogovy has trademarked, and a concept that ..... Apparently, New york is already on to it. A report in the New york Daily ..... popularity: A version of it appeared on hbO's trendsetting tV show Sex and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Attention Scarcity and Its Implications for Marketing and Privacy ...
In particular, consumer attitudes routinely show that certain types of media are ...... “Bumvertising.” A marketer pays panhandlers to add some marketing to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Is there any chance I could change the color of a leather journal - whether slightly or significantly - without removing the non-leather portions (thus destroying the journal)? Or am I stuck with it how it is? I've created some educational materials (pdf / mp3 / ogg) that I would like to offer on the internet for free, probably under a Creative Commons license. I want the materials on their own website with their own domain name -- how can I make enough money to cover the domain / hosting / bandwidth costs? How do you apply to positions at big name companies like Discovery and National Geographic? It seems that the main ...
Bumvertising at AllExperts
rather than as a legitimate advertising system. Most media attention has focused on the controversial practice and terminology. When media cover the bumvertising story, they typically also mention, the company that trademarked the term and pioneered the practice. This puts the company's URL before a large audience for free. After a segment on The Daily Show , and's servers responded slowly, likely under the strain of site traffic.[ 2 ] Google hits for "bumvertising" also spiked, doubling in just two days.[ 3 ] * Frank Chu * Homelessness * Cathy Sorbo. ...