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At WKSU we take great pride in the quality of programming we provide our listeners. From award-winning programs from National Public Radio and Public Radio International to local news reporting and events, we do our best to give you premium radio service. Other organizations have also recognized WKSU's accomplishments. We would like to congratulate all of our winners and thank them for their contributions all year long. 2007 First Place - Public Information, Short Promotions, Bob Burford, Joe Gunderman and KSU Senior Media Specialist Tracy Baughman - "On the Road with The Cleveland Orchestra" Honorable Mention -
the small farming community experienced a 15-year "boom" beginning in the late 1880s caused by the discovery of natural gas . The Indiana Gas Boom caused the community to transition from an agricultural economy to one that also included manufacturing . The phenomenal growth ended after the boom, but the city was able to retain much of its workforce, as some of the glass factories and paper mills continued operations within the city. Jobs relating to the new automobile industry also became available in nearby cities. In the first half of the 20th century, Hartford City was able to attract several new manufacturers that ...
Lancing United Football Club | News Items
Falling 1-0 behind with 20 minutes gone to a soft goal, United battled well and looked much more disciplined than on Sunday. Luke Smith went close twice in the 1st half being denied by the keeper and United went in at half time much happier than a few days earlier... The second half was also very even and Ferring only grabbed a 2nd from an offside move that United lino Rickie Souter held his hands up to and a 3rd goal 5 minutes from time that saw John George make a rare mistake, letting the ball roll under his foot allowing the striker a clean run on goal. Smith, Phillips, Bartlett and Sooty all went close in the second half but ... market research, surveys and trends
............The Woodbine Blog .........: Milking the COW III
Thankfully this whining and moaning managed to accomplish the long-overdue exit of Bur...d(don't want to say his name for fear of whining). We have three new councilmen that have already made a difference. They have stood up for the taxpayers and stopped the former mayor's exorbitant waste of money on his pet projects that were never warranted. Who will the new Mayor be and what vision will the mayor have for the future? Brenda Starr, reporter said... I bet that Fail Forward doesn't live in COW. I bet that he is one of the many people who live just outside our city limits and has no vote. This is the ... market research, surveys and trends


Hagar, Blondie, Beetle All Say Earth Day Is No Laughing Matter ...
April 22 (Bloomberg) -- The artists behind Hagar the Horrible, Blondie, Beetle Bailey and 43 other comic strips aligned their characters today for Earth Day, the only time the most popular cartoons have coordinated a theme besides a Sept. 11 day of reflection. In one strip, the family and pets of Hagar, the world's most famous Viking, approach the ankle of a giant. Hagar's tough- talking wife, Helga , who could fit beneath the giant's shoe, speaks for the group. ``We'd like to talk to you about your carbon footprint,'' she says. Like Hagar's family, the cartoonists wanted ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Publishing Industry Soundbytes 7-25-01
Primedia Inc., a targeted media company, announced the creation of Primedia Business Magazines & Media, combining Intertec Publishing, and IndustryClick, under one name. The website for the new unit is located at: . · Hearst Magazines President Cathleen P. Black announced that Ellen Kunes, 42, who served as executive editor of Redbook from 1994-1998 and launched O, The Oprah Magazine as its first editor-in-chief, has been named editor-in-chief of Redbook . Kunes will start on August 13, 2001. Kunes succeeds Lesley Jane Seymour, who was recently named editor-in-chief at the U.S. edition of industry trends, business articles and survey research
Ridgefielders can sign up for customized emergency notifications
“We can’t notify you if you can’t reach you” — that’s the slogan of the state’s CT Alert Emergency Notification System and local officials are encouraging Ridgefielders to create online contact information lists for the system. It will likely take a few minutes and could make all the difference in emergencies. While the town already uses the system and has an extensive database of Ridgefielder’s landline phones in case of emergencies, a new component unveiled this week allows every person in the state to create an online profile of phone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses that will receive important messages in emergencies.   market trends, news research and surveys resources


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Thomas Advertising—“WKSU Brand Campaign”. Second Place—Marketing Campaign for New Service, Bob Burford—. “Your Way Home”. Second Place—Annual Report, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Learn More About It: The March King: John Philip Sousa (Performing ...
Frizane, Daniel E. “Arthur Pryor (1870-1942) American Trombonist, Bandmaster, Composer.” PhD diss., University of Kansas, 1984. Hester, Michael E. “A Study of the Saxophone Soloists Performing with the John Philip Sousa Band: 1893-1930.” PhD diss., University of Arizona, 1995. Madeja, James T. “The Life and Work of Herbert L. Clarke (1867-1945).” PhD diss., University of Illinois, 1988. Ullery, Victoria L. “Frank Simon: History and Influence.” Honors paper, Wright State University, 1984. Warfield, Patrick. “Salesman of Americanism, Globetrotter, and Musician: The Nineteenth-Century John Philip Sousa, 1854-1893.” PhD diss., ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Mass Communicator
Yeon Hong. The social at Burford Advertising included some of VCU's newest alumni. .... ated his own Web site, www., in 2003. ...... hit home for me,” she said. “I started the class as just a PR ...
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Can I add an prepaid visa card to PayPal? - Yahoo! Answers
If i'm trying to pay for a transaction online for something, can I add a Visa prepaid card to my Pay Pal account to pay for the transaction? Member since: September 11, 2008 Total points: 2888 (Level 4) It depends on the card, this one is accepted… I don't think PP can even tell if it is a prepaid card or not. There are currently no comments for this question. * You must be logged into Answers to add comments. Sign in or Register . Member since: September 14, 2006 Total points: 805 (Level 2) You can't add that gift card. PP confirms CCs using three items: the ...