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Burger King Advertising Through iPod

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What’s the surest sign that the iPad is the world’s hottest tech product right now? It may not be Steve Jobs telling us it’s magical and revolutionary, or the avalanche of coverage on tech blogs. Maybe it’s the arrival of cheesy ads that dangle free iPads in front of people–almost two months before the gizmo even goes on sale. Earlier today, I was on Facebook, and saw this ad: Free iPods for 45-year-old males? I’m 45! I’m male! What a happy coincidence! What a rare opportunity! I clicked on the link and saw this page: Then I got suspicious–in part because the ad talks about the ...
in 1953, its menu consisted predominantly of basic hamburgers, french fries, soft drinks, milkshakes and desserts. After being acquired by its Miami, Florida franchisees and renamed to its current moniker in 1954, BK began expanding the breadth of its menu by adding the Whopper sandwich in 1957, and has since added non-beef items such as chicken, fish and vegetarian offerings including salads and meatless sandwiches. Other additions include a breakfast menu and such non-soft drink beverages such as Icees , juices and bottled waters. Additionally, as the company expanded both inside and outside the United States, it introduced ...
Burger King, Gap, Starbucks drive sales via mobile social network ...
Burger King, Gap, Starbucks and Universal Music Group are among the initial brands driving sales via the new Loopt Star mobile social networking rewards game. Loopt, which calls itself a location-based social mapping service, has launched a new mobile rewards game called Loopt Star, currently available as an application for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch, that lets consumers check in to compete with friends and win real-world rewards from retailers and organizations. With Loopt Star, users play with friends and gain achievements, coupons and other brand-specified rewards for checking into specific locations. “We started with ... market research, surveys and trends
Wag The Dog Marketing Local SEO Optimization Recession Advertising ...
In an article dated 4-17-09 called ‘Burger King to Boost Ad Spending’ distributed on the AdAge website, authored by Emily Bronson York, cites Marketing Director, Russ Klein, who acknowledges the strategy of the company to fiercely boost ad budgets amidst financial hard times. Mr. Klein obviously sees great opportunity in recession stating: …there is strong historical evidence around companies that ... market research, surveys and trends


Five trends driving mobile marketing and commerce this year ...
Thanks to Steve Jobs, mobile is no longer an afterthought in most marketing budgets, but a well-deserved line item. Indeed, the more controversy that the Apple CEO stirs, the higher the ratings for mobile content, marketing and commerce. Apple�s growing dominance of mobile, and its attempts to turn its niche market into mass, will shape the debate over on-the-go devices and marketing this year and beyond. Read first how Apple is setting the agenda this year and then keep an eye on other market-shaping trends. Apple�s Steve Jobs is the Macdaddy of mobile Apple dominates the mobile discussion as online giants jostle for market share. industry trends, business articles and survey research
Burger King sponsors CBS College Sports' on-air SMS call-outs ...
Quick-service restaurant giant Burger King is sponsoring CBS College Sports� on-air polls and quizzes urging viewers to text in to engage with the network. CBS tapped Txtstation to power the on-air SMS voting platform, currently running during all NCAA football games televised on the network. Computer giant IBM was the first sponsor when CBS College Sports initially rolled out the text-poll program for March Madness at the end of the last NCAA basketball season. �We did some testing of the on-air SMS polls with Txtstation during the NCAA basketball season, and it worked out really successfully, so we geared up over the summer to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Brand awareness comes as part of growing up
New research commissioned by Marketing Week reveals that children today are reacting to brands with a sophisticated awareness and strong opinions about their coolness. Imagine seeing the world through the eyes of a child. Everything seems larger than life – colours are brighter, sounds are louder and, for many years, you will be seeing things for the first time. But these days, children are less innocent flowers and rather more practised consumers with detailed knowledge of brands and their values. Marketing Week commissioned exclusive quantitative and qualitative studies from consultancies Fly Research and Discovery Research to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Hey, Answerman! DMCA MSRP WTF
any questions about scanlations this week! I think the Answerfans segment got it out of everybody's system, thankfully. At least, probably until something else newsworthy happens again and people start running around like extremely nerdy chickens with their heads cut off. But for now, at least, I've got other pressing issues at hand: Why do you think Minami-ke has yet to be licensed in the US? It has had 4 seasons in Japan, so we know its popular. It is similar to Azumanga Daioh , which I think did very well here in the USA (least I know several people who own the DVDs). It may more or less fall in to the moe genre, so ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


MEDM 912
May 9, 2007 ... Burger King embraced consumer-generated advertising by ... countless user- generated print ads featuring the iconic iPod silhouettes ... engage in ongoing two-way communication through social media such as a message board ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Interactive Food & Beverage Marketing:
Advertising through Avatars . .... phones, iPods, and a host of other new digital tools and quickly assimilating them into their daily lives. ...... Burger King, one of the first fast-food chains to use mobile marketing, created a ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
MIT Brand Culture Convergence: Blog
has a staggering 25 million members worldwide. It has been translated into 10 languages and gets more than 2.2 billion pageviews per month. These dedicated Neopians spend an average of 6 hours and 15 minutes per month on the site. What's more, its demographics are the stuff of marketers' dreams: Four out of five Neopians are under age 18, and two out of five are under 13. Neopets collapses the boundaries between content and commercials. Many zones in the vast make-believe world, like the Firefly Mobile Phone Zone, are sponsored by companies, and there are branded games like Nestlé Ice Cream Frozen Flights and ...
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Cult Brands!. Whats behind their DNA? | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn
Brands like Apple transcend having a primal place in a specific category, to representing the ideology of the user. A cult brand like Apple understands this and speaks directly to its users and keeps a vigilant connection to them. We find this in most categories, retail, food services, automotive and so on. One of the interesting things about Apple's cult brand status is that it is succesful, but probably turns off more people than it attracts. That is a significant part of it's cult branding. It's not just about being an unbiquitus mark or distinction throughout the landscape, but representing ideals, lifestyle, ...
What's the difference between 'viral marketing' and 'guerilla ...
Viral marketing and viral advertising refer to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness, through self-replicating viral processes, analogous to the spread of pathological and computer viruses. It can often be word-of-mouth delivered and enhanced online; it can harness the network effect of the Internet and can be very useful in reaching a large number of people rapidly. Some of the first recorded offline/online viral campaigns were developed by Tim Nolan of fame circa 1996. By placing abstract pairings of catch-phrases, quotes, song lyrics and image mashups, ...