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Companies pursuing new advertising options

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Now, just barely into 2010, local marketers are looking forward and wondering what is in store for them…What should you be expecting? Here are our predictions for the first year of the new decade…. Local Television: TV audiences may be watching an average of 13 hours a week, but an increase in programming options means that viewers are watching far more programs across the board. This pays off for local TV advertisers, giving them the ability to focus their messages on smaller, more targeted groups of viewers. 2010 Prediction: More local businesses will use TV — particularly cable — to reach these more refined, segmented audiences.
Old Bones, New Data: Emmett Hall, Private Insurance and the Defeat ...
A paper by Selden and Sing (2008) reminds us of what was at stake 45 years ago, when Emmett Hall recommended universal public medical insurance over private-public alternatives. While focusing exclusively on the United States, it also helps to explain why universal pharmacare is being diverted into that same private-public dead end through public "catastrophic" coverage. Governments finance, through many different programs, most US health expenditure. Spending programs - Medicaid, Medicare and others - primarily benefit the unhealthy and unwealthy. However, benefits of the largest program, the tax exemption for private ... market research, surveys and trends
Houston Mom Prepares for Grand Opening of New Marlo Quinn Online Store
Halloween gets us all thinking about magic this time of year. Everywhere in our fiction and our history we see magic being a force for good and for ill, and it always seems to awaken the spirit of wonder in children and adults alike. Yet magic is one of the most elusive forces that humanity believes in and practices. In order to discover the real truth about magic in the 21st century, you can go to and connect with people who believe that magic is alive and well in today's world. Click here to read more… launched its new review website today, and to kick things off, it has included 18 of ... market research, surveys and trends


Companies pursuing new advertising options | Business | ...
With the Inland population now at more than 4 million, businesses have a lot more potential customers to reach, but they also must cut through much more distance and media clutter. Experts say companies are increasingly turning to alternative promotional outlets, as they attempt to reach busy consumers when they're not watching TV, reading newspapers or surfing the Web. These ads are already at a theater near you, in the form of movie and product pitches posted on lobby floors. They're on neighborhood streets and sidewalks, with cars and trucks wrapped with ads for businesses, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
PQ Media :: In the News
Exclusive PQ Media Research: Alternative Media Spending Growth Accelerates in 2007, Hastening Transition from Traditional to Alt Mar 31, 2008 Epiphany Search News - Leeds,England,UK Boost forecast for alt media spending Mar 31, 2008 Smart Company Alt-media advertising the way of the future Mar 31, 2008 Screen Africa Rapid Increases in adspend on digital media Mar 31, 2008 ClickZ New Media Ad, Marketing Spend to See Double-Digit Growth Mar 28, 2008 Direct Response Mobile media 'part of alt spending surge' Mar 28, 2008 BizReport Use of alternative media to rise Mar 28, 2008 B2B Spending on alternative media increased 22% ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Tech Cheat Sheet: Nasdaq Analysis and Stocks to Watch
So far in the month of June we have seen a continuation of May’s volatility storm.  The month started with the market trading in a range between the February lows and the 200-day moving average and subsequently we have seen that range resolve to the upside.  Additionally, the NASDAQ has pushed through the steep downtrend line that had constrained any rally since peaking out on April 26th.  This give us several levels to trade against from the long side. In this latest market down move that started in late April, the NASDAQ fared far better than the S&P 500 and/or Dow by remaining comfortably above the lows set in February ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Why Android Is Attractive for Alt-Payment Companies
A growing number of mobile payments companies are promoting systems that charge purchases to users' phone bills rather than credit or debit cards. Since Apple Inc.'s tight control of the iPhone precludes this approach, the payments firms are gravitating to Google Inc.'s Android — which itself is emerging as the handset of choice for the consumers most likely to use their phones for banking and financial activities. On Wednesday, Zong Inc. and Boku Inc. each introduced tools that let software developers weave their payments systems into applications for Android phones. These systems could be used, for ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The end of advertising as we know it
Today, consumers have more options for visual entertainment than ever before – TV, ..... Media companies historically strong in local advertising (e.g., cable, newspapers) will have ..... pursuing new formats and platforms, particu- ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Restrictions on tobacco product advertising and promotion
advertising, and owning brand colors is particularly important for companies pursuing a youth market. Owning a color is also important when the product ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The New Frontier in e-Business: Integrated Internet Strategy
the available options offered through the market, technology and policy domains within ... or to profit from advertising. Free Yahoo! e-mail and free online newspapers are two ... in new combinations that are not available for other firms. ... Manage internal culture issues that arise from pursuing the strategy. ...
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Small Business Blog - Recession Aside, You Still Need To Advertise
Recession or, well, recession, my RSS reader is filling up with articles about why you shouldn't cut your advertising budget just because times are tight. Let your competitors do the cutting while you maintain the status quo, they argue, and it'll look like you're doing more. "If your company has something to say that is relevant in this environment, it's going to be more efficient to say it now than to say it in better times," says Wharton marketing professor Leonard Lodish, who also says that message should be less about price cuts and more about how your offerings can benefit customers. ...
GAP Program is Going Away
Google has been doing some serious thinking about the GAP (Google Advertising Professional) program for at least three years. A while ago they redid the entire learning center. Then they launched Agency Land. And today they launch their new certification program. Here are the main differences: Individual Qualification Old Days: One test and spend requirement. Now: Two tests (one basic and any one of the advanced tests) and no spend requirement. This seems that the individual qualification is more a resume bullet point than a way of attracting business. Certified Partner Old Days: This was a qualified company. Qualified companies ...