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Content Advertising Through Mobile Phone

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Mobile phone consumer research is both an art and science, especially among smartphone users who are totally immersed and engaged with the growing number of sophisticated handsets on the market. Phones are an intimate part of their lives. In September, 2009, Joy Liuzzo with InsightExpress , a digital marketing research firm, appeared on MobileBeyond to discuss her ongoing studies of consumer mobile behavior . She returns to update us on three different types of mobile phone users: Intensives, casuals and restrained. InsightExpress InsightExpress is a leading provider of high-quality, digital marketing research and plays a ...
(SMS) system to join up to them. Another method is broadcasting messages to the mobile phone's idle-screen, enabling the mobile operators or advertisers to reach millions in real-time. The advertising and sale of ring tones in particular has seen a massive growth in recent years, with some commercial breaks, particularly on music television channels and in motor racing (especially NASCAR , with Sprint Nextel as the series sponsor), being dominated by such adverts. Advertising in newspapers and magazines has also become popular. However, mobile phone advertising is banned in some outlets, especially in NASCAR. On 19 June ...
Mobile phone | Cheap DSL Modem
In 1908, U.S. Patent 887,357 for a wireless telephone was issued to Nathan B. Stubblefield of Murray, Kentucky. He applied this patent to "cave radio" telephones and not directly to cellular telephony as the term is currently understood. Cells for mobile phone base stations were invented in 1947 by Bell Labs engineers at AT&T and further developed by Bell Labs during the 1960s. Radiophones have a long and varied history going back to Reginald Fessenden's invention and shore-to-ship demonstration of radio telephony, through the Second World War with military use of radio telephony links and civil services in the ... market research, surveys and trends
C/c++/java Bluetooth Program 2 - C/c++, Java, Programming ...
Seeking a competent C/C++ programmer to write a demo/pilot proof of concept program that interfaces with a wireless beacon. The task is fairly specialist but does not require large amount of coding. See ATTACHED requirements. WE WANT THIS FAST AND TO OUR BUDGET. For the right programmer we expect 2-3 days of research and trial. 2 days of programming. Happy to discuss. REQUIREMENTS ============ A windows pc with a bluetooth device will host this system to be programmed. The system will interface via bluetooth with three bluetooth beacons (actually 3 bluetooth devices) located closeby. It will obtain RSSI data from the beacons of ... market research, surveys and trends


Mobile Web: latest facts and stats forecast a rosy outlook ...
The essential compendium of need-to-know statistics. Beware of media hype and mobile myth – put your mobile strategy on a sound footing with the latest research (as of April 2010) from credible independent experts. Global mobile subscribers, handset sales, mobile Web usage, mobile ad spend, it is all here . Posted: 28 August, 2009 Reasons to be cheerful: Of late, we have been spoilt with lots of useful statistics, research and market projections, so much so that we’ve had to break them into manageable chunks. Chapter one paints a rosy outlook for mobile Web marketers, where all around is doom and gloom. 1) Mobile subscribers are ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Nielsen Mobile_Mobile Search
data on the mobile consumer and market through a range of industry-leading methodologies. ..... 36 million unique mobile Internet users (89 percent of the mobile Internet audience) accessed .... advertising on their phone—including mobile Internet ad- ... mobile content. Mobile Internet users are 60 percent more ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
New Research from Expedia Media Provides Insight into Destination Marketing Trends
/PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Expedia® Media, the advertising sales division of Expedia, Inc., has released insights from a new study on destination marketing organization (DMO) advertising trends.  Commissioned by Expedia and conducted by Revel, the study most notably revealed that DMOs are significantly shifting ad dollars online and away from offline media, with some DMOs saying that online now accounts for more than 50 percent of the organization's total advertising budget. (Logo: ) (Logo: ) According to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Flipboard CEO: New 'social magazine' de-uglifies the Web
(and others) that makes an app for browsing social networks and other content on the iPad. I just got off the phone with chief executive Mike McCue, who offered more details about his vision for the company and how it plans to make money. But first, a little more context about what Flipboard does. Blogger Robert Scoble is raving about Flipboard as the first “killer app” for the iPad. Kleiner partner John Doerr posted on Twitter that it’s “the first and best of a brave new world of social+mobile applications.” Basically, it’s a slick interface for browsing your accounts on Facebook and Twitter, and to browse news content as well. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Greystripe Mobile Advertising Insights Report: The iPhone Mom Q3 2009
through in-application mobile advertising. For example, the iPhone Mom is now a ... users of free mobile content. The Data. This report is based on data ... 42% of iPhone moms use their phone at the grocery store, with keeping track of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
“Excuse Me, I Think Your Shoe Is Ringing!” Getting Smart About ...
May 6, 2008 ... through a mall and being bombarded with ads and messages. ... A mobile phone that gives them easy access to content and purchasing ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Cell Phone Culture
No contemporary cultural artifact embodies the genius and the disruptive excess of capitalism as clearly as the cell phone. Ubiquitous in most developed societies in Europe, the Americas and Asia, the cell phone has become a laboratory – some would say an asylum – for testing the limits of technological convergence. Less a telephone today than a multi-purpose computer, cell phones are game consoles, still cameras, email systems, text messengers, ...
What's the best way to build a brand through mobile marketing ...
In my opinion, mobile marketing in itself has no purpose in building brands for advertisers. Mobile devices are largely used by individuals and is considered to be a personal device. As such, the probability that mobile handset users will accept and respond to unsolicited marketing programs delivered on their handsets is likely to be low. That said, the mobile device possess functions (manay described by other members to your question) that can be leveraged by savvy digital marketers to augment their brand building programs. The key is to define a strong enough reason to get users to pro-actively engage with the brand on their ...
Google Answers: SMS Advertising
We are SMS distribution portal meaning we offer SMS services to our mobile phone users. Are there companies that connect SMS distribution portals(us) with advertisers who wish to advertise via SMS? (Similar as to how AdSense connects advertisers to Internet visitor but for SMS) Fianlly, what is the average amount paid to the companies like us by sponsors for each ad sent via SMS to our users?