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Special Report on

Creative Advertising and Interactive Agency

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Technology has fundamentally changed how brands and their audiences communicate, not just online but across all channels. Consequently interactive thinking needs to be at the heart of all marketing strategy and interactive channels at the heart of all marketing delivery. 1. The term “digital agency” as a catch all for doing everything digital not matter what the discipline will start to lose relevancy. As PR, brand, direct and design agencies all develop digital skills “digital” will just become a specialism within those disciplines. 2. Consequently roster agencies based on channel will become redundant ...
for its clients. An ad agency is independent from the client and provides an outside point of view to the effort of selling the client's products or services. An agency can also handle overall marketing and branding strategies and sales promotions for its clients. Typical ad agency clients include businesses and corporations , non-profit organizations and government agencies. Agencies may be hired to produce an advertising campaign .
The Benefits Of Using An Advertising Agency – Advertblogging
The function of any advertising agency is to promote the products, services and public image of its clients. Whether large or small, this is essentially what all advertising agencies do, or are supposed to do anyway. The benefits of an advertising agency become apparent if their efforts are successful and most people not only recall their ads but also connect it with the need to purchase the product or service because of the perceived benefits or satisfaction that it will provide. At the very basic level is the limited service advertising agency. They usually offer creative services, including media planning and placement. Other ... market research, surveys and trends
Striking it Rich, or at Least Striking it Profitable : Creative ...
Being a creative, I’m curiously following the news about current Hollywood writers’ strike. I’m simply amazed that this particular group of creative people has the actual power to shut down production on nearly every major television program. A lot of the dispute, naturally, is related to issues of money. The rise of new media outlets is conflicting with old pay methods. The advertising industry is facing many of the same issues. Every ad agency has a different method of dealing with finance, but it all comes down to one basic question: Are agencies, and in turn their people, getting paid what they’re worth? The stock answer ... market research, surveys and trends


'Great Race' Between Traditional, Digital Shops
Clients generally distrust their traditional agencies when it comes to digital, but they're still wary of handing over the keys to overall brand strategy to the Web specialists, according to a new survey of marketers.   Forrester Research conducted a "state of interactive agencies" survey of about 100 global interactive marketers. It found just 23 percent believed their "traditional brand agency" is capable of planning and managing interactive marketing activities. About 46 percent did not believe them capable, with the rest neutral on the question.   While that held good news for digital ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
24/7 Real Media: — Press releases
After a remarkable resurgence in 2005, the online advertising industry is now looking forward to the trends and developments likely to have the greatest impact on the industry's growth and direction in 2006. Interactive marketing experts at 24/7 Real Media, Inc. (Nasdaq: TFSM), an interactive marketing and technology pioneer, today revealed their Top 10 online advertising and interactive marketing predictions for 2006 during Ad:Tech 2005 in New York. Among the most remarkable revelations, 24/7 Real Media's experts predict that search engine marketing, which helped boost the entire online advertising sector in 2005, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Schooling Mad Men: An Advertising Professor and Student Discuss the Show
The show has been lauded for its accuracy, but if you don’t know the first thing about advertising, how can you tell? It seemed that there was a lot we could be taught by the pros. So we turned to The Creative Circus, an Atlanta-based school that trains for the creative side of the advertising, interactive development, design and photography industries. Working industry professionals—the people actually behind the ads we see each day—teach the classes at The Creative Circus. To help us understand Mad Men in the context of the actual ad world, we recruited the help of Dan Balser, Advertising Department Head, who ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Charm Communications Inc. Cooperates with Digital Advertising Consortium Inc.
today announced that it has reached a cooperation agreement with Digital Advertising Consortium Inc. (OSE-Hercules: 4281) ("D.A.Consortium" or "DAC"), a Tokyo based digital advertising agency engaged in the planning and placement of online advertising, to strengthen its online advertising capabilities. Charm is servicing its clients' digital needs through its business division, Charm Interactive, which currently employs 31 professionals and delivers communication services on digital platforms. As online advertising becomes a crucial part of corporate communications in China , international advertisers ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Agency contacts and information
Agency contacts and information. NSW Government Creative Advertising Agency Panel ..... print, broadcast and interactive production. This includes ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Advertising and Public Relations Services
Competition for jobs will be keen, because the glamour of the industry traditionally attracts more jobseekers than there are job openings. California and New York together account for about 19 percent of firms and 28 percent of the workers in the industry. Layoffs are common when accounts are lost, major clients cut budgets, or agencies merge. Goods and services. Firms in the advertising and public relations services industry prepare advertisements for other companies and organizations and design campaigns to promote the interests and image of their clients. This industry also includes media representatives—firms that sell ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Web and Interactive Agencies - Texas Advertising and Public ...
Virtually all of the firms listed under Advertising Agencies provide Web design services, as well as more traditional advertising approaches. The following companies appear to specialize in Web and Interactive media. @Communications 1stFlash 2B interactive - (Montreal Quebec, Canada) 33North - (Fort Worth, TX) 360 Interactive - (Atlanta, GA) 37 signals - (Chicago, IL) 3zerodesigns A Japanese Presence - Japanese language web design A.D.2, Inc. - (Santa Monica, CA) A1 WebSite Developers UK ABC Interactive Adams Creative AdLucent Adpartners Adshires - adsvalue Adtrendsinc Affordable web site design. Web design Leeds AGENCY.COM - ...
Marketing: Organizational Structure of Advertising Agency, cable ...
I would like to the detail working structure of an Advertising Agency, like how many departments, what that particular deparment do, normally how many workforce that department hold etc...Actually it's university assigment that i have to submit. Please if someone working in Advertising Agency please let me know how management of advertising agency works???? Answer SOHAIL, HERE  IS SOME  USEFUL  MATERIAL. REGARDS LEO LINGHAM ================================================= Managing Advertising Decisions Delivering an effective marketing message through advertising requires many different decisions as the ...
Google Answers: Interactive Advertising
I?m in need of understanding the whole process of interactive advertising and what players are involved. 1)What is the interactive advertising process? Beginning to end I would like a step by step process from a high Level Perspective. Which type of companies are involved in which phase. Provide me a list of 3 companies that do work in that related ?phase? 2)What are the main responsibility of companies like eyeblaster and pointroll? 3)Do companies like eyeblaster negotiate media rates? Or does an interactive agency negotiate the rate with say and they just call upon eyeblast to server the ads? 4)How ...