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Special Report on

Digital Cinema Media Presentation

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Lecture—3 hours; extensive writing. Contemporary developments in the fine and performing arts, media arts, digital arts, and literature as they relate to technological and scientific practices. GE credit: ArtHum.—Ostertag Lecture/discussion—3 hours; term paper. Introduction to different forms of critical analysis of media, with focus on creative responses to the media within visual arts, media arts, and net culture. Response of artists to the power of mass media, from early forms of photomontage through contemporary “culture-jamming” and alternative media networks. GE credit: ArtHum.—Wyman ...
A movie can be distributed via hard drives, optical disks (such as DVDs) or satellite and projected using a digital projector instead of a conventional film projector . Digital cinema is distinct from high-definition television and in particular, is not dependent on using television or HDTV standards, aspect ratios, or frame rates. Digital projectors capable of 2K resolution began deploying in 2005, and since 2006, the pace has accelerated. (2K refers to images with 2048 horizontal pixel resolution.)
Runco enters Digital Cinema market with Digital cinema concierge ...
Runco, a provider of video solutions for the luxury home, has announced the launch of its Digital Cinema Concierge, exclusively available for certified Runco dealers. This new offering enables Runco dealers to provide their clients with complete projection and media server systems, custom-engineered and built to specifications to meet the exact needs of each individual client and certified to meet the standards of Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI). Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC is a joint venture between Disney, Fox, Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal, and Warner Bros. Studios, created to establish a standard of ... market research, surveys and trends
Short Documentary Films | Watch Free Online Movie
A Documentary film is a great way of exploiting cinema’s potential for observing life. It is a visual expression that strives to document reality. It is also often regarded as a filmmaking practice, a cinematic tradition, and mode of audience reception. A good short documentary film in the form of a multimedia presentation can leave the most powerful impact on the viewer’s mind. With time, documentary films have evolved from being short movies shot on film news, to include video and digital productions made for a television or video series. Some of the media and visual solutions companies produce quality driven ... market research, surveys and trends


Media Entertainment Tech Trends 2010
IN 1998, as the telecoms boom was under way, Mo Ibrahim was amazed that big companies were rushing into the mobile-phone business around the world, yet not in Africa. There they saw only problems: poverty, unrest and corruption. Mr Ibrahim, a veteran of the telecoms industry in Britain and Sudan, was at the time running a consultancy he had founded in London. Amid the cigar smoke and snifters that followed its directors' dinners, an idea formed. Might it be possible to set up a pan-African mobile operator--and to do so without paying bribes? This was the genesis of Celtel, which is now one of Africa's largest mobile operators, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
June « 2007 « Digital Cinema Buyers Guide
The Lisbon Village Festival, an annual movie festival held at Lisbon, Portugal is currently underway and filmmakers from not just Europe but even Canada and South Asia have entered their work in this festival. The Festival gains special importance as every one of these entries is being screened digitally. This called for a technology partner who provided end-to-end solutions in digital cinema. The organizers of Village International D-cinema Festival after much research went with Qube Cinema and their decision has won them the critical acclaim of all the participating film makers for two years in a row. Film makers from across ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
For What Are We Cubans Prepared?
I was born in Santiago de Cuba in 1984 and I have lived in Havana since I started studying at the Higher Art Institute in 2004. Being a homosexual in a traditionally homophobic society and not hiding it automatically turned me into a revolutionary. As a young person convinced that other people can always be better, makes me live in the middle of a thorny garden, and I get hurt a lot. So I decided to find a machete and cut each branch and do it here, right smack in the garden. The one where I was born, that I love more all the time by choice, because it’s mine. My life is that search, that of the machete. I also seek help, to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Molinare Selects DVS and Quantum to Address Storage Workflow Demands of HD and ...
Hanover (Germany) and San Jose (USA). Leading London-based post house achieves modern, data-centric workflow and maximum data protection for security and archive purposes Molinare, the largest, privately owned post production company in the United Kingdom, has selected high-performance hardware and software from DVS and Quantum (NYSE: QTM). With tremendous rich media data growth resulting from HD and 3D projects, the facility recently opted for a combination of a DVS-SAN, DVS's CLIPSTER, SpycerBox and Quantum's StorNext data management software to move massive image files between its sites in London, Mumbai and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Patrick von Sychowski - PowerPoint Presentation
Playback and storage of AV media. ∎ Generates log files. ∎ Communicates with existing cinema automation. ∎ Communicates with digital projector ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
ONT3 Keynote CineGrid? Digital Cinema and Beyond
Digital media professionals, especially those making digital cinema, ... presentation equipment to the best computing and networking available. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Henry Jenkins Curriculum Vitae-Seminars
June 2005, “What Media Educators Need to Know About Games and Learning,” National Media Education Conference: Giving Voice to a Diverse Nation, San Francisco, CA. June 2005, Video Games, Learning and Society Conference, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin. June 2005, Moderator and Organizer, “International Perspectives in Game Studies,” Plenary Event, Digital Games Research Association, Conference, Vancouver, Canada. June 2005, Keynote Speaker, “Media Literacy—Who Needs It?,” New Media Conference, Honalulu, Hawaii. June 2005, ...
Making Films & Videos: Digitial cinematography vs. Traditional ...
I am writing a research paper on the digital revolution in the film industry. I have done TONS of research but I have yet to find anything on the advantages of tradtional film. There has to be something, right? If you don't have the answer, do you know of any recent books or sources you can refer me to that will help me out? Thank you very much for your time! Sincerely, Jennifer Collins Answer Well Jenn, it's an interesting phenomenon at work here. Eventually, everything will be digital but the rush to digital has happened unnaturally quickly. Digital is new, cool, fancy, high tech, impressive, the "In" ...
List of theatres with digital Sith? | Ask MetaFilter
in digital projection or IMAX, but I'm d*mned if my weak-ass google-fu can turn it up. Help me.... No. Must. Resist. But of course... from I remember finding this site to answer this question about the last Star Wars. Ah. You're right, that's where I found it last time. And just about the same number of dlp theatres as before - progress waddles on. And using the same logic, there doesn't seem to be a IMAX version of Sith. Bah! Now that the question has been answered, I'll present a tangent: I saw the last Star Wars movie digitally projected in a theater in Denver, and I thought it looked ...