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Special Report on

DoubleClick Advertising Exchange

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the New York-based research company, recently published a report on Non-Premium Display Advertising,. It provides an excellent overview of the display market and the growing influence of ad exchanges. The report makes a number of interesting observations on the non-premium market: 1. On the growth of the non-premium market, ThinkEquity believes it will rise from this year’s expected figure of $4.1 billion to $11.4 billion in 2013: We continue to expect non-premium display advertising to be the highest-growth segment of the online advertising market in coming years, based on superior fundamentals including inventory and pricing ...
Official Google Blog: The DoubleClick Ad Exchange: growing the ...
Hundreds of thousands of advertisers use search advertising — short, highly relevant text ads alongside search results on Google and other search engines — to grow their businesses. Thanks to a decade of innovation, search advertising is an open platform that allows businesses to easily connect with customers. As you browse the web today, you'll also see "display advertising," such as videos, images and interactive ads. Like search ads, these connect users with products, services and ideas that interest them. For advertisers, display ads are vital in boosting awareness and sales. For websites and ... market research, surveys and trends
Advertising Exchange: Ad Exchanges Open Up Your Ad Inventory To ...
step in to help you maximize the money you make. Put simply, ad exchanges work on the same idea as stock markets. They allow buyers to bid on your inventory, and the demand for your inventory determines the price at which you can sell it. Making a living as an independent web publisher means that you have to do one thing very well: monetizing your content . Google AdSense is where most publishers start because it is easy to set up. But how do you do ensure that you are getting top dollar for your ad inventory? Joining a vertical ad network to sell your inventory is a good idea. But the problem with ad networks is that even if ... market research, surveys and trends


DoubleClick to Set Up an Exchange for Buying and Selling Digital ...
DOUBLECLICK, which delivers marketing messages to Web sites and monitors how many clicks they get, plans to announce today that it is setting up a Nasdaq -like exchange for the buying and selling of digital advertisements. Skip to next paragraph Scott Spencer, left; David Rosenblatt, center; and Michael Rubenstein, executives at DoubleClick. Its new service will let advertisers see what competitors bid for particular ads, much as eBay shows past bids. The service may make DoubleClick a more attractive acquisition target, according to advertising industry executives. DoubleClick, which opened in 1996 as a pioneer in the placement ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
eXelate: company info: news coverage
ON a recent Thursday, Darren Herman, the president of Varick Media Management, was sequestered in his SoHo office. He wasn’t scrutinizing a television ad or images from a photo shoot. He was combing through graphs and Excel spreadsheets. Mr. Herman had run 27 ads on the Web for his client Vespa, the scooter company. Some were rectangular, some square. And the text varied: One tagline said, “Smart looks. Smarter purchase,” and displayed a $0 down, 0 percent interest offer. Another read, “Pure fun. And function,” and promoted a free T-shirt. Vespa’s goal was to find out whether a financial offer would attract customers, and Mr. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Real-Time Bidding and the RTB Ecosystem
Real-time bidding (RTB) is the fastest-growing form of display advertising delivery and will significantly impact publisher CPMs and the amount of ad inventory we see from advertisers. The technology has been described as revolutionary and, in a nutshell, it gives advertisers the ability to target messages to the right user, in the right place, at the right time. The goal of RTB is to achieve the highest possible value of a single ad impression by dynamically delivering reach to targeted users on an impression-by-impression basis. This is a competitive bidding environment in which advertisers attempt to reach individuals based ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Google Sees Q2 Revenue Jump, Unveils Display Deal with OMG
Google's revenues jumped 24 percent last quarter as the company claimed progress in its quest to grow display ad sales into, in the words of CEO Eric Schmidt, the company's "next billion dollar business." As evidence of that progress, the company announced a display advertising agreement with Omnicom Media Group. While details of the relationship are murky, it involves Google helping OMG develop a "trading desk" to boost its audience-driven ad buying capabilities - in particular on Google's DoubleClick Ad Exchange. "We're working closely with our agency partners to help them move to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


What is an advertising exchange? What challenges do advertising ...
For each impression, DoubleClick Advertising Exchange scans the entire ... Ad networks play an important role in DoubleClick Advertising Exchange, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Behavioral Advertising - Comment from Center for Digital Democracy ...
The DoubleClick Advertising Exchange, for example, is integrated into the DART for ... The DoubleClick Advertising Exchange service has one of the most ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Hackers, Hits and Chats: An E-Commerce and Marketing Dictionary of ...
which serves between a group (network) of web sites (which want to host advertisements) and advertisers which want to run advertisements on those sites. DoubleClick is the most well known advertising network for banner advertisements . DoubleClick can serve advertisements on any of its member sites, and can mine data from users who interact with those sites in order to serve more appropriate advertisements. An advertiser can buy a run of network package, or a run of category package within the network. The advertising network serves advertisements from its ad server , which responds to a site once a ...
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Google AdSense Exchange Announced
The display advertising chief of Google, David Rosenblatt, announced the Google AdSense exchange at the IAB conference this week. From what he said, publishers will be able to set their own price for their inventory but he didn't have a lot of details. Nor did he have a launch date. Anyone know any more ?   10:16 pm on Feb 26, 2009 (utc 0) This sounds like AdManager. You can set a minimum CPM and run your own ads in the same slot. I guess they're just adding that directly to AdSense.... ?   10:25 pm on Feb 26, 2009 (utc 0) That makes sense, Swanny, but he explicitly said Adsense Exchange. not an ad manager thing.
Google to acquire Doubleclick
"We've come to an agreement to purchase DoubleClick," Schmidt said in a conference call from Argentina, where Google is opening a new office. [ edited by : Brett_Tabke at 10:50 pm (utc) on April 13, 2007] [edit reason] added link/quote [/edit] Wow, changes the whole makeup. Guess Google is now officially an ad agency that just happens to dabble in search. Google has acquired it's first affiliate network - DoubleClick owned Performics. Makes sense that they have one of the cleanest in terms of merchant expectations and quality control. Performics is definitely a hobbled in terms of technology, but Google probably ...