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Special Report on

Embedded Advertising Sponsor Identification

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A stealthy form of advertising in which products are featured on television shows as props and even woven into story lines is drawing the government's attention. The Federal Communications Commission said Thursday it will consider new rules to make it clear to viewers when brand-name products appear in shows in exchange for money. Spending on so-called "embedded advertising" has grown as advertisers look for new ways to reach viewers who flip channels during commercials or use digital video recorders like TiVo to fast-forward past them. In an order to be released Thursday, the agency will consider whether to ...
of any bulk material. Those properties determine the major industrial application of diamond in cutting and polishing tools. Diamond has remarkable optical characteristics. Because of its extremely rigid lattice, it can be contaminated by very few types of impurities, such as boron and nitrogen . Combined with wide transparency, this results in the clear, colorless appearance of most natural diamonds. Small amounts of defects or impurities (about one per million of lattice atoms) color diamond blue (boron), yellow (nitrogen), brown ( lattice defects ), green, purple, pink, orange or red. Diamond also has relatively high optical ...
fcc begins investigation of embedded advertising and sponsorship ...
for over six months, having appeared on an agenda for a Commission open meeting in December, only to be pulled from the agenda days before it was to have been voted on. The Commission has initiated this proceeding, to a great degree, at the urging of Commissioner Adelstein who has been vocal in his concerns that the broadcast and advertising industries, in adopting advertising techniques to respond to technological and marketplace changes, has been exposing the public to commercial messages without their knowledge.  One of the principal practices of concern to the Commission, though not the only one, is embedded ... market research, surveys and trends
Smokers Turn to Online Support Groups to Help Quit
MediaMerge, the largest third-party IMAX servicing agent in the world, is breaking new ground in pre-show presentations, and cinema's two biggest stars are on board. Light and Sound star in this new animated short developed and produced by MediaMerge, with a sneak peek in Booth 30 at the Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSCA) 2007 International Conference and Trade Show, September 23-25 in Vancouver, British Columbia. In a world of dated slide projector pre-shows, a new game is in town. Cinema's foremost celebrity, Light, plays the role of I'might, the adorably electric half of the dynamic duo illuminating screens ... market research, surveys and trends


FCC Embedded Advertising Filing Final _5_
08-90: In the Matter of Sponsorship Identification Rules and ... embedded advertising in television, and an analysis as to whether the .... to media research firm PQ Media, advertisers spent $2.9 billion in 2007 to ... 0.6 Percent in First Quarter 2008,” .... product embedded in the program and the sponsor's name. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Tobacco Advertising - Children and Tobacco
the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will regulate the sale and distribution of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco to children and adolescents. The action results from the agency's assertion of jurisdiction over tobacco products. This was based on an intensive FDA investigation of the tobacco industry, tobacco use and its health consequences. The rule will prohibit the sale of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco to those under 18 while leaving them on the market for adults. Tobacco use is the single leading preventable cause of death in the United States. 1 It kills more than 400,000 Americans each year 2 -- more people ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Preventing fraud and identity theft
This column contains tips for preventing telemarketing and Internet fraud, identity theft, Wi-Fi hacking, and other scams. Additional tips on personal safety and security, home and vehicle security, vacation safety and security, senior safety and security, preventing crimes against businesses, reporting crime and suspicious activities, reporting suspicious activities for terrorism prevention, reporting disorder and other problems, obtaining crime information, dealing with homeless people, and starting a Neighborhood Watch program are available in the Crime Prevention and Education section of the SDPD website at ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
SAUTER: Teams Up With Sponsor EZ Grill At Michigan
EZ Grill, the ultimate portable, disposable and mess-free ready-to-use grill, will sponsor ThorSport Racing driver Johnny Sauter in the upcoming NASCAR Camping World Truck Series VFW 200 at Michigan International Speedway.   "It's really cool to have EZ Grill on board the No. 13 Chevy for the Michigan race," Sauter said. "I think we have two sponsors that reach out to NASCAR fans the best with EZ Grill and Tim McGraw on board with us. Everyone knows that country music and NASCAR go hand-in-hand and there isn't a larger cookout anywhere in the world than at a NASCAR race. Since so many people are ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Effects of Negative Political Advertising: The Roles of Sponsor ...
Both the viewer's party identification and dependence on political commercials mediated the impact of sponsor on political advertising effects. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Report No: SAT-00533 Released: 06/27/2008. POLICY BRANCH INFORMATION. IB. Contact: (202) 418-0719, TTY: (202) 418-2555  DOC-283303A1.pdf Report No: TEL-01283S Released: 06/27/2008. STREAMLINED INTERNATIONAL APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED FOR FILING. IB. Contact: (202) 418-0270  DOC-283295A1.pdf Report No: 46767 Released: 06/27/2008. BROADCAST ACTIONS. MB  DOC-283249A2.txt   DOC-283249A1.pdf Report No: 26767 Released: 06/27/2008. BROADCAST APPLICATIONS. MB  DOC-283248A2.txt   DOC-283248A1.pdf Released: 06/27/2008. EX PARTE PRESENTATIONS AND POST-REPLY COMMENT PERIOD FILING IN PERMIT-BUT-DISCLOSURE ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
4 Id. 5 Id. 6 Id. 7. Notice of Inquiry and Proposed Rulemaking, In the Matter of Sponsorship Identification Rules and Embedded. Advertising, 23 F.C.C.R. ...
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"...the current applicable Recurring Annual Fee is US $299 for web sites which do not offer adult content and/or services and is US $600 for web sites which do offer adult content and/or services."   Yahoo Monetizes Search Boss API "...we're announcing a handful of new features for Yahoo! Search BOSS as well as important updates on our terms of service and pricing."   Yahoo Mobile Services To Be Platform Independent "By offering Internet services that work on existing phones rather seeking to compete with mobile phone software of its own, Yahoo can reach hundreds of millions of phone ...