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Special Report on

Employee Brand Engagement

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Peter this is such an interesting question. It reminds me though of that old saying that when a butterfly flaps his wings in Thailand, two weeks later a storm arrives here in California! I mean how do you parse out what has happened? And if you do, someone can come along and give you a precursor to your event/s, which makes as much sense. I have worked in several airlines as a consultant and I know its a tough business; its even worse now for legacy carriers such as BA because of the arrival of such upstarts as RyanAir, and bankrupt or formerly bankrupt US carriers competing across the pond, for example (all with low cost ...
What makes the topic complex is that brand engagement is partly created by institutions and organizations, but is equally created by the perceptions, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of those with whom these institutions and organizations are communicating or engaging with. As a relatively new addition to the marketing and communication mix, brand engagement sits in the space between marketing , advertising , media communication , social media , organizational development , internal communications and human resource management. There is still lack of clarity and debate about whether this is a “soft” or hard measure, and whether ...
Event on 8 April – joined-up employee engagement « Death to ...
It’s now 15 years since a causal link between employee engagement and business performance was statistically validated, with research and case studies piling higher every day. Why, then, do so many organisations continue to struggle with attracting, motivating and retaining the best talent? The answer, our research has shown, is more often than not in the failure to effectively join things up across functional lines who believe they alone ‘own’ the employee communication agenda. This event will provide insights and inspiring food for thought about how you – whether you sit in brand, marketing, HR, internal communication, ... market research, surveys and trends
Branding For the People by the People
they have been laid to rest this week after the outpouring of Tweets, FaceBook comments and blog posts by the hundreds of ski resort staff commenting on the early season openings (or lack thereof) of ski areas across North America. Ski resort employees from coast to coast came out of the social media woodwork this week lured by the taunting of those who had already received their first turns of the season, or by those lamenting that they were forced into waiting longer for theirs. While I watched my social networks light up with snow conversation, I couldn’t help but wonder what branding opportunities were being missed, or ... market research, surveys and trends


Employee Brand Engagement: It's Not a Myth—Happy People Make Happy ...
Every manager knows that dissatisfied employees are not good for business. Disengagement costs the U.S. economy roughly $300 billion a year in lost productivity, according to a poll by the Gallup Organization. Yet many people still don’t recognize that employees who are satisfied and motivated can significantly raise the bottom line, says Carol Parish, managing director for Enterprise IG in the United States. Parish and three other brand specialists recently addressed students, faculty, and guests at a forum on Internal Branding, sponsored by The Emory Marketing Institute (EMI). EMI is based in the Goizueta Business School  at ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
At the Heart of Engagement
with high levels of employee engagement improved their operating income by 19.2 percent over .... centrated laundry soap, thus saving 400 million gallons of water. .... focused on consumer, channel, and employee brand engagement, with ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
American Cancer Society Corporate Initiative -- Call for Nominations: 2010 ...
National Awards to Recognize Company Engagement and Leadership in Tobacco Control, Cancer Control, Employee Engagement, Employee Giving ATLANTA, Jul. 21 /CSRwire/ - The American Cancer Society Corporate Initiative program has opened its nomination process for the 2010 Corporate Impact Awards Series , which will honor companies for their engagement in targeted efforts to significantly impact cancer's effect in the workplace; to contribute funds to the American Cancer Society to fight the disease; and to address responsible community involvement - all in support of the Society's vision of creating a world with less ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Advertisers are jumping on to the gaming platform to connect with customers, attracted by not just the reach but also the strong brand engagement it offers The gaming platform has, over the last few years, become the cynosure of advertisers. From pizza chains to financial firms, all have realised the potential of this new communication platform. From being an intruder in a content media, advertising has become the backbone of the content. In fact, with the onset of advergaming, advertising has become the content itself. And with US president Barack Obama running electoral campaigns in the famous game, Burnout Paradise, during ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Has Employee Engagement Kept Up With the Times?
through employee brand engagement initiatives. Companies that train employees in the brand do somewhat better in evolving employee engagement than those ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Net Generation - Management and Employee Engagement
Management studies have shown that corporate culture has a significant impact on organizational productivity. Thus, corporate culture influences not only the Net Generation, but all individuals in an organization. The U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), in “The Power of Federal Employee Engagement,” echoed many of the same themes discussed in Chapter 5 on creating a positive work experience, applying those themes across the entire federal workforce. The MSPB report focused on six factors which contribute to federal employee engagement (as shown in Table 7.1 ), and highlighted the significant role of the first-line ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
  1. profile image nwalls So sad I missed it. Computer challenges! There in sprit! RT @ty_sullivan: Reasons get involvd #NoKidHungry :Brand Rep. Employee engagement
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  3. profile image ScottMacIver Just off an interesting conference call with @edzuber. Follow him for insights on employee engagement and the creation of brand advocates.
Which companies rank highest in employee engagement? | LinkedIn ...
Business WRITER, Editor | Blogger | Strategic MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS, B2B | Web Content Creator | Business Development see all my answers Hi Deborah, have you checked the Top 50 and Top 100 companies to work for in Canada? Among the criteria used to judge them may be employee engagement programs. Perhaps also contact the Human Resources Professional Association of Canada and business professors at Shulich, Rotman and so on. posted 4 months ago Partner at ACHEV see all my answers The Gallup organization has done extensive research on the subject of engagement and actually has multiple assessments they deliver to measure ...
How to Measure Your Social Media Advertising
Brands can benefit from advertising in social-media space. The approaches offer a means to engage consumers, enhance brand reputation and image, build positive brand attitudes, improve organic search rankings, and drive traffic to brand locations, both on- and off-line. The steps in any advertising campaign will begin with setting campaign objectives and end with assessing the effectiveness of the strategies and tactics to determine the degree of success in accomplishing the stated objectives and to inform the next campaign. The challenge is to develop a set of measures to assess success and plan for future ...