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Special Report on

Employment Advertising and Job Posting

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San Francisco Bay Area online community where you can find job and volunteer listings. Also provides links to Craigslists covering other major metropolitan areas. Indeed Searches multiple job websites for you and delivers relevant job postings utilizing your search criteria. Internet Job Source Can search job openings by location and industry; also links directly to employers' websites. Yahoo! hotjobs Includes a wide variety of jobs, has a special search feature for entry-level/internships, and provides a huge list of company profiles. AIA East Bay American Institute of Architects/East Bay Chapter Job Board. ...
Art and Design Spotlight – Graphic Design
best design schools, colleges, universities, the selection of the best Bachelor’s degree in gr aphic design and begin a ca&#114ee; in graphic design. For more information go Artan &#100de;ignDegreesU. com market research, surveys and trends
CareerBuilder Lets Job Seekers Know How They Compare -
After 45 comments, the community settled down into camps: Group one is on the side of communicating with job seekers to at least acknowledge receipt of their application and to tell them when they are no longer being considered; group two seems to believe it would be a nice thing, but it’s too much trouble. No doubt CareerBuilder would rather not get into that debate, and will probably wish I never mentioned federal hiring and them in the same post, but it does provide some perspective on the job board’s newest job seeker tool, hireINSIDER. hireINSIDER provides a remarkable degree of transparency to job seekers about ... market research, surveys and trends


Job Postings Rise as Market Surges on Better Than Expected News ...
this morning that online job postings rose last month by the largest amount in more than two years. It’s the first increase in the Help-Wanted Online Data Series in six months. In May, there were 250,000 more jobs posted online than in April. The 8 percent increase brought the number of advertised jobs online to 3,367,000. Though modest, the increase dwarfs the 21,000 job posting gain The Conference Board reported in October 2008. “The May bounce in labor demand is a very welcome sign,” said Gad Levanon, senior economist at The Conference Board. “Labor demand typically leads the trend in both employment and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
MonsterTRAK Online Poll Says: 91 Percent of College Students ...
MAYNARD, Mass., Dec 13, 2001 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- With the nation's unemployment rate rising to 5.7 percent amidst the economic downturn, a staggering majority of college students are anxious about obtaining a job. As America's college seniors finish up their first semester, many are evaluating their prospects for employment following graduation. According to the most recent MonsterTRAK poll, 91 percent of college students are concerned about finding a job after graduation, with 70 percent of those saying that they are very concerned. Additionally, only 3 percent of college students have a job lined up. MonsterTRAK is ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Dems Scale Back Unemployment Benefits Extension
I lived in Vegas, worked for over 11 years in a casino vault dealing with over $25 million. My husband worked for over 13 years with the same concrete company. We were buying 2 homes, a new car and had decent credit. Then the bottom fell out. The housing market went to sh*t, my husband's company folded, the casino I worked for eliminated my position and 20 people were let go from my department. We couldn't find work, and we couldn't sell our homes for what we owed on them. The home we were living in was foreclosed on so we moved out of town to our other home. My husband found a job making less than half ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Retail ETFs Sink On Disappointing Job Report
With markets sinking as of late due to ongoing trouble in Europe, many investors have set their sights on May’s jobs report to see how the American economy compares to its beleaguered counterparts across the Atlantic. With the spotlight on Europe in recent weeks, a number of encouraging data releases have seemingly indicated that the U.S. economy remains on the right track (see UNG’s Stellar May: Proof Of A U.S. Recovery ). But the numbers released on Friday morning were pretty disappointing when census workers were factored out of the equation, calling into question just how deep any recovery could be in the near ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Tabitha Health Care Services Human Resources Department ...
as we assess the effectiveness of our employment advertising and job posting procedures. 1. How did you first learn about the job for which you are applying ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Online Job Postings and Employment Advertising IFB (266KB, PDF)
Apr 16, 2010 ... The overall goals of the on-line job postings and employment advertising are to: 1. Establish the State as a viable and successful employer; ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Publications/Internet Job Posting Services - Advertising Resources ...
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Why is it that you never see job postings where "an intelligent ...
I would imagine that job postings do not ask for, "an intelligent person" because 'intelligence' would probably be defined differently by different people. Surely intelligence describes a property of the mind and includes the capacity for reasoning, planning, problem solving, learning and even abstract thought among many others - so, how do you quantify these elements of "intelligence" ? I have met a few people who claim to be intelligent, but with whom I would disagree. When I write a job posting I ensure that it is inclusive and quantifiable, I don't believe the word "intelligent" fits into that category. Keep ...
Internet Job Hunting
What an exciting time to be looking for a job! In addition to the traditional job hunting tools of paper resumes and networking, in today's brave new electronic world you also have the opportunity to search for jobs and post your resume on the Internet. There are literally thousands of sites on the Internet where you can look for jobs. In fact, when I was researching my latest book for Barron's ( Resumes in Cyberspace ), my staff discovered more than 3,000 active sites dedicated to job banks alone. That number doesn't take into consideration the thousands of ...