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Special Report on

Evening Standard Advertising

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Some have carried full page ads on three. But I can't recall any paper devoting the whole double-page spread on two and three to one advert. It is certainly a coup for the advertiser, BMW, but it will have come at a pretty price. And that, of course, is the reason the Standard has acquiesced. In this advertising downturn, it is glad of the extra revenue (and other papers may well see it as a shrewd move by the paper). It simply means that the traditional Standard pages two and three move to four and five. I wonder if readers will notice, or even care that much. Journalists may well see it differently. So, given the ...
evening standard lays in to boris's rubbish manifesto
I bet you think there’ll be some clever twist in this post which will mean that the heading is completely the opposite of the truth – a bit like an Evening Standard advertising board. Think again! The Standard have given their team of reporters – the ones who haven’t come out on BBC News as self-proclaimed "Boris Johnson supporter[s]" (Andrew Gilligan on Question Time Extra last night, in case we weren’t sure) – the three leading candidates’ manifestos and asked them to pass judgement on their pledges. In fact, they have largely interpreted their brief to be to pick as many holes as ... market research, surveys and trends
The Social Affairs Unit - Web Review: Feminists and Muslims will ...
Gilbert and George's claim is that theirs is "art for all". It isn't. It is art by poofs, about poofs, for poofs. There are 18 rooms in their exhibition, and about two hundred items; most of them depict human beings. Not one single one of these is female. When I asked a gay colleague familiar with Gilbert and George's work about this, he gave a sly smile and said "Well women don't have pricks do they?" This absence of women is an aspect of the Gilbert and George exhibition that some find upsetting. One Dorian female critic commented on it negatively on the radio in a Scottish accent ... market research, surveys and trends


Evening Standard, London, media column |
Economist editor John Micklethwait enjoyed a 40 percent rise in his pay package last year to UKpound617,000 -- thanks in part to the vesting of a long-term incentive scheme. Parent company the Economist Group saw operating profits rise 3 percent as Britain's best-selling global current affairs magazine fared well in recession, although pre-tax profits dipped 10 percent to UKpound50 million after exceptionals. The UK arm was among the best-performing regions, with operating profits up 7 percent to UKpound16 million. THE TIMES will announce within days when free access to its website ends and the UKpound2-a-week paywall ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
wpp Resources | BNET
LONDON AFP — German market research firm GfK said Wednesday that it has ditched plans for a takeover of British peer Taylor Nelson Sofres, which faces a hostile bid from global advertising giant WPP . "The management board of GfK announces that it has terminated all discussions in relation to... Tags : advertisement , Agence France-Presse , FINANCE , financing , Investment , TNS , WPP Research articles 2008-08-27 Advertiser WPP says Olympics, US election to boost fortunes LONDON AFP — Global advertising giant WPP said Friday that the Beijing Olympic Games and the US presidential elections would boost its ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
David Cameron: Standard campaign for Dispossessed is stirring our conscience
gave his full backing to the Evening Standard's �1million Dispossessed Fund today and declared it had �stirred the conscience� of the capital. The Prime Minister urged the public and businesses to give generously and join our campaign to help Londoners climb their way out of poverty and deprivation. His personal support came as MPs formally praised our new fund in the Commons and a fresh raft of public figures and celebrities joined the bid to help community groups and charities tackle inequality. Mark Field, MP for Cities of London and Westminster , tabled a cross-party Commons motion welcoming the Standard campaign, while ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Newspapers look for ways to profit in Internet age
LONDON — Newspapers worldwide are being forced to reinvent themselves for the Internet age -- and will be watching closely the success of two experiments launched in London, analysts say. Suffering a long-term fall in sales and a collapse in advertising revenue as the world goes online for its news, the press has for years been scrambling to decide how to respond. In Britain, Rupert Murdoch's Times and Sunday Times finally went ahead from Friday with their long-promised plan to start charging readers for online access to their journalism, the first non-specialist papers to do so here. The move comes after the less ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


AP 2006 us history_b_scoring guide
Document G: David Low cartoon in the London Evening Standard, March 1948 ..... Advertising companies multiply; advertising accounts for 3 percent of Gross ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Test of “Light” cigarette counter-advertising using a standard ...
a standard test of advertising eVectiveness. Saul ShiVman, Steven L Burton, Janine L Pillitteri, ..... evening. However, it was not possible to assign ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Fashion Institute of Technology - Advertising and Marketing ...
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Does Legal ask Marketing for Social Media help - for litigation ...
It would be advisable for any pro marketing specialist/manager to have had ongoing relationships with the legal team. You ought to have already been in contact re: ecommerce selling programs, spam, privacy and data protection! Social media is a hot topic and ought to have been discussed or at least some memos passed. This happens in most cases in larger companies. Social media is a different approach, however there are a lot of comparisons to how the PR department communicate and how social media works is communicated. At present I see there's 3 approaches used in business both large and small, in-house and within agencies.
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