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Fast-food advertising pledge 'cynical'

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Now it’s time to see whether we really want to make a difference — by changing our habits in a meaningful way, despite the inconvenience. Earth Day – recycled bottles in a three-car garage … by dagosan [April 24, 2005] If politicians and the public were serious about achieving fuel economy — in order to save money and save Earth from greenhouse gases — they would start enforcing our speed limit laws and rollback the highway speed limit to 55 mph. [ followup (July 4, 2008): see our post " speed limit politics "] Fuel economy decreases rapidly above 60 mph, according to the FTC . And, as ...
with many body characteristics adapted for cold temperatures, for moving across snow, ice, and open water, and for hunting the seals which make up most of its diet. Although most polar bears are born on land, they spend most of their time at sea (hence their scientific name meaning " maritime bear") and can hunt consistently only from sea ice , so spend much of the year on the frozen sea. The polar bear is classified as a vulnerable species , with 8 of the 19 polar bear subpopulations in decline. 2 For decades, unrestricted hunting raised international concern for the future of the species; populations have rebounded ...
Budget Burning CONTINUES in Bengal Also as RED Tears of Social ...
Eleven Special Operation Group personnel were killed in Orissa on Sunday when Maoists blew up the van carrying them. The attack happened at Govindapalli in Malkangiri district of Orissa. A Delhi University professor was on Sunday detained by police for his suspected links with Maoists, including arrested leader Khobad Ghandy, police sources said here. Sunil Mandiwal, an assistant professor with Dayal Singh College, was questioned for two hours before he was released, the sources said. Mandiwal's wife Laxmi, also a DU professor, said the team (from Delhi police and Andhra Pradesh police) which picked him up from their ... market research, surveys and trends
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The “Taliban” offensive in Nigeria is continuing, and emergency security measures have been implemented in four northern states. In other news, Hizb ut-Tahrir — flush with their recent success in Chicago — are planning two new conferences, one in Ontario and one in Londonistan. The Canadian meeting will be held in a government-owned facility. Thanks to AA, Barry Rubin, C. Cantoni, heroyalwhyness, Insubria, Nilk , Sean O’Brian , TB, The Lurker from Tulsa, Tuan Jim, TV, Vlad Tepes , and all the other tipsters who sent these in. Headlines and articles are below the fold. - - - - - - - - - Italy: Bankitalia; Profits Down, More Jobs ... market research, surveys and trends


June 2005 Archives - Advertising and Marketing Blog - AdPulp
"sold out" to Budweiser. Brothers Gregg and Evan Spiridellis, famous for their "This Land" election-year animation, take a somewhat defensive posture (which is understandable, but in my opinion unnecessary) as they attempt to explain they've always been, and will continue to be, a commercial operation. In the middle of the election madness of 2004, when my brother and I were scrambling to deal with crashing web servers and tens of thousands of incoming emails, we got an interesting phone call. The Budweiser brand team wanted to fly out from St. Louis to meet with us. We were psyched. Budweiser is the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Cynical-C Blog: February 2007 Archives
While his abductor was driving Clay away from the bus stop, the boy took the safety pin off his sleeve and nervously played with it, Kelle said. When Clay was taken from the truck into the woods, he put the safety pin in his mouth, his stepfather said. Asked later by his parents why he did that, he said he "just thought it would be helpful," Kelle said. The abductor tied Clay up with duct tape and gagged him with a sock, Kelle said. When the boy was sure the man had left, he spit the sock -- and the safety pin -- onto the ground. With his hands still bound in front of him, Clay used a stick and his mouth to get the pin ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


The food industry and self-regulation: Standards to ...
beverage pledge, the Children's Food and. Beverage Advertising Initiative does not meet most of the standards described in ..... The cynical practices of the tobacco industry, .... chasing behavior and calorie information at fast-food ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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known food products in addition to its cigarettes mainstay. Chairman and .... ers”, as tobacco companies so cynically refer to our children. ... Red and White cigarette ads disguised as advertisements for a national bravery award. .... no smoking pledge to keep their game smoke-free. There are also plans to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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I doubt it... | Ask MetaFilter
With each year that I get older, I get a little more cynical. I can't even watch TV without spitting nails with all the product placement, I hate most movies, I lost faith in the God I was raised to believe in as a child and I find very little joy in most things now a days. My wife is pissed because I'm so negative and doubtful of everything. She'd like to see me a happier. I've been the counselor route before but most don't understand me so I want to explore other ways to be less cynical (I'm open to books - I love to read) So does anyone have a way I can start to change my attitude, accept the ...
I'm having a really bad day; can anyone help me to feel better by ...
Thank you for the advice; this really did help me to have a good day, but unfortunately for me, after i had a good day, things got worse. =( There are currently no comments for this question. * You must be logged into Answers to add comments. Sign in or Register . You're having a bad day? My girlfriend just dumped me because me manhood is too small and I'm fat. And on top of that I can't pay my bills because I'm unemployed and I'm about to go bankrupt. The neighboor's pit bull killed my cat of 10 years. Things absolutely suck, and you're having a bad day? Hope you ...