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Fast food advertising slogans

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Commercials. While most television viewers claim to hate the tiny annoyances that pop up on their screen and interrupt an evening with their favorite show, it's equally true that commercials hold true potential to sway  customers into buying a product. Numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of ads, particularly where fast food is concerned, which is why the companies continue to shell out the big bucks it takes to have their commercials run on television. It's equally true, however, that the wrong sort of advertising can turn a customer off of a product. Rebecca, a 28-year-old stay at home mom, says this ...
has employed varied advertising programs, both successful and unsuccessful, since its foundation in 1954. During the 1970s, output included a memorable jingle, the inspiration for its current mascot the Burger King and several well-known and parodied slogans such as Have it your way and It takes two hands to hold a Whopper . 1 2 Starting in the early 1980s and running through approximately 2002, BK engaged a series of ad agencies that produced many unsuccessful slogans and programs, including its biggest advertising flop Where's Herb? . 3 Beginning in 2003, BK began resuscitating its moribund advertising with the hiring of ...
世界著名品牌英文广告语大全 Advertising Slogans 2_summer_新浪博客
"Bring out the Best Foods/Hellmann's, and bring out the best" - Best Foods and Hellmann's Mayonnaise "Bring out the Branston!" - (pickle) "Choosy mothers choose Jif" - Jif Peanut Butter "The cheesiest!" - Kraft Macaroni & Cheese "For mash get Smash" - Smash instant mashed potatoes, 1974, Boase Massimi Pollitt "It's the way it shatters that matters" - Violet Crumble "If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit joing our Club" - Jacob's Club "The man from Del Monte, he say yes" - canned fruits "M'm, M'm Good" ... market research, surveys and trends
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The predecessor of what is now the Burger King international food chain Quick was founded in 1953 in Jacksonville, Florida, and Insta-Burger King. The founders and owners, Kieth J. Kramer and his wife's uncle, Matthew Burns, opened its first Shop around a piece of equipment known as the Insta-grill. Insta-grill oven has been so successful for cooking hamburgers, they needed all their franchises to carry the device. After the company's parents began to fail in 1959 was acquired by Miami, Florida, franchisees and R. James McLamore David Edgerton, who renamed the company Burger King. The duo led the company as an ... market research, surveys and trends


Fast Food Nation
CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN SITS on the eastern slope of Colorado’s Front Range, rising steeply from the prairie and overlooking the city of Colorado Springs. From a distance, the mountain appears beautiful and serene, dotted with rocky outcroppings, scrub oak, and ponderosa pine. It looks like the backdrop of an old Hollywood western, just another gorgeous Rocky Mountain vista. And yet Cheyenne Mountain is hardly pristine. One of the nation’s most important military installations lies deep within it, housing units of the North American Aerospace Command, the Air Force Space Command, and the United States Space Command. During ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
IHOP Corporation -- Company History
IHOP's vision is to be number one in family dining. Being number one means being best in class and leading the industry on all fronts--including development, operations, and marketing--to produce strong system-wide sales and comparable restaurant sales growth. Being number one requires strong leadership, shareholder support, and the commitment of franchisees and employees. It involves a genuine willingness to embrace change, rethink processes, promote innovation, and generate enthusiasm. We have that commitment. Key Dates: 1958: Al Lapin, Jr., opens the first IHOP restaurant. 1959: The IHOP chain becomes an operating ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
From TV to table
moment''. Regular viewers - most of us, really - know it well. It happens when Gary Mehigan tastes a winning dish. In the split second that follows, sweeping across his face we see surprise, then delight, then pride. Genuine pride. He looks like a dad at a primary school concert. For Mehigan, these contestants aren't just battling for a prize on a reality television show. They are his apprentices and he is their mentor. "I love teaching people stuff," he says. "I want them to cook good food." Mehigan's desire to nurture is as infectious as his smiling face, Matt Preston's Wildean ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


A comparison of parents' and children's knowledge of brands and ...
(a cognitive recognition test of advertising slogans) between children and their ... snack food, fast food, and breakfast cereal. Both message content and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Advertising Health: The Case for Counter-Ads
anti-drug slogans does not necessarily translate into drug-free behavior. ..... ald's and other fast food companies to change their cooking policies. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
College students remember advertising slogans - University of ...
Students surveyed at three Texas universities could correctly identify the advertising slogans for Nike, M&Ms and Taco Bell, but they may not correctly identify the significance of July 4, 1776, according to a new University of North Texas study. Dr. Roy Busby, professor of journalism, and Leslie Carter, a student in UNT's Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism, asked 316 students in introductory political science and advertising classes at UNT, Texas A&M University and Southern Methodist University to identify current and older ad slogans. Names of the products were marked out in the slogans. The students also answered ...
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Retail Store Slogans/Catch Phrases? - Yahoo! Answers
I need catch phrases/slogans of common retail stores such as walmart "save money live better"....also i need common fast food joint slogans such as mcd's 'im lovin it"..and maybe even common food items like frosted flakes "they're great!" ...plz give me as many as u know..thanx =] Member since: January 06, 2008 Total points: 71729 (Level 7) Badge Image: Burger King fast food restaurants Slogans: Have it your way You're the Boss The fire's ready Your Way, Right Away Best Food for Fast Times America Loves Burgers and We're America's Burger King Burger King, Home of the ...
Google Answers: Advertising slogan for company
I'm looking for 8-10 potential advertising slogans for a mobile storage company (we bring storage containers to comsumers, they load them, and we then return to pick up the container(s) and store them at our warehouse). Any ideas? Request for Question Clarification by digsalot-ga on 26 Mar 2003 23:24 PST Forgive me for putting this in the request for clarification section. But after numerous attempts to post it in comments and getting nothing but 'action can't be completed' notices, this is about the only field left without making a formal answer. "Your attic 's not static" "You ...