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Frequency Capping Is Key

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With the advent of ad networks and the availability of ad exchanges, why is it such a challenge to get banner inventory to convert? There is no easy answer as each site and each advertiser have their own unique challenges. We all measure our returns differently. As a DR advertiser I always look for an action such as a lead or a sale. I am 100% performance driven! For another advertiser, they may be looking at solely engagement such as click-through rates or a mouse-over. Many examine impressions and care only about premium inventory for branding purposes. To understand the title, Banner Advertising, Does It Still Work? we need ...
to act as mechanical levers or electronic switches. After punch cards and paper tape, interaction via teletype-style keyboards became the main input device for computers. During the 1980's and 1990's almost all computers came equipped with them as the main form of interaction. Despite the development of alternative input devices, such as the mouse (computing mouse), touch sensitive screens, pen devices, character recognition, voice recognition, and improvements in computer speed and memory size, the keyboard remains the most commonly used and most versatile device used for direct (human) input into computers. A ...
REVIEWS AND OPINIONS - Why advertising campaigns fail
In 2006, Greg Stuart, Interactive Advertising Bureau CEO, estimated that advertisers’ waste, that is, impressions reaching the wrong audience or none at all, was $112 billion a year in America and $220 billion worldwide, or just over half of their total spending. Wanamaker was remarkably accurate. In 2009, we have made little progress. A recent research from ComScore indicates that only a small minority of campaigns reach their intended audience with the desired frequency. Of eight U.S. brand campaigns with budgets between $400,000 and $2 million, ComScore said none reached more than 20 percent of their target with a frequency ... market research, surveys and trends
Successful Innovation Means Managing the Losers | Freelance Blogging
Most companies in the innovation game can proudly point to their winners–those new products/services that launched success fully and exceeded expectations for re venue/profit/market share. However, those same companies often express frustration/dissatisfaction with their overall return on innovation investment. Frank Lynn & Associates has worked with many companies that are considered innovators in their industries. This issue of the Client Communiqué shares some lessons learned from the firm’s experience with those leaders. Lesson Learned : Even the leading innovators express frustration with the process. We ... market research, surveys and trends


SiliconBeat: Silicon Valley ad veterans launch start-up, Adify ...
Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. So it is with Larry Braitman and Richard Thompson, the guys who formed Flycast Communications a decade ago, to create an online advertising network that served smaller Web sites. It enjoyed a $500 million IPO and then, in the frothy year of 1999, was acquired by CMGI for $2.3 billion. They are trying it again with a new start-up, Adify, and are looking to aggressively undercut rivals. Flycast had created the first "blind" advertising network, where a network of advertisers served ads to participating Web sites, and there was little negotiation. Times have changed, and now ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Grab Networks | Ad Network+Exchanges Guide | Advertising Age
Grab Networks reaches more than 6 million engaged viewers in the U.S., according to comScore (February 2009). We serve more than 18 million video streams per month in the U.S. Our composition among the key consumer audience of adults 18 to 49 is 61 percent. Because our site partners understand the content needs of their viewers so well, we have very high engagement metrics: 82 percent of viewers watch the pre-stream ad through completion. We can target by content category: news, business, sports, casual gaming, lifestyle, entertainment and health. We offer multiple content subcategories based on your particular needs. We provide ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
LucidMedia Partners with AlmondNet, BlueKai, and eXelate to Expand Online ...
)--As part of its effort to provide advertisers with the most comprehensive audience targeting capabilities available, LucidMedia ( ), a leading online advertising demand-side platform (DSP), today announced that it will integrate a rich base of data from three market leaders into its DSP. These include: behavioral targeting pioneer AlmondNet, the leading aggregator of data and provider of enabling technology for audience targeting; BlueKai, creators of the world's largest data auction marketplace and online marketing’s largest source of high ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The NFL's 100 Best Current Players: Players 10-1
Just two seasons ago Larry Fitzgerald was the second receiver on the Arizona Cardinals depth chart. The coaching staff and fans believed him to be—at the time—inferior to Anquan Boldin who ranks only 70th on this list of the here and now. Currently Larry Fitzgerald is a unanimous top three wide receiver around the league. So then what changed? Fitzgerald’s work ethic is what changed. What a lot of people do not know is that Larry Fitzgerald is only 26 years young. That’s right. Fitzgerald is incredibly young and is still in the prime of his career. In fact it is arguable if he has even entered it yet. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Predicting Ad Network Frequency Capping to Increase Publisher Revenue
Some of the key benefits of frequency capping are: Increased Reach – Frequency capping is an efficient way to increase reach by expanding ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
SOFIA - New Tertiary stratigraphy - Characterization of the ...
The lithostratigraphy of the Arcadia Formation is based mainly on examination and analysis of the Stock Island, Long Key, and Everglades Cores ( Fig. 1 ). The mineralogy of the Arcadia Formation is principally low-magnesium calcite with subordinate amounts of dolomite and aragonite ( Fig. 7 ). Aragonite is most abundant in the Stock Island Core ( Fig. 7 ). Quartz grains are very minor components of cores from the Keys but increase northeastward in the upper Arcadia of the Everglades Core, where they may constitute as much as 20% of the rock ( Fig. 7 ). The Stock Island Core contains as much as about 3% black phosphorite grains ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Discovering Key Concepts in Verbose Queries
is cap(ci) This feature is a Boolean indicator that is set ... tf(ci) Concept term frequency in the corpus. We assume that key concepts will tend to have a ...
How do I set frequency capping for a line item? - DFP Small ...
Enter your desired maximum number of impressions per user, then select the time period for the frequency cap from the drop-down menu. Add additional frequency caps as needed. Click Save . Frequency capping may not work for any user who's disabled cookies. Was this information helpful? DFP Small Business - Help with other Google products - ©2010 Google Inc. | DoubleClick is a division of Google Inc.
Adsense is going to change
In the coming months, we'll be rolling out some new foundational features in AdWords for the content network. These features are intended to enhance your earning potential and the effectiveness of ads we serve to users on your sites. Some of the benefits of these features include: Frequency capping, which prevents users from repeatedly seeing the same ads on your pages. Improved attribution, to help advertisers identify the best performing sites in the network based on post-impression activity. Improved ads quality, as we're able to improve ad performance within the Google content network. You can read about these in ...