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Special Report on

Gator Advertising Information Network

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Fourth quarter 2009 was the channel's most watched ever among total viewers and the key P18-49 demo with more than 20 percent growth in keyA/B counties. 2 With additional growth in first quarter, Mediaweek recently singled out CMT's 2010 Prime, ranking us one of the fastest-growing cable networks. CMT has undergone a sweeping brand makeover. It began with a far-reaching brand study. The resulting creative and positioning makes CMT's purpose and tone crystal clear: Its programming demonstrates how carefully chosen CMT values manifest themselves in everything the network does. While music keeps CMT true to its ...
advertising network, which it claimed serviced over 40 million users. Claria exited the adware business at the end of second quarter 2006., and eventually shut down completely in October 2008. However, its software still remains installed on millions of PCs. Gator was perhaps best known for the flagship Gator (also known as Gain AdServer ) adware products, which collects personal information from its unknowing users, including all websites visited and portions of credit card numbers 1 in order to target and display ads on the computers of web surfers. It bills itself as the "leader in online behavioral marketing". The ...
Remove Spyware: How to Uninstall Date Manager: A Step-by-Step ...
This article gives an overview of Date Manager adware, a program developed by the Gator Advertising Information Network (GAIN). It also shows how to remove date manager Date Manager is an application developed by the Gator Advertising Information Network (GAIN). It is typically installed with Gator, an online browser plug-in that is designed to automatically fill out web forms to save users time. Once Gator is installed, Date Manager spywarecan inadvertently be installed on the user's computer – usually with a simple click on "OK" in a pop-up window. More often than not, this is how it gets installed on most computers. market research, surveys and trends
Pop-up ads invade Department of Homeland Security
I just noticed the article in my favorite technological news update website which I find it worrisome. I've always noticed the huge amount of ironic elements in the current US policy - e.g. No Child Left Behind, Clean Air Act - in which the policy name is actually the opposite of the end result of the policy. Talking about it, it just hit me that the appointees to the US's Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee is actually one of the world's largest offender in gaining private information from the net. Pop-up ads invade Department of Homeland Security ... market research, surveys and trends


Gator Information Center
makes several free applications that are distributed over the Internet. (On October 30, 2003, the company changed its name to Claria Corporation , but continues to operate in the same way it did before the name change.) Gator/Claria products are often delivered to end-users by being bundled with other applications or through "drive-by downloads" that pop up an ActiveX dialog and start the installation process if you say "Yes". Gator applications include eWallet, DateManager, WeatherScope, and PrecisionTime. eWallet keeps track of the data you enter on web forms (including credit cards) so it can ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Spyware, adware plague Windows users online - MacDailyNews
"Spyware, adware and other code that lurks on hard drives has become so pervasive it's bedeviling home users, driving corporate technology managers to distraction and has become the top complaint in customer service calls to computer makers," Declan McCullagh reports for CNET "But participants in a one-day workshop convened Monday by the Federal Trade Commission couldn't decide what to do about it." McCullagh reports, "Spyware and adware problems became the largest single customer service complaint late last year, Dell attorney Maureen Cushman told the FTC workshop. It's become ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Privacy: A Study of Attitudes and Behaviors in US, UK and EU ...
Oct 8, 2001 ... known – is the Gator Advertising Information Network (GAIN). This software provides several useful functions – and also can gather ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
PCPitstop Gator Research - Comment
applications ("adware") as part of its Gator Advertising Information Network ( GAIN). In late September 2003, the company changed its name to Claria ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Have you ever received a phone call from a telemarketer during dinner? Do e-mails entitled "Protect Your Computer Against Viruses for $9.95" or "GET A FREE PASS TO THOUSANDS OF XXX SITES" annoy you? Are you tired of watching advertisements that continue after the posted start time for a movie? Many Americans are irritated with the amount of daily interruptions caused by the current lack of advertising regulations. In some instances, the advertisers shift their marketing costs to unwilling e-mail users or moviegoers. This article focuses on unsolicited communications and potential solutions to the ...
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What is Adware.GAIN? Is it harmful to my computer? - Yahoo! Answers
"GAIN" stands for Gator Advertising Information Network (see link below). It is software that downloads and displays advertising on your computer targeted to what you do on the computer. It is usually installed in some sneaky way. It is not exactly dangerous, but it does consume your computer's resources (disk space, memory, cpu time, internet bandwidth) while providing no real benefit to you. It is also a privacy risk since it tracks your web usage to better target ads to you. It can be removed safely and you should remove it. I would start by using the GAIN removal tool from Symantic (link below). But after that you ...
Overture Services has signed a three-year deal with Gator
The deal turns up the heat on a rivalry between Google and Overture--two of the dominant forces in one of the Web's hottest marketing sectors. In particular, it gives Overture access to visitors of its chief competitor and it helps the company broaden its own advertising search network onto a new platform. hhhmmmmmmmmm.... I hope this comes back to bite OV in the a$$. With the possibility of losing MSN or YAHOO!, a sign of desparation? It makes AdWords a much more compelling value (at least from an ethical - and hopefully a business perspective), particularly if OV doesn't offer the ability to opt-out of this new ...