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Google Ad Manager Help

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I don't know of any better place to put this, so I'll put it here. Maybe some Ad Manager people will stumble across it, or maybe ASA will be kind enough to point someone to it. I've been struggling with Ad Manager for a little while now. I like the idea of it, and it strikes me that Google has ahold of about half a good product there. So for those of you who have been working with it, if you have features you'd like to see, post them here, or if you know how to help out with other issues, you can post that too. My first list: - Respond to support issues in a timely manner. I have had an open issue about ...
but it also provides a variety of useful features for managing the sales process of online ads using a publishers dedicated sales team. Should a publisher not sell out all their available ad inventory they can choose to run either other Ad Networks or AdSense Ads as Remnant Inventory in GAM.
Startup Competitive Advantages that Work
When I meet an angel investor, he may ask: "What if a big company copies your idea and develops the same website as yours after your website goes public?" How can I answer this question? No, the question is: What are doing now knowing that a big company will copy your idea? No, wait, the real question is: What are you going to do when another smart, scrappy startup copies it, and gets $10m in funding, and is thrice featured on TechCrunch? No, wait, I'm sorry, the real question is: What are you going to do when there are four totally free, open-source competitors? No wait, I forgot, actually the question is: What ... market research, surveys and trends
Dan Moore! » Open Source Ad Server Roundup
during the interview) argues that building your own ad pipeline is harder than using an ad network, but is far more profitable and sustainable.  Ad networks are easy to slap in and give a startup instant revenue, but automated content targeting leaves something to be desired.  In addition, there’s no relationship built between the content purveyor and the advertiser, which leaves the content purveyor more vulnerable to advertising cutbacks.  Advertising salespeople are the easiest to hire, and the easiest to fire, as they should pay for themselves.  (As an aside, here’s an interesting article by Jakob Nielsen talking ... market research, surveys and trends


Avalanche, LLC
“Our mission is to help singles find dates and love via easy-to-use ... now host more than 10 million members worldwide and our sites add an average of ... Lehine and Ealdama now use Google Ad Manager for 100 percent of the ad serving ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Google Updates Publisher Ad Server
Google is taking the wraps off its new publisher-side ad platform, combining its technologies with DoubleClick's systems.   DoubleClick for Publishers melds DART for Publishers and Google Ad Manager. The combined product is designed to ease the complexity publishers face in serving ads, managing ad network relationships and maximizing revenue from inventory sold directly and through ad nets or exchanges.   Google paid $3.1 billion to acquire DoubleClick in April 2007.   New features include an open API that lets publishers tie in third-party applications like forecasting and workflow tools, integration with ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Optimizing Yourself For The Yahoo! Microsoft Search Alliance
With the Yahoo/Microsoft Search Alliance in full swing, the accompanying transitions of both paid and organic search are imminent. As such, search publishers and search marketers alike have some work to do. I’m going to walk you through this as best I can from the perspective of a large advertiser within Yahoo. I will endeavor to provide tips and information that will enable both large and small advertisers, publishers, and webmasters to navigate the process smoothly. I’ll progress from the simplest of issues to the more complex, starting with a guide to resources. First, the links The best thing I can do for you is to first ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Google Lets Apps Admins Set Usage Policies for Groups
Google Apps administrators can now set different usage policies for groups within their organization's domains, a feature that many IT departments have requested Google add to this hosted collaboration and communication suite. With this new capability, Apps administrators can divide their user base into groups, each with a specific set of access rights for the suite's applications, which include e-mail, instant messaging, calendar, office productivity software, discussion forums and Web site building tools. For example, a company's marketing department may be allowed access to certain applications and not others, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Google Ad Manager Getting Started Guide
Tip: Visit the Google Ad Manager Help Center, your complete resource for all. Ad Manager topics. Just go to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Testimony of Nicole Wong at Behavioral Advertising Hearing
Jun 18, 2009 ... content because the ads help connect them to the information, .... The couple placed Google Ads on the site to earn revenue, .... ads they see by using our new Ads Preferences Manager ( ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Archive: Class Updates
(MS18) began a new job this summer at Knight Capital Group, just over a month after getting laid off from Morgan Stanley. "It was definitely a life experience to get laid off during one of the worst recessions in history, and also being a foreign worker, it almost seemed impossible to land a job especially in the financial sector," he reported. He now enjoys his job even more than the last: "I work on Knight Direct EMS which is the Electronic/Algorithmic Trading System of Knight. It provides direct market access, through its broker-neutral trading platform, to multiple asset classes and offers ...
Flash banner does not track clicks - DFP Small Business Help
If you've specified a destination URL but your Flash banner still does not track clicks, review your .swf file by opening it directly in a browser. (You can also use tools, such as Action Script Viewer or URL Action Editor, to debug problems with your .swf file.) Click tracking is currently not supported for multiple click destinations within a Flash file. The clickTAG variable is an industry-standard method of tracking Flash creative clicks; it allows Google to register where an ad was displayed when it was clicked on. Problems with Flash creatives may result from an incorrect clickTAG implementation. To troubleshoot this ...
Price Priority - DFP Small Business Help
Line item type used to fill your site's unsold inventory with the highest paying line item available. Price priority line items: Compete only on cost with your other unsold inventory. Delivers as fast as possible . Allow you to specify daily or lifetime delivery caps. Can be set to deliver unlimited impressions and have an unlimited end date. Aren't included in forecast results. Are eligible to compete directly with AdSense. ( Learn more about line items.) Was this information helpful? DFP Small Business - Help with other Google products - ©2010 Google Inc. | DoubleClick is a division of Google Inc.