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Special Report on

Google Advertising Professionals Program

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I registered for the Google Advertising Professionals Program and began setting up my account. Once done I got a cheery email from Google. WHen I go to my Google Advertising Professionals Program homepage I see links on the left - "Home, My Profile, My Company". I used my personal name for the "My Profile" and my business information for the "My Company". All seemed to be going great until I get to the "Link MCC" button. It tells me to link an MCC to my company account. So I go to "My Products" under my Google accoutn and grab the account number. That is when all hell breaks loose. I can't add the account as it give me ...
(PPC) advertising, and site-targeted advertising for both text, banner, and rich-media ads. The AdWords program includes local, national, and international distribution. Google's text advertisements are short, consisting of one headline and two additional text lines. Image ads can be one of several different Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standard sizes. Sales and Support for Google's AdWords division is based in Mountain View, California, with major secondary offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan 2 , the company's third-largest US facility behind its Mountain View, California , headquarters and New York City office. 3
Google introduces new AdWords Certification program | Econsultancy
" its Google Advertising Professionals program and that a new one, the Google AdWords Certification program, will be taking its place. The good news: the previous $1,000 minimum 90-day ad spend required has been eliminated for individuals who would like to participate, and the minimum 90-day ad spend for agencies has been reduced to $10,000 from $100,000. That means that more individuals and agencies will have the opportunity to participate. Additionally, Google is introducing preferred AdWords API pricing. Depending on the spend of their clients, agencies can even earn free API units. Google hopes that the preferred ... market research, surveys and trends
Goodbye Google Advertising Professionals Program, Hello Google ...
has announced. The change means those certified through GAP will have six months to recertify under the new program. The change may also allow more companies to gain certification, as the overall required spend level has been lowered. More below. Google Advertising Professionals launched in 2004 and is being phased out in place of the Google AdWords Certification program. Part of this change is to offer more training materials, more challenging certification exams, offer more advanced exams to test search , display, reporting and analysis and a shiny redesigned Certified Partner badge. This change means that those who want to be ... market research, surveys and trends


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I met today with a new startup in the mobile space that I would all-but-guarantee is going to be acquired by either a hardware OEM or major mobile competitor. The company hasn’t officially launched so I can’t identify who it is. Sorry; I realize this is kind of like Hotwire with hotel rooms. I was impressed by a number of features that the company’s app offer and there’s broad mainstream mobile user appeal there too. It’s the kind of thing that isn’t just another app; it rises above the noise because of some of the unique features it offers. The company is formally launching soon, first on ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Web Analytics World Blog: October 2008 Archive
Consumers and the global economy are creating the toughest, most challenging holiday season in recent Internet history--so what’s a savvy digital agency or search marketing professional to do? Make darn sure your clients get their share of these tighter consumer dollars. And the way to do this is to ensure your product gets top placement on the search engine results pages (SERPs). At Ad:Tech New York, Enquisite, Inc, a developer and provider of search optimization solutions, will demonstrate how its search analytics tools help online marketers move their rankings up from the Bermuda triangle of SERPs—page two and beyond--to the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
WPC: 'We missed a generation with Windows Mobile,' Ballmer says
Ah, Microsoft's mobile operating system. These days, the phrase is almost an oxymoron -- like "Microsoft Works." Sure, companies like HTC have been able to finagle Windows Mobile into something attractive by layering their own UIs on top, but WinMo hasn't changed much since I was using a Motorola Q three years ago. The last big update Microsoft made was Windows Mobile 6.5, released back in October. In February, Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7, an operating system Microsoft hopes will let its mobile business jump from the last generation of smart phones to the next generation. "We missed a generation ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Platform Computing Honored in Seventh Annual International Business Awards(SM)
a dynamic private cloud management solution, in %22Best New Product of the Year - Computer Software%22 in The 2010 International Business Awards (IBA), the only global business awards program honoring great performances in business. Platform ISF creates a private cloud computing infrastructure to efficiently manage application workloads according to workload-smart and resource-aware policies, for multiple virtual and physical platforms. TORONTO, July 19 -- /PRNewswire/ -- Platform Computing has earned a Distinguished Honoree medal for Platform ISF , a dynamic private cloud management solution, in "Best New Product of the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


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Google Advertising Professionals Program Front End Redesign. · Assisted the core team in the redesign of the front end of AdWords, Google's flagship ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
WaterSense Professional Certification Program Evaluation Factors ..... Conduct Google image searches. •. Utilize media tracking services ..... During the period of suspension, the builder partner is prohibited from advertising itself as ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Emory Corporate Learning Instructor Biographies
Vivian Bright is the Chief Development Officer and a managing partner of Performance Solutions by Design. As a certified Performance Consultant, Vivian focuses her efforts on assisting clients in their discovery of purpose, foundational values and a strategy for a sustainable culture of service excellence. Vivian worked her way through several leadership roles with The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, LLC from Quality Assurance Manager to Corporate Director of Training & Organizational Effectiveness. Vivian was instrumental in the development and growth of the company’s Leadership Center which offers learning and education to ...
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Feedback Gladly Accepted!
It isn't often that I start my own threads, but today I've been offered a pretty cool opportunity, and I think a new thread is probably in order. I was chatting with a couple of the folks from the Google Advertising Professional team, and I proudly mentioned that a very high percentage (18% as I recall?) of the first 100 Qualified Pros were members of this Forum. (And, the cool thing is that they were actually aware of this, since they read the Advertiser Feedback Report, and I'd mentioned the percentage way back when.) Then, they started wondering aloud what suggestions folks on this Forum might have about the ...
Linking MCC to Advertising Professional Program Account - AdWords Help
Hi guys, I am at my wits end with this linking MCC to Adwords business. I have studied your suggestions and will attempt to implement them when I get off work today...It's so frustrating. I hope it works. Hi Nicholas. Walker, Hope you've been able to link them. In case you are still looking for an answer, see if this helps. 1. Log into the Google Advertising Professionals program site at professionals . 2. On the Company account homepage, click "Link MCC" and input the MCC ID number of the account to which you are linking (you must be an administrator for this MCC, and it cannot be ...