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Great Advertising Campaigns

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Very few subject areas are as bemoaned as advertising, mainly because the vast majority of adverts are mildly annoying interruptions to our perfectly pleasant everyday lives. There are, however, exceptions, little cultural gems that genuinely entertain whilst selling their wares. I should admit here to being fascinated by advertising, even the bad, or more particularly, what it is that makes one particular advert good. So I have compiled my favorite five adverts, concluding with, unsurprisingly, the one which I consider to be the very best. There is good reason why an ad for the latest anti-aging cream, or cure for baldness will ...
and it was unveiled on May 11, 2004 at a Sony press conference before E3 2004. The system was released in Japan on December 12, 2004, in North America on March 24, 2005, 3 and in the PAL region on September 1, 2005. The PlayStation Portable is the first handheld video game console to use an optical disc format, Universal Media Disc (UMD), as its primary storage medium. Other distinguishing features of the console include its large viewing screen, robust multi-media capabilities, and connectivity with the PlayStation 2 , PlayStation 3 , other PSPs, and the Internet . Sales of the PSP have lagged ...
Videogames highlights - July 2010, Underdogs Edition | Sir ...
’s feast of mainly “triple-A” games, this new round of videogaming highlights focuses for the large part on minor titles, original games and games anyway without great advertising campaigns so far. After all interactive entertainment has never been directly tied to the money spent by developers and publishers for its packaging in finished products. On the contrary: the more the gaming business becomes an “industry”, the less an eclectic and old-time player like me tends to care about just the big titles on the limelight. Big titles already receive all the attentions by everybody so it’s ... market research, surveys and trends
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Rihanna stars in the newest TV ad for Optus entitled "Out Of This World" Credits: PRODUCTION COMPANY: THE COLONY - SYDNEY/U.S.A DIRECTOR: The Colony PRODUCER: SUSAN WALKER DP: WILLIAM REXER II VFX: POST MODERN SYDNEY VFX SUPERVISOR: JAMES ROGERS ... Posted on Thursday August 19th, 2010 at 11:53 am in celebrity commercials Credits: Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, NY, USA CCO: Joyce King Thomas Group CD: Vann Graves Copywriter: Kate Lummus Producer: Jonathan Shipman Prod Co: Bob Industries, Santa Monica Director: Harry Cocciolo DP: Stefan Czapsky EPs: TK Knowles, ... Posted on Wednesday July 14th, 2010 at 06:43 ... market research, surveys and trends


February 2008 | Great Advertising, Clever Ads
Simplicity is what I love most in advertising (print ads only) this ad for Home Centre has been done so many times in other ad campaigns, yet I still consider it great work. It is simple and effective advertising. Great ads come from great ideas and this idea keeps repeating itself. Madison Avenue thinks a tasty approach will give new life to Welch's grape juice. Welch's is taking out full-page print ads in People magazine this month that give readers a chance to sample its grape juice by licking the ad. The front of the advertisement shows a huge bottle of the juice, while the back has a strip that peels up and off, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Advertising, Price, And Welfare: Evidence From The U.S. Brewing ...
The welfare effect of advertising has been a subject of controversy among economists for some time. One obvious concern is simply the cost of advertising. In 1990, for example, Americans spent $130.1 billion on advertising. To put this figure into perspective, this amounted to $523 per capita, 2.35 percent of gross national product, and roughly 80 percent of the national deficit.(1) Much of the early debate regarding the social desirability of advertising stems from different preconceptions regarding its purpose [13; 14; 8; 49]. For example, according to the Kaldor [29] hypothesis advertising is primarily persuasive or deceptive ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Playing the risk card
Resembling speakers at a motivational sales seminar seeking to sign up the audience, Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott put their parties' case to a forum in Brisbane this week. Picture: Lyndon Mechielsen Source: The Australian Whoever wins government today, the strategies will have been much the same in this extraordinary political year IN the dying hours of this unique federal election campaign, two advertisements from both Labor and Liberal summed up the previous five weeks. They were the same. An unflattering black-and-white photo of Tony Abbott, alongside a family. An unflattering black-and-white photo of Julia Gillard, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Startup of the Week: Adometry
a six-person Redmond startup founded two years ago by John Dietz and Rob Perrier. We caught up with the former employees of the Walt Disney Internet Group this week for the latest installment of Startup of the Week . What’s your elevator pitch — in 140 characters or less... We bring greater levels of transparency and accountability to online advertising. Our service is like a Bloomberg terminal for monitoring display advertising campaigns. We came up with the idea for the startup.. . While working on the advertising platform for the Disney Internet Group. We noticed two things: we were collecting hundreds of gigabytes of data ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Great Advertising Campaigns: Goals and Accomplishments (HF 5837 .I53 1993). Major Marketing Campaigns Annual, 1998 (Ref HF 5837 .M35 1998) ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
GRANHOLM - Granholm Says Pure Michigan Campaign vital to Tourism ...
Granholm Says Pure Michigan Campaign vital to Tourism Industry, a Key Sector in Effort to Diversify Economy, Create Jobs Contact:  Megan Brown 517-335-6397 May 7, 2010 In radio address, governor says stable funding source needed to keep campaign going     LANSING - In her weekly radio address, Governor Jennifer M. Granholm today said that the Pure Michigan advertising campaign is vital to boosting tourism in the state and creating jobs.  Pure Michigan television ads began running nationally this week and will continue through early July. "Tourism is one of the sectors we've targeted to help ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Plans Book. • Recall that research is the foundation of a great advertising campaign. • Determine where to start, how to obtain and how to process data ...
  1. profile image RickMathieson Forbes: Lessons from the great #socialmedia campaigns & a new book on the topic #advertising
  2. profile image mattcee making flash web banners for advertising campaigns is boring and more difficult when the assets are not great.
  3. profile image RedBalloonKB haha @dextersworld - I'll vote for you! @NaomiSimson - I'm equally appalled at the quality of political advertising campaigns. Great blog!
Dog Food (Canine Diet and Nutrition): king charles spaniel x cairn ...
Positive: understand dog food ingredients, types of supplements for different situations (mostly organic), types of home cooking, premium commercial foods, single/novel protein sources and switching to this diet, have represented Healthy Pet Net Company for two years and Simplexity Health Supplements for one year. Negative: Cannot and will not diagnose but via my experiences, strengths, trials with my own pets and discussions with nutritional experts will share my research and learning with you. Experience First and foremost living with rescue pets who came to me with a multitude of nutritional, dietary and physical problems. I ...
Site Design: Ugly or Usable?
Why is it that ugly works? You know the ones I mean - sites with garish color schemes, awkward layout and text placement - no sign of any usability techniques... I've always been a fan of web usability, following Nielsens guidelines etc, always looking to improve the usability of my site, and maintaining a nice clean design. It's difficult to watch an 'ugly' site come from nowhere, climbing it's way up the search engine results. While my own site appears to stagnate, despite constantly adding new content, and tweaking site design. What are the reasons? Let's say we have an ugly site and a usable ...