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Great Moments in Advertising

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Random Musings By A Mid-20th Century Gay Man On The Memories, Experiences, People, Animals & Things That He Loves To See, Hear, Feel, Smell & Imbibe "Pioneers… oh pioneers… come my tanned faced children… get your weapons ready… have you your pistols?" I have been very struck by the current Levi’s ads that feature lines from Walt Whitman’s Poem America. The ads are produced by Portland’s own Wieden + Kennedy , a very productive & interesting agency with a very groovy headquarters in the Pearl District. I was knocked out of my seat to discover that the narration is actually ...
regularly features different sketches that follow the monologue and precede interviews with guests. Often these are repeated absurdist segments, involving various cast members, Dave's friends, audience participation, edited or contrived news or promotional videos, or competitions or stunts staged outside the Ed Sullivan Theater . Currently, the show's regularly scheduled segments consist of "Small Town News" on Mondays and "Fun Facts" on Fridays. Thursdays often feature a rotating set of three audience participation segments: "Know Your Current Events", "Stump the Band", and ...
Great Moments in Advertising: Leo Burnett's Speech: Branding ...
That will be the day when you spend more time trying to make money and less time making advertising – our kind of advertising. When you forget that the sheer fun of ad making and the lift you get out of it – the creative climate of the place – should be as important as money to the very special breed of writers and artists and business professionals who compose this company of ours – and make it tick. When you lose that restless feeling that nothing you do is ever quite good enough. When you lose your itch to the job well for it’s sake – regardless of the client, or money, or the effort it takes. When you lose your passion for ... market research, surveys and trends
great moments in advertising
Microsoft has taken body blows over the last couple of years over its cheeseburger of an operating system, Vista.  Its main competitor has a national advertising campaign exploiting its unpopularity with users, while many of their customers still refuse to upgrade from XP.  The Vista brand has gotten so bad that Microsoft actually had to run an advertisement showing that they had to fool users into looking at Vista — not exactly a morale-builder for those stuck with their Vista operational issues. Now Microsoft has announced the successors to Vista, due out over the next two years, Azure and Windows 7.  Unfortunately, on the market research, surveys and trends


Salesmanship in print | The Total Package
How a “crazy (like a fox)” Canuck revolutionized the power of advertising copy in a dingy saloon … The deceptively simple secret that built the world’s largest advertising agency – and made its owner a cool $627 MILLION … The EIGHT things your ad copy must do to make the sale … Why image advertising is always second best … How to ensure your best prospect reads and responds to your promotion … Legendary advice on the writing process that will have you getting bigger winners more often … The single most profitable way to spend one hour this ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Super Bowl Commercials
In 2010, CBS set a new record when it attempted to sell Super Bowl spots for $3 million per 30-second commercial. That was more than 10 percent higher than the average $2.7 million that Fox asked for in 2009. So did major U.S. companies pay the new, exhorbitant amount for such short air time? And in a financial recession? You betcha. Traditionally, the big game draws close to 100 million viewers, the biggest TV audience for any U.S. sporting event. By August 2009 it was ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Erin McDaniel, Class of 2010
The following is a version of the speech Erin McDaniel gave to family, friends, and fellow graduates at Milton Academy's 2010 commencement ceremony. Four score and seven years ago, the year was 1923, which has very little to do with most of us here today. But zero score and almost four years ago, I walked onto the Milton Academy campus for the first time. Then, I was thirteen years old; now, I�m seventeen. Then, I was intimidated by almost everyone on this campus; now, I�m giving my class�s graduation speech to a couple thousand of those people. Then, I was awkward; now�well, now I�m still awkward. Because some things ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
SF Weekly Appeal Finally Heard, But No Decision Yet from the Court
The brief session before a three-judge panel at the courthouse at 350 McAllister began with Presiding Justice James J. Marchiano's observation that the panel had paid careful attention to what he called "this interesting case." What followed was a rapid-fire proceeding characterized by lively questions from the justices, most of them centering on SF Weekly 's argument that the trial court erred by not forcing the Guardian to prove a critical element of its case: that SF Weekly was charging below-cost prices as part of a scheme to create a monopoly in the San Francisco display advertising market. The fireworks ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Peripicks: Great moments in advertising. June 24, p. 6. Rivinus, T. M. (1988). Introduction in T. M. Rivinus (Guest Editor) Journal of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
WSF Introduces New Advertising Program In an effort to generate a ...
do, that WSF passengers are a great audience for advertising. ... profiles of celebrated locals who have experienced some of life's greatest moments aboard ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Between 1948 and 1964, Parke-Davis Pharmaceuti-
advertisements by looking back to an important early chapter in pharmaceutical company–sponsored promo- tion: the Great Moments in Medicine and Great ...
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What is the car used in "The Matrix" that Neo is in when they ...
It's a 1965 Lincoln Continental.  The suicide doors are what made it famous, and collectible.  Here is a picture of a 1962 model: This one has been slightly pimped, but it's close to the one used in the film.  They made this model through 1967.  One of the more unusual features was that it was offered as a convertible, suicide rear doors and all. It's one of the more popular cars for movies.  One was featured in the 1964 Bond vehicle Goldfinger . It's the one that got crushed with one of Mr. Goldfinger's ex-associates inside. Yuck. IchtheosaurusRex's Recommendations Amazon ...
What advertising jingles can you remember? - Yahoo! Answers
My head is stuffed with stupid advertising jingles that I can still sing word perfect, quite a lot of years after they were last on TV. Remember Rosemary Clooney singing "Extra value is what you get, when you buy Coronet"? Anybody else have a head stuffed full of useless advertising? I remember the "Coke Song," as we called it, very well ’cause it was my junior high school graduation song. Of course, we did the version that was later recorded as a single, without the references to Coca-Cola in it. The song starts out: "I’d like to build the world a home and furnish it with love/Grow apple trees and honey bees and snow white ...