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began publishing on July 15, 1875 by Thomas B. and William Hurley. A year later, A.H. Potter was the publisher. In June, 1881 it merged with Benton Harbor Palladium to become Benton Harbor Times and Palladium . In 1883, with Rose & Wiley as the publishers, the title was shortened to Palladium .   Lake Shore Daily News began publishing on May 2, 1876 by William Dudley and Charles E. Reeves.   The Daily Palladium began publishing on May 1, 1886 by F.R. Gilson and Hobbs. There were also weekly and semi-weekly editions. It ceased in 1904 when it merged with Evening News to form News-Palladium.   Banner-Register began ...
ATI News President O'Leary-"Obama has shown a stunning lack of ...
"... ATI-News President Brad O'Leary examined Obama's legal and organizational attempts to silence media detractors during the presidential race and found, "Obama has shown a stunning lack of tolerance for free speech throughout the course of this campaign.""* * Obama radio critic finds talk show time slashed Program host: 'I'm just trying to bring to light what he's said' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted: January 01, 2009, 11:50 pm Eastern By Bob Unruh Politically ... market research, surveys and trends
serevent is effective in preventing asthma attacks a recent ...
past six monthsthe past twelve months Search Hint: Connecting terms with OR broadens your search to give more results …more on search operators – . Chicago Tribune – ASTHMA DRUG’S MISUSE BE LINKED TO DEATHS Asthma sufferers have been dying since a new drug hit the market in , some apparently because they mistakenly believed the long-lasting drug would immediately relieve their breathing problems.There have been deaths reported to the Food and Drug Administration among users of Serevent . It is not yet clear how many are linked to misuse of the drug, but manufacturer Glaxo Inc. is warning patients and ... market research, surveys and trends


News From Michigan
The morally upstanding and reasoning people of Harbor Country can take heart! Placement of a federally granted Indian casino here is not a certainty.  The decision to introduce gambling into our community was not approved by a local vote. We still do have a right to determine our community�s character and do not have to succumb to the federal government�s America-busting race-based initiatives. Rise, my fellow citizens, and join us in taking back our individual rights, plus our state�s rights! America-loving people are gathering in Washington, DC this Spring. Citizens and high-ranking elected officials from around the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
A Natural Born Citizen...Orly?: 12/28/08 - 1/4/09
Does anyone have more info on transactions that Ann Dunham handled, particularly with Annenberg foundation, Ford foundation, health foundation. Here's the letter this info was available prior on the internet, but I did not save it and now it is gone. All I have are my notes. Madelyn Dunham headed the Escrow department. Any and all transactions that required escrow went through her department. Escrow accounts are required for real property transactions. Contracts often have escrow accounts (good faith money), AND depending on the agreement between foundations and banks escrow accounts are used to hold grant, and loan ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
No More "Ground Zero Mosque" Comments from Obama
A proposed Islamic cultural center that would include a mosque just blocks from the World Trade Center continues to inspire fiery debate. Michelle Miller reports. Video Notebook: Ground Zero Mosque Katie Couric discusses the growing controversy over the proposal to build a mosque near Ground Zero. Couric comments that we cannot let fear and rage tear down the towers of our core American Values. Video Obama Remarks on Mosque Support President Obama says he has "no regrets" in voicing his support on the planned Islamic cultural center to be built just two blocks near Ground Zero. Jeff Glor reports on this national debate. market trends, news research and surveys resources
Ron Paul Backs "Ground Zero Mosque," Splitting with Son Rand
Libertarian Congressman Ron Paul is breaking with many of his fellow Republicans - among them his son Rand - to support the creation of the planned Islamic cultural center near the former site of the World Trade Center that has come to be known as the "ground zero mosque." In a statement decrying "demagogy" around the issue, the former Republican presidential candidate wrote late last week that "the debate should have provided the conservative defenders of property rights with a perfect example of how the right to own property also protects the 1st Amendment rights of assembly and religion by supporting ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Surfers recreate in New Buffalo
Aug 26, 2004 ... Harbor Country-News Online. 8/26/2004 2004/08/26/weekend/story1.txt ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Portland Harbor Investigation, Multnomah County Oregon - DHS EHAP ...
The Portland Harbor Superfund site is currently considered the portion of the Willamette River that spans from the southern tip of Sauvie Island to the Fremont Bridge and is located in the city of Portland ( See map ).   The Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS), in cooperation with Multnomah County Health Department, is advising the public of high levels of PCBs in fish caught from Portland Harbor, in the lower Willamette River. Due to the high levels of PCBs, DHS has developed special recommendations for the areas between Sauvie Island and the Fremont Bridge. This site can best be understood by breaking it up into two ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Clarke Historical Library -Berrien County
For many counties the number of items listed is quite long. Navigational buttons are located only at the end of the list. This list of material represents the library's holdings as of July 1997. Be sure to check with us for any additional items we may now have either by contacting the library or by pressing the " Centra-Libraries Catalog" link to the left. Bachman, Patricia B. Carey Mission: Home of the Brave. Flint, MI: Graphic Press, 1972. (Niles). Bainbridge Township Celebrates the Bicentennial. Bainbridge, MI: Bainbridge Bicentennial Committee, 1976. Ballard, Ralph. Old Fort Saint Joseph. [Niles, MI: Niles ...
  1. profile image DestinyHbrTours RT @uwhuskies2010: BREAKING NEWS: Gig Harbor's Austin Seferian-Jenkins, rated the top tight end in the country chooses to play for Washington #Huskies
  2. profile image _RanaeNotRenae "Hate is dividing our country & this harbor of hatred is broadcasted as news."
  3. profile image mediawettbewerb Door County Thresheree… | Egg Harbor Lodge News: The event now stretches over three days, with country music from ...
What was the purpose of pearl harbor? - Yahoo! Answers
i don't really understand what was the purpose for the pearl harbor ? what was the out come of pearl harbor? i'm reading about it in school and i watched the movie but i still don't understand it........... how did the battle affect the course of the war ? i'm sure im having a pop quiz on this so i have to understand it really good can someone answere these questions and add a little of what they know please Answerer 1 Are you wondering why Pearl Harbor was attacked, or why we had a base there? The attack brought the US into the war. This might help.…
The tall ship Sagres, arrived in the harbor from which country to ...
The distinctive Cross of the Christ displayed on the sails of Portuguese discovery caravels is a sight to be seen in Boston Harbor this weekend. < On Wednesday, Portuguese Navy's tall ship Sagres, which bears the evocative symbol on its square sails, arrived in Massachusetts to be part of Sail Boston 2009. The event, running through July 13, features a fleet of 49 tall ships from the United States and around the world. It is expected to draw thousands of visitors to Boston's waterfront. "The larger ships are always people's favorite," said Dusty Rhodes, project director for Sail Boston, the agency ...