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Special Report on

High Turnip Price Advertising

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2. If you need help trying to figure out what's happening with the turnip prices in your town, just ask & one of the regular posters will help you answer your questions. 3. Please don't spam the thread with "Can I come over" messages. Instead send a PT or FCR to the person. 4. Posting daily low prices (under 110bpt) is only OK if you are helping with the analysis of pricing trends or asking about the trend in your town. Please don't post that your price is a low amount & you're looking for someone with better prices - that kind of post will be removed as spam. It's going to take the community ...
Check Out AAXA Technologies P2 Pico Projector Multimedia Handheld ...
Great product! I have both the P1 and P2 are held. The P2 is a huge upgrade for quality. The 33 lumens is very bright until you have all the lights. The resolution is great. I think my favorite part is that it is an all-in-one player type. E 'was built in memory, a media player, stereo sound and a battery. Really should not even connect a device to use (even if inputs per ton of material!) 1GB onboard memory + microSD reader- remote control- tripod included.The single LED light source eliminates motion blur and color break up MP4/ MP3/ AVI/ JPG/ WMV decoder- RGB/ iPod/ PSP/ PDA/ DVD input 33 Lumens LED Light Source ... market research, surveys and trends
Real Price of the VFR1200F
So what are people picking up the VFR1200F for? I'm shopping around here in the UT/NV/ID/CO area... So far I've gotten $14,999 from a few dealers, and a $14,500. So that means that here in UT, even at $14,500: Tax: 1025.96 License/Reg: 689.36 OTD: $16,216.33 I made contact with the OH dealership that has the bike on ebay, and his reserve is set at $14,500. There are a handful of East coast dealerships that have them on ebay for $13,900'ish OTD. I'm not sure how they can do that as an OTD price, but I'd love to find anything close to that deal here in the West. Don't need any fancy service deals ... market research, surveys and trends


Poll: 74 percent support offshore oil drilling in U.S. » Naples ...
Three in four likely voters – 74 percent – support offshore drilling for oil in U.S. coastal waters and more than half (59 percent) also favor drilling for oil in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, a new Zogby International telephone poll shows. A majority of likely voters across the political spectrum support offshore oil drilling, with vast majorities of Republicans (90 percent) and independents (75 percent) in favor of drilling for oil off U.S. coastal waters more than half of Democrats (58 percent) also said they favor offshore drilling. Republicans (80 percent) and political independents (57 percent) are much more likely ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Obama admin. demands justification for health insurer's 39 percent ...
Feinstein, I think it was, complained about the Anthem rate hike. Something like 25 states have regulatory authorities to handle such matters, California doesn't, so she says it has to be a federal agency. I think of that as a non sequitur. The second thing is to observe that NY State issued requirements years ago mandating that certain things be included and you couldn't turn down (I think it was) applicants for some preexisting conditions. Both require greater outlays for patient care, which requires greater income. Which had the "unintended" consequence of higher rates. So they recently complained ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Manufacturing political reality
Somewhere along the way, an election about nothing has become a prolonged seminar on ontology, as 'Foolyah Julia' and 'Phoney Tony' compete over who is the more real. It's the kind of debate that regularly dominates US politics. If the recent cry of 'Let Julia be Julia' seemed naggingly familiar, that's because of a very similar call during the dog days of John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign, with the influential neoconservative William Kristol declaring: "[Sarah] Palin is potentially a huge asset to McCain. He took the gamble - wisely, we think - of putting her on the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Vermont cheeses garnered Given the high price of grain, fuel, and ...
drained soils with high clay content. Turnip seed should be planted at 1.5 lbs per acre and ... through advertising in Agriview. Advertisers are cautioned ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Wednesday, July 21, 2010 issue - CONNECTICUT GROWN Wednesday, July ...
Jul 21, 2010 ... multiplying to levels high enough to cause illness. In the spring the CT DA/BA began ... TURNIP TOP Greens, crates. 12.00 12.00. ShIppED IN. APRICOTS, 24lb loose CA .... And ads are the same very low price as before! ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
MF1115 Farming a Few Acres of Vegetables
Crops such as cabbage, radish and turnips tend to be low per unit value crops. Asparagus and .... Professional advertising is expensive, but it may be necessary in some cases. ... draw enough buyers and also avoid the high price of ...
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Google Answers: TV advertising market data
Could someone please help me to find market data regarding cable and broadcast tv stations in the US, specifically: - what is the demographic reach of each station, in each major city/area, in different time slots during the day, - how many people do actually watch, - what is the average response for direct response advertising. Are there websites for subscriptions or research companies providing such service? I checked the Nielsen site, but found only data at least 1 or 2 years old (even for that I would have to pay money - the only free report was one about ecommerce based on data from sprint 1999!!). Additionally, I ...
What are the upcoming cutting-edge innvotive solutions to stop ...
The problem lies in thinking that you can stop piracy. You can't. There are people out there that will do it for the sake of doing it, just so they can be the ones to have the first bootleg of the latest movie, game, music, etc. You can, however, reduce piracy. By eliminating as much of the casual piracy that goes on, companies can protect their revenue streams. Take Windows, a very pirated software. I think Microsoft did a lot to stop casual pirates by releasing a family pack of upgrades at a reduced price. For around US$20-30, you can buy a three-pack of upgrades instead of pirating one. Same with their Office product and ...