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Special Report on

Hip Hop Advertising

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{snip} A forthcoming book, titled Black Is the New Green: Marketing to Affluent African Americans, makes the case that luxury marketers are guilty of missing out on one such lucrative market. Written by Leonard Burnett Jr. (co-CEO and group publisher of Uptown Media Group and Vibe Lifestyle Network) and Andrea Hoffman (CEO of consultancy Diversity Affluence), the book also offers counsel on how to go about reaching “AAAs,” its shorthand term for “affluent African Americans.” Slated for publication in March via Palgrave Macmillan, the book says many luxury brands appear oblivious to the fact there’s ...
a circular dance space that forms naturally once the dancing begins. These three elements—freestyling, battles, and ciphers—are key components of hip-hop dance. More than 30 years old, hip-hop dance became widely known after the first professional breaking, locking, and popping crews formed in the 1970s. The most influential groups are the Rock Steady Crew , The Lockers , and the Electric Boogaloos who are responsible for the spread of locking, breaking, and popping respectively. Parallel with the evolution of hip-hop music , hip-hop dancing evolved from breaking and the funk styles into different forms: moves such as the "
REVIEWS AND OPINIONS » Hip Hop Advertising: The highs, Jay-Z, and the lows, Kid
LOL ok well the first one straight genius all the Hov album covers that was great. I just wish the new album’s cover was more like the classic Jay-Z album covers its still a really cool and artistic cover but it’s just not consistent with the past covers so it seems kinda random. And now for the second video really really sad see people this is what happens to Hip-hop greats when we don’t respect our past and focus way too much on the present cheesy suit commercial from greats like kid n play I mean hell the guys just trying to make a living but c’mon people who doesn’t love house party someone ... market research, surveys and trends
Outgrowing Hip-Hop?
BlogPULL is a place of free expression where we discuss issues openly and passionately. Your opinion is valued and disagreement is encouraged. However, BlogPULL reserves the right to remove postings and posters that we determine threaten the credibility of this website and the safety its participants. No one will be allowed to undermine the free flow of expression in this forum. Moreover, BlogPULL strictly prohibits marketing of any kind in its blog forums and comment sections. ( Click Here if you want to advertise with us. ) Spam will not be tolerated under any circumstances and spammers will be expelled from the website. We ... market research, surveys and trends


The Army be thuggin' it -
Three times a week, 48 weeks a year, a four-man team drives a huge yellow Hummer to a different location. It might be a college or high school campus, a major fraternity gathering, an NAACP event, MTV's Spring Break, or BET's Spring Bling: If lots of African-American teens will be there, the Hummer wants to be there, too. Spray-painted with patriotic images (a rippling American flag, a smiling white woman in a U.S. military officer's uniform), the yellow Hummer is the signature vehicle for the U.S. Army's "Taking It to the Streets" campaign, a hip-hop-flavored tour launched a year ago by Vital ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The U.S. Urban Youth Market: Targeting the Trendsetters : Market ...
Table 2-18: Percentage of Persons Using the Internet From Any Location: by Race, Hispanic Origin, and Location of Residence Table 2-19: Availability of Computer and Internet Access at Home: by Community Income But Consumers in Urban Youth Market Still Offer Substantial E-Commerce Opportunities Survey Of The Market Key Characteristics Multicultural Urban Youth Are Concentrated in Relatively Few Urban Areas Table 3-1: Leading Multicultural Urban Areas, 1999 Urban Youth Can Have Significant Earnings and Incomes Official Data Understate True Size of Urban Market Table 3-2: Annual Expenditures of African-American Consumers under Age 25 industry trends, business articles and survey research
Before hip-hop died: best of the best in rnb
It’s one of the inevitabilities of music criticism that eventually, someone somewhere declares a formerly beloved genre dead. The movement usually goes something like: underground from first crossover, critically acclaimed innovation, further underground/crossover moments then a final “imperial phase” and then holding pattern as accepted – but not terribly exciting – part of the mainstream’s musical vernacular. Counter-accusations fly forth from defenders, new evidence for the genre’s liveliness flourished, and so on. Defenders may point out that, like Denholm on British sitcom “The IT ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Haiti faces a question: Who is Wyclef Jean?
LEOGANE, Haiti — Street star. Scandal-plagued aid director. Ex-Fugees hip hop frontman. The moment he filed his candidacy, Wyclef Jean became the most famous — and thus potentially most powerful — candidate in Haiti's critical post-earthquake presidential election. But for all his renown as a musician, charity provider and above all Haitian-born success story, a stark fact remains the morning after: Few in this impoverished and often rudderless country know who he really is, what he stands for, or what is driving him to seek the presidency. He has compared his candidacy to that of U.S. President Barack ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Hip Hop and Politics
2 By attending to these five media we will also address a sample of hip hop advertising that includes print ads, commercials, radio spots, Internet pop-up ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Jun 7, 2010 ... Your intervention and oversight of the advertising industry is sorely needed. This is true of my own experience with Hip Hop OnDemand. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Hip-Hop, Ghetto-centricity and the Commodity Fetish
advertisers have begun using hip-hop fashion and urban sensibilities to market ... advertising and branding will be given. Next, hip-hop's relationship with ...
  1. profile image Pheno_Guy MAN!!!!!! My area fails at advertising anything that would matter to me......they gotta Hip-Hop summit set up and no-one knows about it ugh!
  2. profile image LA_HipHop Dance crews find money in their hip-hop moves (source: The ...: advertising The Associated Press LOS ANGELES, Cali...
  3. profile image EfusjonHipHop Why is hip hop music used so much when advertising for the NBA ...:
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Whats the name of the pink alcohol hip-hop artists are advertising ...
It has a slender design and this unique lid on the top of it...if anyone knows the name of it i would appreciate it man. or even if you know where it's available would be even greater!! 2 years ago It's PINK and has a slender design and this unique lid on the top of it...if anyone knows the name of it i would appreciate it man. or even if you know where it's available would be even greater!! 2 years ago Member since: November 06, 2008 Total points: 4968 (Level 4) yup it starts with a N its called Nuvo it is sparkling vodka here yo go 2 years ago Asker's Rating:
WikiAnswers - Where is the hip-hop hall of fame
Origins of Rap and Hip Hop. Hip hop music (also referred to as rap or rap music) is a style of popular music which came into existence in roughly the mid '70s but became a large part of modern day... What does Hall of Fame get you? Being a member of the Hall of Fame has no monetary reward. However, it does mean that you are recognised as one of the greatest players or managers ever as there are less than 300 members. It will be... Who sings hip hop to the hippity hip hip hop ? M.C. Wonder Mike of The Sugar Hill Gang. Song entitled "Rappers Delight" on Sugar Hill Records. What is there for good hip hop songs that ...