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IAd, Apple Mobile Advertising Platform

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Apple’s preview of iPhone OS 4.0 was expected to be all about how the future iPhone will allow users to multi-task and do many things at the same time. However, the iPhone OS 4.0 is not just another multi-tasking mobile operating system and it offers great business capabilities targeted at enterprise users and IT departments. From what I’ve seen of iPhone OS 4.0 till now, I believe it’d be a frontrunner to replace the Blackberry for business users. Many business users have often ridiculed the iPhone as a toy when compared to RIM’s Blackberry.  iPhone OS 4.0 is all set to change that perception by offering a pleasant surprise of ...
Microsoft's goal is to create a compelling and predictable user experience by redesigning the user interface, disallowing partners to modify or replace it, integrating the operating system with other services, and strictly controlling the hardware it runs on. 2 Microsoft officially unveiled Windows Phone 7 during Mobile World Congress 2010 (February 15) 3 in Barcelona and revealed additional details at MIX 2010. Microsoft released a technical preview version of Windows Phone 7 on 18 July 2010. Cite error: There are tags on this page, but the references will not show without a {{Reflist}} template or a ...
Google Vs. Apple in the Mobile Ads Arena |
Trends are certainly changing everyday and everything is turning mobile. The latest generation of mobile devices is the Smartphones and Tablet PCs that are available around the market. There had been several fronts where Apple and Google have been competing each other and perhaps the most versatile of the battle is between iPhone and iPad with Google’s Android based smartphones and tablets. There are a number of analysts that predict the mobile display ads to turn a lot more than they are these days. It is expected that the revenues would strike to $1.2 billion in 2015. This seems to be the new battle front for both Google and ... market research, surveys and trends
Apple Announces iAd, Game Center For iPhone/iTouch/iPad Apps ...
Today Apple announced a bunch of new features for their mobile OS4, but the most intriguing ones fall very close to the Flash developer tree: iAd and Game Center . Here are Apple’s own words about these two features: iAd: “Apple’s new mobile advertising platform, combines the emotion of TV ads with the interactivity of web ads. When users click on mobile ads they are almost always taken out of their app to a web browser, which loads the advertiser’s webpage. Users must then navigate back to their app, and it is often difficult or impossible to return to exactly where they left. iAd solves this problem by ... market research, surveys and trends


Apple unveils iAd platform; iPad sales look strong | Reuters
California (Reuters) - Apple CEO Steve Jobs showed off a new smartphone operating system on Thursday that features an advertising platform to compete with Google's, and revealed stronger-than-expected sales of 450,000 units for the iPad. The iPhone 4.0 software will be available on Apple's hugely popular smartphone this summer, complete with a number of upgrades, including a long-awaited multi-tasking capability that allows the use of several applications at once. A version of the iPhone's operating system is also used on the iPad, and the latest generation of software will come to Apple's new tablet computer ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Apple iAd Platform's Entry Fee Reported to Be $1 Million (Updated ...
Steve Jobs unveiled iAd earlier this month, and the ad network is expected to roll out to iPhone OS apps in the next few months (AP Photo). Apple’s iAd platform holds lots of promise for advertisers, considering how much people use their iPads, iPhones and iPods. But buying into this game won’t be cheap. The company plans to charge each advertiser a minimum of $1 million when the platform rolls out in the next few month — between five and 10 times what competing ad networks charge, according to the Wall Street Journal . And if they want to be included when iAd launches, they’ll need to spend nearly $10 ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Adam Curry shows off iPhone apps in his own video show
Thanks in large part to the popularity of Apple's iPhone and Google's Android, applications have become a must-have for consumers and advertisers. Mobile app downloads, in billions (* = projected): Adam Curry became an overnight media sensation as a VJ on MTV in the late 1980s and early '90s. He channeled his inner geek as a podcaster in the 2000s that earned him the nickname The Podfather. Now, he has another title in mind. "I'm the first AppJ," he says, chuckling. Curry is at it again. His latest project, The Big App Show , is a free iPhone app that serves as a daily video show about new, cool ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Apple Isn't the Only Company Making Cool Mobile Ads
the company’s new mobile-advertising platform in April, he said Apple wanted to get into the ad game in part because most mobile advertising “really sucks.” Apple, he explained, wanted to make ads more interesting. A Chanel ad from Medialets in the New York Times iPad application But even before Apple entered the market with iAd, which launched Thursday, a few start-ups had been doing what Apple said it would be doing — mobile advertising that went beyond the standard banner ad. Many of the companies doing this type of work said they welcome Apple’s efforts — but they emphasize that Mr. Jobs criticized most mobile ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Apple Previews iPhone OS 4
Apr 8, 2010 ... iAd, Apple's new mobile advertising platform, combines the emotion of TV ads with the interactivity of web ads. Today, when users click on ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Statement of the Commission Concerning Google/AdMob
May 21, 2010 ... network, iAd, as part of its iPhone applications package. ... user data gleaned from users of Apple mobile devices. ... AdMob also competes with Google in the sale of mobile advertising on Google's. Android platform. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Going Mobile: How iAd and AdMob Move Apple vs. Google to a New ...
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  1. profile image inancgumus good for web surfers but not for ad networks RT @TechCrunch Apple Announces iAd Mobile Advertising Platform
Apple iAd Allows Developers To Share Ad Revenue
The update includes a mobile advertising platform called iAd that will be used to place adverts in applications made by third parties. From [ ...] Mr Jobs said mobile users spend more time inside applications than searching the internet. Therefore it made sense to have adverts within the applications - or apps as they are commonly known. Apple's move into mobile advertising was widely expected after it bought Quattro Wireless mobile advertising network for almost $300m (�196m) in January. Well, that kills any desire I might have had to own an iPhone. [ edited by : engine at 2:06 pm (utc) on Apr 9, 2010] iAd ...
How will iAd effect Google/Admob - given that a decent chunk of ...
The draw of HTML 5 banners is going to be a big win for Apple. Why would you use GIF/JPEG banners on Admob when you can make amazing immersive executions using iAd? This will also allow for higher CPM/CPC rates etc because of the richer formats.Can't wait to see what creatives do with this new feature. Google will come back with the same functionality for Android phones using Admob. Check out the link below: posted 3 months ago Multimedia Producer and i3D Programmer for Acrobat 3D PDF, JavaFX, Mobile & Virtual Worlds see all my answers Google will come back with the same functionality for Android phones via JavaFX. posted 3 ...